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Muse/SoundDAC / Re: What artist token are you most excited for?
« on: April 19, 2015, 03:41:47 pm »
What about use Festivals to promote

TomorrowLand for example

maybe they can sell tickets for shows too

Español (Spanish) / Re: blog bitshares en español
« on: April 17, 2015, 07:27:22 pm »
Estoy hablando con gente en peru, venezuela y chile, pero parece que la cosa se corta con los temas legales parece que le da miedo hacer de traders ... no saber como declararlo justificarlo... Aqui en España por el momento hay un vacio legal ... pero por alli se complican las cosas parece ser, de todas formas ya estan empezando a emerger exchanges BTC, espero que facilite - agilice las cosas.

mira estas plantillas a ver que te parece el estilo

Son bastante simples pero cumplirian su funcion.

Here is the video done by Joaquin from!

The costs (around 500USD) were funded 50/50 by @matt608 and @elmato delegates.

More to come!         ..... i not found remark to bitshares anywhere.

yep maybe next time ---

yeah .... is another exchange ready for make BTS Snapshots?, Sparkles snapshot is there..

i not buy more bts there for the taxes to take it out, but keep trying to trade 10k bts and 100k pts (not much trading, just bots working i think)

General Discussion / BitShares Delegations WorldWide
« on: April 14, 2015, 07:41:05 pm »
What about to have BTS delegations all arround the world (including DACs), for some reasons

- trade p2p
- search investors to show benefits
- Support to merchants to implement
- Legal advice
- teach , congress, meetings, ect..
- Web standard for all but each one in regional language, videos tutorials, ect
- point to inform bussines and trademarks that can make his own dac (maybe a clone of principal BTS dacs)
- Make a real community support for new dacs honor social consensus.

Sure can do more util things, its a lot of work, and more or less must be the same for all delegations, personaliced to environmet. or laws. But i really think we need have this for massive adoption, expansion. for example I like to support BitShares españa, write it if you wanna do in your country Sign UP :)

How can this be financiate, and mantained.? just with delegates in diferent DACs?

What do you think about that ?

General Discussion / Re: BitShares?bitshares ? bitShares ?
« on: April 14, 2015, 06:19:40 pm »
i think

BITSHARES - the platform

BitShares - super DAC

bitshares - wallet

is must more cheap than pay a delegate to do it, and is for use now or verysoon available. Integrate payments everywhere with bts with his tech is great. and have his own users too that meet bitshares. is marketing too.

now we are 5 position with 120   4120 votes

first one is next 7000

come on! little donation 2 days remain.

Muse/SoundDAC / Re: What artist token are you most excited for?
« on: April 13, 2015, 12:50:50 pm »
yeah i talk with 2 music friends, one comercial from a tv show and another alternative bohemian , both say the same WTF !! really interested. Sure can take much more artist here, im impatient to see it running

BitShares cannot "take off" while bitcoin and the rest of crypto are in a bear market.

Yes, because that is number 4 on Stanimov's 7 deadly crypto natural laws:

"#4. only DarkDashTITANCOPYCoin can grow its market cap duting a bitcoin bear market."

DASH/DRK was the only coin on the list that figured out the whole supply vs. demand thing. If you want to create a DASH masternode (which receives new DASH in exchange for the masternode's mixing services), then you need to lock up 1000 DRK. Sort of like staking in Peercoin. You can't touch those 1000 DASH and you receive more DASH out of the block reward.

There are thousands of DASH masternodes now and they are each locking up $3000+ USD worth of DASH, taking it out of the supply. The people who run these masternodes then save up another 1000, and then "stake them" in order to get even more DASH.

BitShares could employ a similar strategy for delegates. Instead of having a registration bond that's destroyed, (which only motivates scam delegates to pretend to do work for a few weeks), we could instead have a large registration fee that's not destroyed, but is rather returned to the delegate after "canceling" delegate registration. Perhaps 1 million BTS. (If DASH can have $3000-required masternodes, we can have $4500-required delegates) So everyone who is a delegate or running as a delegate must have 1 million BTS locked up in the system. What would be the result?

1) All delegates are heavily invested in BTS compared to the pay they receive. Unless they truly believe that they will serve as beneficial delegates for a long time and that BTS will be worth more in the long-term, then becoming a 100% delegate will be too risky for them.  If they're willing to lock up 1 million BTS and risk getting fired in a few weeks for inaction or incompetency after BTS drops 30% against the USD, they'll lose money measured in USD.

2) 101 * 1 million = 101 million BTS taken out of supply by delegates alone and probably more because delegates need to lock up 1 million BTS on the blockchain to be eligible for votes.

Wow, your trolling of DASH just made me think of this on the spot. This is a damn good idea and solves delegate accountability and incentive issues  without having to micromanage them.

I'm sure some people will complain that it's elitist though.

mmm i think dark make a great marketing campgain, the holders win insterest with masternodes, traders win so easy for a whale pumping his price, users talking hey this is the new bitcoin cose his stake is multiplying value!! from my point of view they colected lot of holders that now are trapped, if you make a masternode at 0.02 - 20 btc to win 3 or 4 darks per month .... if you wanna sell it now at 0.013 you take 13 btc LOL they have alot of forced holders-master nodes, and the whale make his profit.. good profit ... and this is the model.
Sure cant compare with BitShares DPOS delegates model.... no way, here the value to be delegate is what you can give,offer,make for grow BitShares, here ask for your talent or your business, whatever productive, not for your money like dark.

Random Discussion / Re: Blockchain is Vulnerable?
« on: April 12, 2015, 05:25:11 pm »
ou shet, i read ,,, but what that means ? can modify corrupt info inside btc blocks means that....

General Discussion / Re: Bitreserve on Max Kaiser
« on: April 12, 2015, 05:14:48 pm »
I think sometimes people can PAY to met Max. and waching interview im sure some pay a lot to go there.

Bitbullshit, centraliced and private and they wanna parthner with a monopolium of little comerces to impose his shet.

can see easy the crap this shet is going to be. Worst it that use bitcoin name to spread is bussines jajjaaja

But does that we can't work with them and let them funnel people to the decentralized exchange?

I think he only want to do is move his money, gold etc.. for sure in a centraliced and private way. Since banks start to ask for money for hold your money metals etc..(you send him your money gold whatever, he sent his money gold whatever and elude the taxation for have it stopped)

Sure will be so good he use bitshares, is wellcome  :-X you can try to comunicate him but ....

Common guys small donation or fast job to catch a gateway we are on third position just know

1 PPC   Peercoin   1AZRqQyTyeAJz9UXMvhRj2DqpNPWupKdai   0   5945   
2 NEOS   NeosCoin   1Nhgi9faSviuDJktKtzZxqgqWxv1xtFS8j          50   4489   
3 BTS   BitShares   1BkKKu1y1yq4rTWe1uXhG93GXRLf5exM9n         120   4120

i cant belive no one whale throw away btc there .. this finish in 3 days at 15 april

cant do some of this too to win some free votes

Simply complete any tasks below and send us an email with details and we will add your free votes to your supported coins -

    50 Free Bonus Votes - If you have never used and want to try our Gourl Bitcoin Gateway. Simply install our free Bitcoin Wordpress Gateway, WooCommerce and GoUrl WooCommerce addon to your own or you client website and make first test payment in Bitcoins in WooCommerce and you will get free 50 bonus votes (#FREE1)

    100-2,000 Additional Free Bonus Votes (according to website popularity) - These are granted if you/your clients have decided to continue to use GoUrl Bitcoin Gateway on a regular basis on your/clients website. Minimum requirement is that 10 real orders have already been paid by bitcoins through GoUrl Gateway (#FREE2)

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    50-2,000 Free Bonus Votes (according to website popularity) - If you are not a developer simply contact any other plugin developers/webmasters and ask them to add GoUrl Bitcoin Gateway to their plugins/scripts or to their own websites. Bitcoin affiliate program is also available for them. If they start to use our gateway you will receive those Free Bonus Votes for your already supported coins also (#FREE6)

General Discussion / Re: Bitreserve on Max Kaiser
« on: April 12, 2015, 02:45:43 pm »
I think sometimes people can PAY to met Max. and waching interview im sure some pay a lot to go there.

Bitbullshit, centraliced and private and they wanna parthner with a monopolium of little comerces to impose his shet.

can see easy the crap this shet is going to be. Worst it that use bitcoin name to spread is bussines jajjaaja

Yeah, thats right the bicicle skeleton was 1 year ago,,,, now i can see supersonic concorde skeleton without motors inside the angar working in luxury interior .,.. and this concorde is capable to fly over the light or darkness. ITS AMAZING !!!

Sure we are all not coding, we arent living this in Virginia with team, all of us valid people but cant apport nothing to acelerate this work, instead we can spread the word, with passion thats good, to everybody you met or know, but great pivoting that take us at this point, maybe hurt our word value, and at same time make us be more moderated spreading it... hey its normal we are carefull until v 1.0 its done because we take damages. not just in our credibility also economic, but this economics what you hope¿? we are financiating the building one of the big proyects arround the world, its lot of greedy in crypto world here too, BTS some whales, some delegates, yeah focking trolls, i BELIVE THE FIRST PUSH UP PRICE WAS FOR MILION or MILIONS dolars euros yuans GOLD or whatever.

You whale trolls not mind to fock comunity throwing down the price to win a few thousands, and in few days you loose the train. Will be beautifull.

Some times start to think some delegates not finish his started jobs to keep taking payment..... instead they throwaway his payment because hey later we can buy more ... hope im wrong

You know how much spent Banksters in obsolete XP for his ATM net? you know how much fraud, thieves and indemnizations are over the debit cards, stealing info while buying by internet, cloning your card when pay in a shop restaurant or wherever, ect... Are you crazy enought for not see they need BitShares DAC almost for this mission, yeah maybe one DAC per Bank.

or Oil comodities market ... bilions there moved all days

reimagine everything, come here and write it !!!

In other hand actual prices can be percibed like a punishment, or you can take it like a gift or unique opportunity , personally i belive its this, im trying to sell some stuff to buy more BTS, this team have my confidence since day one. haha yeah maybe is better have thousand dolar than confidence or trust, but i put all i have and some i not have  ;D

just need to see lot of teams and whales try to copy-clone part by part our sistem ... nobody of them can copy 2 thing like us in same proyect, just part by part separate. dark with instant anonimous transactions, nubits with the peg, next for the exchange,or this nasty milionarie centralizing and privaticing bitreserve, sure i forgot more ,,, but easy you can see now THE POWER WE HAVE inside the hangar.

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