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Here is your chance to get in on this project, bitshares....

We have decided to take this project to the bitcointalk community and offer the same investment/contribution opportunities:
Here is a link to our post in Bitcointalk forums..

We will be offering this opportunity to Bitshares & Bitcoin communities.. whichever community can get us at least $100,000 will be the "official" sponsor of the CryptoCrush Game and the Crypto Animated Cartoon with promotions and credit in the front and backend of the videos/apps.

We will be developing different options or ways to implement the use of different tokens, altcoins and bitcoins. By using either ads, exchanges or simply offering rewards for high scores/achievements... this is only a light brush thru of many ideas being worked on... with that being said..

The Original Background and Pitch
A little over a year ago, I discovered crypto and since that time, I've established a "brand name" in MrWang. I found a home in Steemit where I continue producing original content and blogging with pretty good success right from the start. Now I have a full production team and a studio to work in and we are excited to help bring more attention to the crypto world and blockchain technology by creating original content and entertainment targeted at the younger demographics with the projects already in production below.

This project started out in the bitshares and steemit communities but we've come to realize... our production and ideas are too far beyond ahead what these communities can provide in resources and support, well at least we haven't been proven otherwise. We understand that what we have produced is of epic/legendary proportions. This will undoubtedly draw attention and audiences to the world of crypto.

I have provided a few links to our project announcements and teaser pilot for everyone to consider for support in financial investment or donation of resources to help speed up production of these projects.

If you would like to find out more about our production services and/or interested in investing, marketing, helping with graphic design or audio production.. honestly, if you have experience in audio/video production and are willing/able to help... please feel free to contact me via email [email protected] or DM on here.

With that being said, I would like to present to everyone...

"Crypto" Teaser - Pilot Episode 1 -

A "family guy" or "Robot Chicken" animated series which follows current events and trending topics surrounding bitcoin and other altcoins in the world of crytpo.
In a nutshell... "This is what happens in your digital wallets"

CryptoCrush The Game - Alpha Version
A parody of Candy Crush with bitcoin and altcoins replacing the "Candy" theme, thus building interest into the crypto world.
CryptoCrush For Android (ScreenShot)

IOS version coming soon

DOWNLOAD THE ALPHA VERSION from the Google Play Store:
We are rewarding testers and bounty hunters with my WangChange tokens (on bitshares) and other bitshares tokens affiliated with our project. The game is developed by our app team, New App Kings which is part of Compound Films, The founder of Compound films is now the producer of my videos for steemit and you can find his steemit blog page below.

Here is the link to my WangChange Token on Openledger: (please let me know if any of these links are not allowed and I will take them down if so)

Steemit Links/resources:

Recent Announcement and Bitshares Hangout Audio: MrWang[/member]/cryptocrush-announcement-and-challenge][member=43281]MrWang[/member]/cryptocrush-announcement-and-challenge

Compound Films Steemit Blog:

Original Post by me, Unveiling the production and "game plan", a couple months ago: MrWang[/member]/revolution-of-the-industry-part-1][member=43281]MrWang[/member]/revolution-of-the-industry-part-1

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or let me know if I need to adjust or remove information/links not allowed in the forums. Thank you for considering any and all contributions and support of this project/production.


General Discussion / Video Production, Studio & Team... On Bitshares
« on: June 28, 2017, 05:42:37 pm »
Bitshares - Meet Our Team & Our Gameplan

Please check out the 3 steemit post below...
Part 1: Announcement
Part 2: What We're Going To Do:
Part 3: RSVP to Beyond Bitcoin:

After all the work I put into establishing a new identity, brand and following from scratch while trying to raise the funds to continue... I have my non crypto friends in the film industry to thank for helping me accomplish at least, one of my goals

They we're so impressed with my success and even more when they realize I'm basically generating my own income with my very own ideas.. they offered me full access to a studio and even want to produce my videos for me. Not only that.. We've combined our network of artist, producers and social media enthusiast/sensations in our industry, so we can cross promote and work together to boost our social media reach. They realize what I've been working on by my self in this new era of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and social media fusion, has so much potential and if managed correctly.. can blow the competition away.

For the past 10+ years I've tried to create and establish a name for myself.. Then I discovered Steemit and found instant success. So I started looking for funding to rent a studio and purchase studio equipment to continue producing my own videos. [member=602]fuzzy[/member] discovered me on steemit and brought me to bitshares and this is where I've been ever since.. with the same goal in mind, get a studio, equipment, produce more work and generate more income...

It's A Shame
I haven't received nearly as much consideration or acknowledgment for my contributions, as I expected but it was my fault for having high expectations.. This recent marketing "attempt" that crumbled to pieces, provided a better understanding. Meanwhile, I continued to produce my own work, with my own "marketing" style with only a few helpful and much appreciated investors, very limited personal funds and outdated, overworked equipment because I believed it would pay off at some point and finally it did... But it wasn't from bitshares, steemit or anything crypto related... it's coming from the target demographic you are trying to reach, yet constantly overlook.

So I've brought them onboard with me
Some already signed up for bitshares and steemit accounts. Soon, the entire team will be signed up and ready to move forward with our own gameplan, "Build An Empire". If bitshares is going to grab anyone's attention, disrupt the crypto world and have a social media presence.. bitshares will have us to thank for it.

My observations of this community, it's actions and commitment to greatness convinced me to create my own path and lead by example. This post isn't a pitch or some vain attempt to get you to buy my WangChange token as it's unrelated.. It's more of a mission statement. This is a collaboration of talent that will work within bitshares and steemit.  We see the potential and learning how all this works together.. will not be an issue. We are filmmakers, storytellers and artist who believe this community will help us accomplish our long term goals.

If you want to help us, you are more then welcome to contribute in any way you can. We will research and learn about the DEX, bitshares and develop our content from our collective understanding. Who knows.. we might create a token and do an ICO but for now.. the plan is to take it one step at a time.

Once everyone is on board and somewhat comfortable with the DEX, bitshares and steemit.. The groundwork of an entertainment empire will begin to unfold and maybe soon enough, we will be able to kick off our shoes, layback and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Thank you bitshares.. for influencing me to become a stronger leader and make WangChange even more valuable.


Stakeholder Proposals / @MrWang & WangChange News & Announcements
« on: May 30, 2017, 07:20:37 pm »
MrWang & WangChange Update
With the high cost of LTM and my inability to get a worker proposal created and running because of the current high prices.. I've shifted focus back to the basics of my filmmaking efforts and revamped the "MrWang" brand and "WangChange" to mesh all my social media pages, content, style and affiliations together under a consistent looking complete brand.
The new and improved WangChange (UIA)
A fancoin or (UIA) User Issued Asset, that pays share drops from affiliates and the rewards of MrWang post. WANGCHANGE also supports/promotes video related content thru steemit, (Currently in development stage), beyondbitcoin, Viva and any social media page/platform managed or owned by the [member=43281]MrWang[/member] team.

The tokens can be traded with any altcoin/asset in the bitshares DEX at the relative value of $150/ token. Anyone interested in becoming a partner, affiliate OR cross promote with the brand MrWang, please contact [member=43281]MrWang[/member] or [member=43173]virtualgrowth[/member] with your offer. Please contact us if you wish to offer tokens for drawings & giveaways including cross promoting your projects and draw more attention, your way.

Updated, WANGCHANGE Perks for token holders, Starting June 1st
.1 For as long as you hold at least .1 WC, You will receive Upvotes from [member=43281]MrWang[/member] (Must provide your Steemit account via Discord,, telegram or comments). Also, share drops of any altcoins/tokens affiliated with WANGCHANGE. (Please contact me or [member=43173]virtualgrowth[/member] directly if you wish to become an affiliated partner of WANGCHANGE)
Perks for owners of at least 1 FULL token valued at $150.00
Will now receive 20% share drops from the rewards of [member=43281]MrWang[/member] post.

NEW WANGCHANGE Exchanges & Buy Backs

Becoming a token holder and supporter of WANGCHANGE can be quite expensive for a lot of users in our community. I realized the need to offer everyone an opportunity to benefit from the token and I'm excited to announce the ability to exchange WANGCHANGE for goods and services designed by, endorsed or offered by [member=43281]MrWang[/member] and affiliated partners/ projects. The exchanges offered in my steemit post, here: will eventually be redeemable on the MrWang website once it's up and running. Until then, they may be redeemed thru the DEX and providing the Corresponding Promo Code in the MEMO and/or contacting me directly for any further information needed.

I will also be creating another "TBA" uia token for anyone interested in becoming a "Sponsor" or Producer of my videos. These tokens will be redeemable at 100 Wangchange and makes you a credited "Producer" or "Partner" with [member=43281]MrWang[/member] and gives you 40% share drops from rewards on post, youtube channel and any platform MrWang content is provided and generates revenue. You will also receive some creative influence in production of my content.

Right Now the [member=43281]MrWang[/member] brand and WangChange token is supported & sponsored by [member=602]fuzzy[/member] , [member=43173]virtualgrowth[/member] and [member=39182]tbone[/member] who are all credited in my videos along with brand/logos promoting Bitshares, BeyondBitcoin & Steemit. They understand my true talents and potential, not to mention they value the type of content and personality I bring. Thanks guys

Please Watch This Video Link Below and Stay tuned for More Updates

Thank you for supporting MrWang and WangChange... I'm very proud to be a part of this community. I look forward to even greater things in the near future.

Hello guys, I would like to make a workers proposal to create video clips for everyone who makes videos for bitshares and bitshare related material. I provided a sample copy of an intro video I made earlier today to show you what I might be able to add to your video to make it more appealing.

Check out the link below and let me know what ya think

WANGCHANGE (UIA) For Video Production & Promotion

Watch the video promotion here:

My name is Wallace Carranza also known as [member=43281]MrWang[/member] on steemit: MrWang[/member]][member=43281]MrWang[/member].

This UIA (User Issued Asset) was created to raise the funds needed to continue developing and producing high quality content for the steemit platform and help promote other projects and communities in the near future. Proceeds from this UIA will be used to purchase and upgrade equipment, maintenance, production and marketing expenses

As a professional actor and filmmaker I've come to realize that my abilities as a storyteller are far more valuable and appreciated then I ever imagined and because of this, I'm very excited to share the success with my fan base by offering a Token of not only appreciation but an opportunity. MrWang is now a steemit brand name with huge influence not only among it's fellow minnows & dolphins, the name is welcome and respected by the whale community as well.

The initial idea was to raise funds, exclusively for production of my own steemit videos and has expanded out to help bring other creative, innovative and quality content to life by promoting the projects and ideas thru my use of motion graphics and video including the use of my name for attraction and support

The value of each token is based off an hourly wage of $80 plus one hour of render time at $150 which is a total of $230 which will start as the minimum to buy in. The price of the token will be equal to the render time of a 60 fps (frames per second) high resolution 5 minute video. The value of the token will drop accordingly until it reaches the base pay of $50/hr of render time staying at a total of $130/hr for my video production services on steemit projects and productions. Tokens will be be distributed x2 on the initial drop in value, 3x the second drop and continue till the base value is met.

This is an opportunity for you, the viewer, investor or both to not only enjoy professional and creative driven entertainment but also to get a piece of the revenue and rewards it generates. MrWang will continue to producing videos on steemit but with your contributions, the value and quality of my creations and other collaborative work will challenge the competitive market with valuable and original content that can only be found on

I plan to RSVP on the Beyond Bitcoin hangout sometime soon so if you do have any questions and concerns.. be looking out for me and join the hangout on Friday.  [member=602]fuzzy[/member] suggested I post this into the forum so you guys can have a look. This was originally a post I made on steemit, here is the link to that post: MrWang[/member]/wangchange-token-official-video-featuring-hilarski][member=43281]MrWang[/member]/wangchange-token-official-video-featuring-hilarski

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