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Please share your thoughts and comment

I am not of the opinion that monetary policy should change over time.  Nor should it change for the purposes of marketing or expanding monetary supply. 

I think if you wanted such an instrument and you believe it is indeed a path forward then you should create it AT ONSET with such clearly DECLARED and PERMANENT parameters.  Then set it loose on the market and see if there is interest.   Anyone can create an MPA and all off the features you have mentioned could be part of the price feed scripts for that MPA; perhaps with the owner of the asset having additional mechanical control over the force settlement time.  Though the feed producers themselves could be multisig owners to distribute those mechanics.

I am a strong believer that parameters of MPA's - once created - should rarely, and if ever:  Only be "tweaked" if there are existential critical exploits to be patched.    I believe in stability, non politicization of monetary policy above all else.

My price feed scripts are open source and could easily be forked for your purposes.  I encourage you to compete with my products which do not include such "features".    But once you set it loose... I strongly encourage you to stop tweaking because that destroys the sense that the product is mechanical in nature and can be trusted - by long term holders, as a store of value - over time.

The aim of an MPA, as I believe, is to eliminate - with as high certainty as possible - the 3rd party human element, which can flip levers to change monetary policy over time; thereby "picking winners and losers"

General Discussion / Re: Review of BAIP2
« on: March 29, 2020, 08:19:46 pm »
if you are too stupid to understand what is shorting attack/ death spiral, I don't know how to explain to you.

What made bitshares have ANY value from the beginning was the notion of decentralized oracle market pegged assets that could be traded on a decentralized exchange platform.  THAT was the niche value proposition.   Your bullshit has poisoned the decentralized oracle well and killed market pegged assets and HENCE bitshares has no value because it is no longer a place where you can trust the value of the witness supported decentralized smart coins.   

No trustworthy decentralized oracle = 
Witnesses are not trustworthy =
No unique niche value proposition =
Bitshares is a shitcoin in a sea of other shitcoins =


and there is not a bsip or baip in the world related to protecting your long lost debt position from fictitious "shorting attacks" that will EVER save it.  Not a price feed moving average, not a settlement fee, not a pegging the price to the core token, not MSSR = 1, not MCR = 1; all you do is devalue the core token further.

You are a loser.  Your debt is worthless.   You've killed a blockchain that talented developers have spent close to a decade building. 

You and everything you stand for is a disgrace, fraud, and scam. 
Anyone with a half bit of sense knows it.

Expect from this day forward anything you post in the English speaking world will be responded to with this quote:


If you report bitcrab to SEC
you may be eligible for up to 10%
of any money recovered as a reward!

Eventually, someone will grow fed up with you enough to deal with .gov and you can finally enjoy your concrete box, orange jumpsuit, and daily serving of pickle ends and reconstituted potatoes... that you so clearly crave. 

Until then... please do everyone a favor and go lick a used N95.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Poll] BSIP76:Set bitCNY feed threshold
« on: March 29, 2020, 04:05:21 pm »
I do not want to explain more to the guys who just say others do not understand this and that, it's wasting time.

The best thing that could happen to bitshares is for you personally to end up in concrete box with bars after an anonymous report to state security and exchange commission.   And all your friends and associates locked up and fined as well. 

Please somebody, do us all a favor, and report this asshole:


If you report to SEC you may be eligible for up to 10% of any money recovered as a reward!

Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo.

General Discussion / Re: Review of BAIP2
« on: March 29, 2020, 02:06:15 pm »
in the last 3 days BTS experienced the first rapid downtrend after the implementation of BAIP2, and the case provide a chance to review what BAIP2 bring to us.

The purpose of BORROWING a smartcoin from the chain is to SELL IT SHORT.

If you choose to horde it instead,  then you DESERVE to get margin called.

Quit hording debt and this is no longer an issue.

You PERSONALLY and all of your bullshit BSIPS and BAIPS related to making margin call impossible are what have ruined the architecture of the smartcoin ecosystem.

General Discussion / Re: bitCNY live on LATOKEN from 14 October
« on: March 29, 2020, 01:53:29 pm »

LATOKEN is a Top-20 crypto exchange

No it is not. 

Ranked 47 by liquidity here:

Ranked 67 here w/ 6/10 trust score

Ranked 48 here w/ C trust score

F Trust rating here

You buy more BTS make the price above 0.22 then it's pegged again.

Can you get more disingenuous?    Its pegged when top debt holders choose to make it pegged at their own whim and nothing else.

If what you say is FACT.... then why not update the asset description, all of the docs on various sites, and to



Is the best way for lay users to find out about the fact that bitCNY is a cartel controlled scam on some random thread buried among junk promotion of a shitcoin exchange?

bitCNY is the biggest shit stain on BitShares ecosystem and it is the PRINCIPLE REASON why Bitshares is grossly devalued as it exemplifies the inherent corruptness of the current DPOS architecture.

I generally support the new UI worker and the team behind it, however I do have one concern:

Something I would like to see, in addition to the offering, is added budget for 6 month commitment - beyond the contract period - for a single developer to perform code review ONLY on community submitted PR's.  This would be only for continuity's sake; in the event that there is another lapse in full "UI dev team" funding.   

Those with control of the github repo generally slow down and do nothing unless they are being funded; which is understandable as they are not paid.  However, that inaction drags down any ability for pro bono work to continue.   Then since there is no pro bono work... we must fund the new "dev team" ...or get nothing.   That negative feedback loop is frustrating and invokes a sense of conflict of interest.

It is untenable to have a buggy UI representing Bitshares with pull requests open by the public in the time lapsing between funding efforts.

I support this worker, but I also support a "no lapse community code review" addendum.

General Discussion / Re: ANN: HONEST Market Pegged Assets
« on: March 14, 2020, 03:46:57 pm »
Binance CEX

BitShares DEX

BitShares DEX

all charts are 4h candles FEB 1st to present

Why are HONEST mpa markets holding such a tight peg
and committee controlled bitassets failing so miserably?

bitUSD plutocracy
Code: [Select]
Maximum short squeeze ratio         1010     means force settle 1% under market rate
Force settlement delay              24h      with full day of delay before settlement
Max force settle vol                0.5%     means very little gets force settled per 24h period

HONEST.USD noocracy
Code: [Select]
Maximum short squeeze ratio         1250     force settlement occurs 20% below market rate
Force settlement delay              1h       within 1 hour
Max force settle vol                100%     within 4 hours all bad debt is settled or on the books

General Discussion / Re: Hello 👋
« on: March 14, 2020, 02:50:43 pm »
Binance CEX

BitShares DEX

BitShares DEX

all charts are 4h candles FEB 1st to present

bitUSD plutocracy
Code: [Select]
Maximum short squeeze ratio         1010
Force settlement delay              24h
Force settlement offset             1%
Max force settle vol                0.5%

HONEST.USD noocracy
Code: [Select]
Maximum short squeeze ratio         1250
Force settlement delay              4h
Force settlement offset             0%
Max force settle vol                100%

@Dan to discuss changes to core required to enact noocratic governance catch me on telegram @litepresence

General Discussion / Re: Suggestion
« on: March 07, 2020, 12:24:18 am »

Instead of hoarding debt to stuff your mattress with bitfiat,
and crying for changes to the borrowing rules every couple days like a child:

Why not consider only borrowing when you intend to short the market,
then buy back for cheaper and profit like a typical margin trader?


This proposal is ridiculous.

YES.  OMG we agree on something bitasset related!   Mark the day on the calendar!   Festival next year!

...but I'm not sure which is more ridiculous:

increasing from ridiculous 2 to ridiculous 5


having the ridiculous notion of "force settlement offset" at all



Total  budget:
   30,600 USD (215,179 CNY)

Please quote additional budget requirements for the same worker, except no restrictions on gateways providers: GDEX, RUDEX, XBTSX, DEEX, etc.

There is no such need that private owned for-profit companies such as gateways are listing nodes for public access.

The nature of the argument: "gateways should be self funded because they keep all their profits", is no longer relevant with BSIP86.

These are no longer "independent for profit entities"; they are now taxed subjects of state.

If there is to be taxation; a qualification of the inherent power to do so, is that the proceeds of such levy, should provide for the general welfare of the taxed parties.   This should include both listing on the reference UI and access worker-funded public API nodes.

As revenue raised - for the chain - by gateways will increase with their increased traffic.  I propose explicitly excluding gateways from "commercial use".    While current traffic is low, perhaps this means this worker should include a budget for "potential" increase in load handling of gateway traffic; to be return to chain in the event it is not needed.

You're a scammer stop preying on this community.

Your last trading contest was at MXC.

Today there was 65 MILLION BTS traded in one 4 HOUR candle at that scam exchange where all other top exchanges combined had only 2 MILLION in the same hour.

Throughout your last MXC scam exchange contest there was 10 MILLION BTS traded every 4 hours... while no other top exchange in the industry had more than a million.

Your contests are full of shit.   The exchanges you promote recieve 3/10 trust or D trust ratings from exchange auditors.


Anyone who sends their money to your promotions is asking to get robbed.

Today... the the most recent 4 HOUR Candle at each "top exchange" where BTS is traded

MXC supposedly had:
Sustained 4H candle volume of 10M since BTS was added!

While the well known top rated HITBTC and BINANCE....



And nobody else in the industry was even close...




It means you are a lying scumbag thief that just stole 600,000 BTS from the public coffers.

XT is not trusted by COMAPS:
XT is not trusted by CMC:
XT is not trusted by NOMICS:

COINGECKO says 90% of their volume is wash trading


Most recent 4 HOUR Candle at each "top exchange" where BTS is traded

Sustained 4H candle volume of 10M since BTS was added!






bitcny is both pegged to bts and backed by bts...

and you want forced limit orders to be put on the books 5% away from peg? 

gtfo with this bullshit


Why every time I see another proposal from your crew its just another means to accumulate bitasset debt position and NEVER be forced to liquidate no matter the circumstance? 

Why is there this uncanny obsession with accumulating debt in a "market pegged asset" that you've ensured is never pegged to its respective currency?   

Could it be you've found some exploit in the blockchain that you're using to scam the rest of the unknowing masses?

Why don't you just fess up about the REALITY of why you wish to be able to hold MASSIVE short positions but NEVER sell them short?


Keep fucking pushing asshole and I'll expose the whole lot of you, cnvote, ZB, MXC, affiliates and the BEOS scam as well to US SEC, China CSRC, European ESMA, Russian FCSMR, and FINRA

You should all be sitting in a concrete box with a steel door for what you're doing to this blockchain; I'm sure there's an alphabet agency that would love to to hear about another blochchain scam to put on their resume.

General Discussion / Re: Review of BAIP2
« on: February 19, 2020, 06:46:52 pm »
Collateralization of investment should be responsibility of the individual borrower not the asset issuer or the exchange itself.

If you don't want to be margin called, maintain a buffer between your personal CR and the MCR required.  Simple as that. 


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