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General Discussion / Incentivize SmartCoin collateralization
« on: January 13, 2017, 04:34:37 pm »
(originally posted in,23706.msg301759.html#msg30175, start new topic to avoid derailing that discussion and start a new one here).

* Committee-controlled SmartCoins add a 0.1% market fee.
* Every trade in that market generates a small bit of revenue FOR THAT MARKET...
* PAY IT BACK to shorters of that asset!
* Holders do not get dividend, only collateralized positions.
* Amount paid in dividend is based upon how much of the particular bitAsset a user has borrowed.

Technical Support / Bitshares API plugin to mimic Poloniex and others?
« on: December 22, 2016, 05:06:23 pm »
Hey guys,

Had this idea in my head rolling around for a little bit.  Want to see if this idea has merit and if there's anybody capable of delivering.

One of the things that could attract a whole new slew of bots to the Bitshares Asset Exchange would be to provide an API which is compatible with the bigger exchanges API.  This should mirror those APIs as closely as possible and lower the barrier for entry.

It could be created as a witness node plugin, with an operator running a node specifically for this purpose.  Ideally, somebody with a custom Poloniex bot could just point to the different server:port and run with very little changes to their existing code.

Obviously Poloniex should be in the mix, and maybe others?

Is this possible?

Random Discussion / Introduction
« on: December 08, 2016, 03:38:48 am »
Hey everyone, thought I’d take a chance to introduce myself.

I go by kani.  I’ve been interested in cryptos for a couple of years.  I like to think I have an eye for technology (and not so much for crypto investing, lol).

Bitcoin never really interested me.  Not sure why, and not eager to explain.  My first real involvement came with NXT, and I followed them for a while.  Really innovative when it came out, less impressed with their tech in the modern crypto space (sorry NXTers).  Then I jumped into FIMK, and saw the incredible stuff they added to NXT, but sadly they never reached marketplace adoption.

From FIMK to HEAT (if you look at my post history here, I helped spread the word about the HEAT ICO, now over -- hence the handle).  I do not work for HEAT, just got involved in spreading the word.  I’m still bullish on HEAT, but disappointed in the delays.  Once released, I hope a healthy cooperation can be developed between the platforms.

In my time with FIMK and HEAT, I learned of Bitshares as the (nearly) only place to trade either.  My first impressions were not favorable, as I found the account creation and deposit/withdrawal procedures confusing and scary.  I still have some concerns over the 'new user' experience, but I have hope that Ronny and his crew at CCEDK (and others?) can bring much-needed usability features to the wallet and improve the entry experience.

Since then, I have grown very fond of what Bitshares has to offer and am hugely impressed with the incredible technology behind the greatest decentralized exchange out there!  Every day I see usage increasing, and the latest developments by btsbots is HUGELY encouraging!  (Seriously, I think everybody who has a stake in BTS should look into running a market making bot through them.  Improved market liquidity should help the entire community and relieve one of the biggest complaints about this fantastic A2A exchange).  Nobody else currently comes close to BAE!

Anyway, top notch work by the development team.  Let's all do what we can to improve the Bitshares experience for all users, new and old alike!


General Discussion / The secret to making money with Bitshares revealed!
« on: December 07, 2016, 11:48:09 pm »
Don’t just buy and hold, that’s so yesteryear!

Use your thousands (or millions?) of BTS to actively profit by trading.

So much money to be made with trade bots.  @alt has graciously allowed ANYONE to use his FANTASTIC market making bot at

(see,23457.0.html for discussion and info)

More money can be made on spread in less active trading pairs (though it still works on heavily traded pairs, too!)

So use those millions of BTS to establish new market pairs.  Too many rely on OPEN.BTC, why not bitBTC (or bitUSD, EUR, CNY, GBP, etc)???

Let’s all actively participate in establishing new markets for ALL bitassets.   (I’m no economics expert, but more active BTS and bitassets on orderbooks should promote BTS price increase as a side effect)

Who wants to see PEERPLAYS, BLOCKPAY, ICOO, OBITS, etc traded against bitUSD, bitCNY, bitEUR, bitBTC, etc?

I do!!!

HEAT Ledger Ltd, a Finland-based Fintech startup, is launching a 3rd generation crypto platform coined H.E.A.T.

What makes HEAT 3rd generation?

H.E.A.T. Ledger stands for Heuristically Enhanced Asynchronous Transactions Ledger, embodying a completely new way of structuring cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer decentralized asset ledger. Optimized for speed and architected in enterprise friendly Java for custom private chains, HEAT slices the currently used blockchain database technology to modular components and readily provides flexibly scalable server side technology for corporate needs of any size.


HEAT's unbounded vertical scalability is only limited by the performance of the hardware used. Utilizing not a single blockchain , but a chain of blockchains - and removing embedded databases through the use of off-heap memory mapped binary files, the HEAT blockchain is able to sustain transaction throughput of at least 1000 tps 24/7. On our internal tests the HEAT JVM has been capable of achieving an unbelievable rate of several millions of updates per second on commonly available 16-core server.


Because the HEAT client hosts client side real crypto, integrated to the HEAT blockchain asset exchange through built-in invisible gateway, users can trade cryptocurrencies right from their wallet on p2p orderbooks without going through an exchange. This means that once your trade for ie. BTC/ETH goes through, you can use the BTC or ETH as you do normally. Bye bye withdrawal delays! Welcome multicurrency client and native direct exchange!


The unique HEAT crypto client provides access to major cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, FIMK and NXT. It also allows creation, transfer and trade of any custom assets created by operators of any size. Having multi-sig for currencies whose tech is capable of such - the client thus supports fiat money accounts secured with multi-sig private keys. HEAT Ledger Ltd has joint venture agreements in place with EU wide money transmitter license pending, making the prospect of transferring real fiat money in a cryptographic ledger a reality. One of the first, if not THE first - but certainly the first multi-sig fiat!


Splitting blockchain into separate files for homogenous data types such as unconfirmed and confirmed balances, unconfirmed and confirmed asset buy and sell orders etc. makes HEAT able to function on many levels of node involvement. No longer does each user need to host the full blockchain - they can store just one or more of the sliced block files that are chained together in torrent-like manner to form a cryptographically secure, full blockchain. And of course they can opt for thin clients with either standalone app or web browser, no server software running at all.


For its block rewards granted every 25 secs in average, HEAT uses twin system: half of the block reward comes from traditional PoS (Proof-of-Stake) algorithm, while the other half is granted on PoP (Proof-of-Presence) basis for nodes that host the block files online. The HEAT algorithm monitors the presence of block slice files, and assigns higher probability for slices that have a smaller number of copies online. That way any discrepancy arising in the relative number of different block files is attenuated.


HEAT doesn't provide smart contracts as such - but it provides something we think is better; Distributed Services Architecture. DSA is HEAT's answer to blockchain based applications. What we have created is a stateful interactive communication protocol much like the HTTP protocol that is in use today for the web. This allows anyone in the world to write an application in a language supported by the JVM script engine (Java, JavaScript) and have the distributed app serve clients interactively using the blockchain as (encrypted) distributed state full memory space. Supporting Java, this is a never before seen feature on open source blockchains.

RUNDOWN OF HEAT HIGHLIGHTS (some items repeated for clarity)

1.  Technology to be used has been 5 man-years in the making
     a. Written in enterprise friendly Java
     b. Cryptography and p2p consensus code based on MIT licensed NXT
     c. Networking layers and many features based on FIMK development
     d. Architected with re-use for private chains
     e. Optimized for speed and instant high frequency trading
     f. Massively scalable through the use of not one single blockchain, but a chain of blockchains
     g. Completely remade HTML5 client / downloadable / app

2.  New memory mapped OS binary file sliced blockchain structure without db overhead
3.  Splitting balance storage from transactions and blocks
4.  Transaction throughput rate initially in the 1000 tps scale on legacy hardware
5.  Unlimited scalability depending on node hardware: Boost rates of 10k+ tps on standard 4-core Linux server
6.  25-second blocks, instant tx confirmations through websockets and replication layer
7.  Regular client startups are near instant since all that has to be loaded are the balance files (~1/10,000 the size of full blockchain)
8.  High frequency trading enabling instant matching of 1k+ trades per second stable
9.  2-tier reward structure: Proof-Of-Stake and Proof-Of-Presence (Online storage of blockchain slice files)
10.  Distributed Services Architecture (blockchain software robots, Javascript and Java)
11.  Thin client: Home users don't need to carry blockchain files but get rewarded to do so
12.  Replication layer: Vendor independent replicated database integration for corporate full node operators
13.  Remade, smarter networking protocol uses binary messages - on request basis only - between peers
14.  Non-blocking asynchronous websocket connections over Netty (Facebook, Twitter) enables high number of peer connections
15.  Offline smart vouchers (fully signed transactions that can be sent to the blockchain by anyone.)
16.  PIN protected account access to local wallet.dat, with secret phrase brain wallet backup
17.  Native A2A (asset to asset) custom tokens exchange with option for native non-gateway BTC price base
18.  Multicurrency crypto client enabling non-gateway direct crypto transfer
19.  Built-in non-gateway (direct real crypto) p2p exchange for client supported crypto
20.  Custom tokens, private tokens, colored accounts and white label software cloning readiness
21.  Multisig for FIAT currency tokens and several main target use cases:
       a. Simply value adding feature for the crypto client user security
       b. Facilitating implementation of p2p live crypto trading (asset exchange tokens auto match multisig real crypto)
       c. Enabling crowdfunding security and direct intake of funds (also “real” gated EUR, USD that have multisig security)
       d. Unique sales point: Multisig Fiat currency

22.  Crowdfunding / IPO capabilities heavily emphasized:
       a. Readily on-blockchain for DIY agile companies / geeks
       b. Licensed fintech corporate partner for turnkey crowdfunding service
       c. Cloned source / white label installation

23.  Unique, private human defined identifiers (email account format)
24.  Off-blockchain instant E2EE (end-to-end encrypted) P2P messaging
25.  Decentralized web shops with instant EUR payments (/pricing in any token)
26.  Major licensed corporate partners in crowdfunding, fiat currency token transfer and BTC exchange areas
27.  ICO tokens reward stock options for startup company IPO shares at lower price later in 2016
28.  ICO runs from July 11th 2016 through August 8th 2016. Currencies accepted: BTC, ETH, FIMK, NXT.


HEAT Genesis block's preliminary release date is September 5th 2016. Before that there will be an alpha client and a testnet available in August.


For launching the HEAT cryptocurrency in September 2016, HEAT Ledger Ltd arranges Initial Coin Offering investment opportunity for the public between July 11th midday GMT and August 8th 2016 midnight GMT.

• 25 million HEAT tokens will be distributed to investors & stakeholders on pro rata basis.

If ICO is not fully reserved, 1 000 000 HEAT are locked up as an incentive and released for development crew after 1 250 000 blocks (1 year) from genesis. If ICO is fully reserved, a minimum of 500 000 HEAT will be purchased for the development crew from market by the ICO BTC funds after ICO closure.


HEAT credits can be reserved either through escrow agents (described in the next section) or by paying a freely chosen amount of cryptocurrency to a designated BTC / FIMK / ETH /NXT account listed on the HEAT web site at Credits purchased through all of the channels are synchronized bona fide real time, and collected at the end of the ICO period to form the total reservation amount for final stake calculations. Each HEAT credit entitles to a portion of the full 25 Million HEAT token stack in pro rata basis. ie. if the full 25 Million HEAT are reserved, each credit will receive 1 HEAT. If less than 25M HEAT are reserved, each credit will receive more than 1 HEAT. HEAT Ledger Ltd reserves the right to either increase the total number of HEAT tokens released, or the proportion of ICO credits relative to HEAT tokens in case there are more than 25M credits reserved during ICO.


HEAT credits can be reserved from the following sites:

HEAT Ledger web site
Openledger operated by CCEDK (also allows trading of stakes during ICO)
C-CEX exchange
Fitcoin Exchange assets in the FIMK blockchain


While HEAT uses crowdfunding services from partners and arranges one on its own during the ICO, significant emphasis will be put on facilitating crowdfunding for large and small companies through the HEAT Ledger blockchain itself. With HEAT, every businessman and his mother will be able to have their own blockchain application to crowdfund projects!

HEAT Ledger Ltd assists companies and projects to obtain crowdfunding via the decentralized open source HEAT Ledger through consultation and partnership. We aim to have at least 2 to 3 external companies to accompany the launch of HEAT Ledger Proper through their own funding proposal (IPO, other crowdfunding investment) on the HEAT Asset Exchange custom crowdfunding UI - accessible from the HEAT wallet.


Heat Ledger Ltd will arrange Initial Public Offering of stock equity in late 2016. 50 000 - 80 000 new company shares will be released to constitute 20% - 25% of total company equity, in order to raise between 500k to 1.5M EUR funding to further develop company operations. HEAT token holders who participate in round 1 ICO and hold their tokens will receive options that entitle for 50% minimum rebate from IPO share price.


HEAT Ledger is an ambitious business project initiated by a small, experienced and skilled team of professionals hardened in a rough set of challenges previously. Our goal is to provide not only prosperity for the HEAT founders and investors, but also long-lasting value for the society by leveraging our innovations and know-how to further the evolution of financial technology towards more effective modes of operation.

We invite enthusiastic people to join the HEAT startup team. With time we'll need online marketers, sales specialists, local ambassadors, skilled java programmers and especially front-end coders. Please contact us to let us hear about your skills that the world could make good use of through your participation in HEAT.

Soon... The HEAT is ON!

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