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Why I Believe in the BLACK SWAN...

The FIRST event?

BitPay Under Fire For Rejecting $100K Bitcoin Amazon Rainforest Donation

A blocked Bitcoin donation to help the fight against the Amazon Rainforest fires has become the latest publicity headache for BitPay.
According to a social media exchange on August 23, the embattled cryptocurrency payment processor is facing fresh criticism after it failed to allow a $100,000 Bitcoin donation to go through.

         The payment came from a donor to the Amazon Watch charity, which uses BitPay to accept cryptocurrency payments.

   “…You don’t need (BitPay) to reject your transactions when you can verify them yourselves for free,”


Angela Merkel has backed Emmanuel Macron’s call to put the fires in the Amazon on the agenda at this weekend’s G7 summit, after the French president said the situation amounted to an international crisis.

Steffen Seibert, a spokesman for the German chancellor, told journalists in Berlin on Friday: “The extent of the fires in the Amazon area is shocking and threatening, not only for Brazil and the other affected countries, but also for the whole world.

Is BitShares poised to take advantage of this event being at the top of the G7 Agenda....THIS WEEKEND --  24TH AUGUST 2019

Suppose a group of celebrities wanted to donate a $1 million to pay for the leasing costs of water carrying air tankers
and remain "somewhat" anonymous by donating via BTC and .....BITPAY said, NO!! 

Could BitShares come to the rescue..?

            Firefighting Air Tankers     ---

Suppose 10,000 people were so upset with what is happening and they wanted to donate $100 each right NOW via crypto currency and not have to be bothered with all of the KYC hassle?

Is BitShares positioned to construct the global NETWORK EFFECT it obviously needs...and benefit from a BLACK SWAN?

There certain kinds of publicity that NO MONEY CAN BUY....

BTS supporters, workers, gateways investors, the world and help yourselves...

Under ordinary circumstances there maybe some reticence to trust a cryptocurrency ...but now urgency will motivate skeptics to give BTS a deeper and more fair look...

The G7 meeting is in France...(Does BBF have Euro contacts?) there will be lots of media attention and groups gathered there..72 HOURS !

Can maybe the BBF, as the ONLY LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE of BITSHARES, reach out to Amazon Watch and other organizations and offer to be an alternative to BitPay.?   
Show them why decentralization is a solution
Amazon Watch is a nonprofit organization[1] Founded in 1996, and based in Oakland, California, it works to protect the rainforest and advance the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin.
Maybe simply an email with contact info and  with links explaining BitShares..    .
{this webpage.. needs to be updated to reflect the new MCR = 1.5 ...not 1.75}

Speaking of being prepared...

I wish a link existed to a 5 minute Youtube or Vimeo or Dtube video....showing how to sign up with BTS with a webwallet
  & to buy some BTS and how to produce a (MPA) smartcoin for any fiat currency  e.g..bitREAL (Brazilian currency)...etc.

Translated into all the major languages..&. plaster all over social media...during this weekend's  G7 summit


   The lungs of the planet....produces 20% of earth's oxygen

The Amazon rainforest lies in nine South American countries: Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana, Bolivia, Suriname and French Guiana//
The Amazon rainforest contains approximately 10 percent of all animal species on Earth and 20 percent of the world's birds.
Thousands of insects live within the borders of the Amazon as do larger mammals and reptiles, such as jaguars, anacondas and cougars.. 
{And so many more yet to be discovered and catalogued}.... To quote some wise person,

"We are burning down the library before even having read the books.."

This was originally a MS Word doc but somehow most of the formatting info got lost when converting to a PDF..!!  If someone wants to host a the original doc I will email it

Anyway here's the link

and password =  Oduesp2

This is just a general outline to get the thoughts down on paper

General Discussion / To illustrate the absurdity of Black Swan Events
« on: June 15, 2019, 10:52:24 pm »
Read this thread first if you haven't already,  to understand the context..."In Search of the positive black swan"...   

      "Adjusting" to the Black Swan event.... { A bit of humorous fiction}

The women's soccer World Cup in France....On Tuesday (June 11)  Thailand lost their first group match to the US...13 - 0

I would call this a Black Swan event....positive for the US...negative for Thailand..

Initially I felt sorry for the Thai team.

but I thought to myself if I was the Thai coach  at half time ..with score being 3 - 0 and knowing that:

 (a)  the US would probably score at least the same or more goals in the second half &  the odds of winning (or a draw)  against the US was ABSOLUTELY ZERO !

(b)  that 16 (of 24 total) teams would advance to the next round, including the 4 best third place teams in their group  (Bonus money !!)
         and Thailand was at least ranked ahead of 6 other teams coming into the tournament
(c) Goal differential was the first tie breaker

[SCENE:  Team locker room...Everyone sitting down in a semi-circle..drinking water and eating bananas..]

Coach says, 

"Listen guys...Umm..sorry....girls.....I'll be blunt...We gonna' get our ass kicked today worse than the Brazilians did against Germany (7-1) ..if we don't do something different..

I can't lose a bucket load of bonus money.. I can't afford that...I gotta' house mortgage..

So... here's the the 2nd half...I want everybody to stand in front of our goal for 45 minutes ...If the referee complains..Dont worry..the rules don't say it's illegal...I looked it up...

We'll call it the Thai version of "parking the bus"... (Thank you Sweden).. can all close your mouths now and wipe that shocked look off your face.... and thank me later in a couple of weeks when you are counting your bonus money..!.

OK...let's go... I'll take you all out to dinner as soon as the match is over.......I don't think the US team is going to be in any mood to shake hands or do any of  the usual end-of-match hugs and shit..


Pị kạn t̄hexa     !!!!     ("LET'S GO"   in Thai)

                     Chapter 2... THE SUPER MEGA BLACK SWAN EVENT

2019     World Cup Final:       THAILAND vs  JAMAICA 

Las Vegas casinos and bookies REFUSE to make odds on the game and reject US$1 Billion in bets..!

stay tuned..

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