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Bitshares区块链浏览器 ( ) 已经上线,得到了大家的支持,之前反馈的问题已解决。后续功能迭代中

Bitshares blockchain explorer is running now.  Reported minor bugs fixed. Further more functionalities are under development...
Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

20180207 :  add Collateral and Limit Orders in account page   账号页面增加了抵押与当前挂单
20180212 : witness and committee page 见证人与理事会页面
20180223 : Order book that shows account names,auto refresh price in market page  增加了市场页面;可自动刷新
20180309 : Update trade history page,show buyer and seller .  更新交易历史部分,显示每笔成交的买家/卖家
20180315 : Optimize database index.  优化数据库索引,更新多个页面显示逻辑
20180317 : 1)账号历史记录数量修改为最多显示400条。
                   2)优化SEO,不同页面呈现不同 meta-content
                   Thanks to @scorer 's suggestion

Stakeholder Proposals / [Witness Proposal] witness.hiblockchain
« on: January 29, 2018, 06:55:25 am »
Please vote for witness.hiblockchain !

BitShares community members,
We are HiBlockchain Team, who have been running HiBlockchain ( since December 2015. In this thread we will introduce ourselves, our witness server portfolio and what we intend to do for the BitShares Community.

What is HiBlockchain?
Being the promoter of DAC, HiBlockchain ( is an information site that focuses on promoting blockchain and Graphene 2.0. So far, we have gained 19676 followers on Wechat Official Account, and this number is increasing incessantly.

In the last 49 days, our articles have been read 139 thousand times by 70 thousand people.

What can we complement to the BitShares community?
The instability of (especially after BTS’s protocol update on Nov 25
) has frequently led to data display errors, which brings huge economic risk of asset’s security to exchanges when dealing with deposit and withdrawal.
As a matter of fact, the current blockchain explorer cannot meet our satisfaction. Due to the potential risks, is now considering the closure of BTS deposits and withdraws, or even delisting the BTS/BTC market (as is shown in the following pictures).

To improve user experience and make it easier for exchanges and users to review BitShares blockchain data, we made great efforts and developed a better blockchain explorer as soon as we can:, which is officially ONLINE now! During this process, we paid special attention to the following aspects:
1.   Stability. We know the feeling that blockchain explorer suddenly shuts down during the transfer of BitShares-based assets. First things first, we will make sure our block explorer is stable and the system runs steadily.
2.   Reliability. In accordance with the last_irreversible_block, our block explorer guarantees the factuality, reliability and irreversibility of both the data and the database.
3.   Abundant APIs
4.   Multi-language support

API Servers - 2 for load balancing
-Cores: 4
-Ram: 32 GB DDR4
-Hard Drive: 100G SSD
-Bandwidth: 100M
-Location: Shanghai
-Witness Url: wss://

Witness Servers - 1 for active, 1 for backup
-Cores: 4
-Ram: 16 GB DDR4
-Hard Drive: 100G SSD
-Bandwidth: 25M

Please vote for witness.hiblockchain !
We will keep moving on and make BitShares Ecosystem thriving and far-reaching!

HiBlockchain Wechat Official Account: (Scan the QR Code to follow us)



1、   稳定性,保证及时维护,特别是避免BTS内盘极端行情时常出现的区块浏览器宕机的情况。
2、   可靠性,结合last_irreversible_block不可逆区块保证数据库内数据真实可靠,且不可逆。
3、   丰富的API。
4、   多语言支持。

内存:32G DDR4
硬盘:100G SSD
API节点: wss://

内存:16G DDR4
硬盘:100G SSD

请大家支持 witness.hiblcokchain !我们会持续努力,扩大BitShares生态与影响。

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