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Technical Support / Re: Etherium withdraw stucked
« on: July 04, 2017, 02:36:39 pm »
 +5% +5% +5%

Technical Support / Re: How to change the currency for fees
« on: June 29, 2017, 12:07:38 pm »
Yes, you are right, it's solved now. The problem was that although I had a lot of BitShares in my account, they all were accidentaly tied in an open order so I couldn't use it for paying fees and UI somehow chose different assets.

I'll create an UI issue on GitHub for this because it might be quite confusing for users.

Technical Support / How to change the currency for fees
« on: June 29, 2017, 08:10:19 am »

today I wanted to cancel an open order on OBITS_USD market and it failed because it wanted to pay transaction fee in TRADE.BTC which I own but it's just dust. Later I wanted to change my votes and it wanted to pay transaction fee in QORA.

Why are not fees denominated in BTS? How to change it to BTS? It is happening in both Firefox 54 and Chrome 59.

General Discussion / Re: Cryptofresh update, feedback
« on: June 28, 2017, 06:24:22 am »
 +5% we can't afford to fund two block explorers at the moment

It would be awesome if OpenLedger provided the address of both cold and hot wallet or results of audit done by international auditing company.

Odoslané z E5823 pomocou Tapatalku

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Worker Proposal] New BitShares Core Dev
« on: June 21, 2017, 11:26:55 am »
@oxarbitrage it looks good, I will support it.

AFAIK the recent profit of our DAC stems from a giant refund paid by Xeroc's worker. We're far from a situation where the fees regularly exceed our costs.

Your BSIP lacks a solution to the Yield Harvesting problem.


I suggest to split BSIP into two - for UIAs and MPAs.

Token payout June 2017 ICOO - 34,28 BTC of ICOO distribution in total

CCEDK/OpenLedger = 40% of 34,28 is 13,712 BTC

20,568 BTC for distribution to rest of ICOO ecosystem (remaining 60% distributed as below)

20% to OBITS: 4,09 BTC Buyback and burn

10% to OBITS: 2,05 BTC buyback for ICOO holders to be used for future rewards of Bloggersclub members and other media and marketing related activities

5% to BTSR: 1,025 BTC buyback for ICOO holders to be used for future advertising of startups contributing to ICOO ecosystem.

65% Monthly ICOO token drop: 13,4 BTC

@ccedk_pro you have rounding errors in your computations... 5% of 60% of 34.28 BTC is 1.0284, not 1.025... you shouldn't round already-rounded numbers

The aim in future will be a monthly payout of 2% of the marketcap value snapshot taken in morning of the day of payout, expecting an overall value at all times to go hand in hand with the future success and revenues of the Economic Enterprise Engine of ICO OpenLedger (ICOO).

What is the reasoning for this? Paying some arbitrary percentage of market cap is in the best case unwise, companies usually pay dividends from their profits, not from their market cap which is quite artificial number. Why 2%?

General Discussion / Sai - Maker's first generation stablecoin
« on: June 06, 2017, 07:10:44 am »
Hi all,

I've just noticed MakerDAO's announcement about Sai, their version of stablecoin - a temporary solution before Dai is implemented.

After reading the article it seems like they took best ideas from BitShares and added a lot of complexity on top of Ethereum network.  What do you think?

In my opinion rate-limited transactions should be for sending transfers, vesting balance and dividends (in future) only.
Rest of the operations should have fee, DEX in particular – a few times smaller than the competition or fixed - which is cool and I like it

 +5% +5% +5%

Hey all.  I think it would be good to try to lean much more towards the lower side of fees so even if prices go down and fees are lower than 1 cent it's ok.  Right now fees are closer to 10 cents and for a payment business like the one I'm running that's some friction.  The community was overwhelmingly in support of zero fees + rate limited transactions... I think that's the best model because users won't see the fees and the businesses essentially buy bandwidth in the platform.  People will buy BTS as an asset (rather than an income generating business), just like EOS and Steem. 

Zero fees and rate limited transactions are a nice feature, if it would help your business, why don't you create a worker proposal, hire some developers  and implement it in BitShares?

Someone mentioned % based fees...

Why not have a couple of levels of accounts...

I feel like we should have a basic free account with minimal fees...

I want to Enroll people into OL...

%-based fees (for smartcoin trading)  are easy to introduce, we just need broader support from the community. We already have 2 levels of accouts - lifetime members have 80% discount from all fees, you just need to do your math if it's worth

Openledger / Re: Requesting new Stakeholder Vote:
« on: May 29, 2017, 01:21:53 pm »
Should there be a new voting on buyback/dividend, I suggest to add yet another question for those who prefer buyback:

On how may markets should the buyback be executed on:
  • one market, e.g. bts, usd, cny, open.btc
  • two markets, e.g. open.btc and bts
  • three markets, e.g. open.btc, usd and cny

Right now, Obits seem to be priced in USD even though main markets are BTS and Open.BTC. If we changed buyback to only USD/CNY it would help these smartcoins.

I completely agree with @sahkan and @fav... no reason to change fees at this time

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