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General Discussion / Re: Bitshares Google Hangout on Air.
« on: March 22, 2016, 11:49:46 pm »

Technical Support / Re: Need help importing old PTSwallet into 2.0.
« on: March 17, 2016, 02:20:55 am »
Ok, Thanks for the link.  I understand everything except the first step. It says:

1.Download the Torrent and use it to obtain a full copy of the chain/ folder.
2.Move this chain folder into your BitShares shared directory:

I downloaded the legacy blockchain torrent file from the link, but how do I use that to get the full copy of the blockchain?

just copy in directory and start wallet, automatly start to sync full chain

torrent is for safe time syncing full blockchain

General Discussion / Re: Poloniex under Ddoss atack
« on: March 14, 2016, 01:52:41 pm »
enjoy BTS at 1500 sat yesterday night mega dump

Long live the DEX!

General Discussion / Poloniex under Ddoss atack
« on: March 14, 2016, 01:43:47 pm »
The browser not find the server .....

im accesing by its mobile version, run in pc too just different GUI

General Discussion / Re: Ethereum price discussion
« on: March 13, 2016, 02:14:05 am »
yeah when any exchange that make fractional reserve pushing down prices take it its going to be a drama

Muse/SoundDAC / Re: PeerTracks basic walkthrough video
« on: March 11, 2016, 02:49:31 pm »
 +5% so good see peertracks and know about, thanks for videos !

Freebie / Re: Sharebits on Telegram is Possible?
« on: March 10, 2016, 07:48:51 pm »
how to join bitshares telegram?

General Discussion / Re: Crowd Lending vs. Crowd Funding
« on: March 09, 2016, 07:52:55 pm »

Nice writing Stan, i miss one thing string , is sustainability and ecological power saving , ..... too much power .... at really ridiculous power consum ... to get moar decentraliced net than bitcoin

Because you really own your money.

 finalcial freedom, but what really means ? 

*Means equitty,... but equity of what ?
 you know just now to go to get financiation for your bussiness you need 1 milion dolars and a ton of spensive burocratic stuff , hey and time lot of time, in bitshares you can do the same in 5 minutes with 500k bts, and you get better service cuz is based in a disruptive incorruptible tech that you can use anywhere all the time. You know what i mean,

For take out the money from your actual bankster cuz you are very much scared for all this antisystem radicals that actually runs as a Gobernors of the countrys Globally so you wanna send your your money to another bankster in a a fiscal paradaise cuz ey is cool (and both banksters explain to you that only 3% of the total of the money in the world is printed so you cant take your money in a bag you need to take out your money in digital way) , you need another milion to can open your account there in barbados or whatever , In Bitshares is free, read it, F R E E :). and the better, you dont need to give your money to a bankster, cuz with
BitShares you keep your money always in your wallet.

Wow so that mean financial services equity between social clases countrys religuions or sex all over the world givin you the freedom... eureka.

This is not all cuz will make all unbanked people (all people with biig red numbers made by a ilegal in some ways doubt)  all over the world a chance to access to this financial economic service just now, taking his piece of equity

Take free tokens of new DACs by sharedrop theory, just a gift for help to grow up Bitshares holding BTS in your wallet, nothing better than gifts isnt it ?
yeah maybe only better are boobies

Uh , ok but you are just a user not bussinessman or trader, so you must know that you can start to buy by internet really safe, no cloning cards. or ssl hacks. identity thiefs ect SAFEs buys by internet , and anonimus if you want. And if you use to pay in normal shoping you save % $ that cards charge, you cand send money instanly to whatever place with iinternet conexxxion. And have nice referal system to incentive bussines and users use it and marketing it,

oh ya my english ,,, how about your spanish ¿    :)

how much time take to states like institution or citicens by him selves recover his privaticed and abused economical rights in a non violent move?

How much time take banksters upgrade his hacked prehistoric payment systems , How much time take money paper to cant be falsificated ?

BitShares is available now

hey and can expand markets and trade with all solar system ....soon... maybe ?..... who knows ?
 hope they like to pump and dump too  8)

Freebie / Re: Sharebits on Telegram is Possible?
« on: March 08, 2016, 08:38:01 pm »

General Discussion / Re: Marketing plan for Bitshares 2.1
« on: March 04, 2016, 02:38:37 pm »
The truth is we all get bogged down in details of bitshares. We need a simple clear message with no details.

bitshares can do many things but the core product is that it is a decentralised exchange.

The front page of our website should say     "Bitshares is a fully decentralised exchange"

Right now it says:
BitShares is an industrial-grade financial blockchain smart contracts platform.
Built using the latest in industry research, BitShares 2.0 delivers
a decentralized financial platform with speeds approaching** NASDAQ.

WTF does this even mean?

research for money comming from out cryptoworld i think

Random Discussion / Re: Monero
« on: March 04, 2016, 02:35:25 pm »
dash use same base code that bitcoin to make it compatible thats reason i preffer xmr totally different protocol. and yeah dash is overpriced a lot lets see what happen with this 500 mhash x11asics one man is offering people still not belive XD but you can see dash chart 80-90% red daily candles from long time ago.

hope xmr mantain low prices for a time to buy some

yeah for this i hope will be an official bulleting board with all specs of all listed

at time bitshares will be discovered by a lot of people, be sure this throuble will happen a lot but with people that never come to forum to say hi or present,

Products would be:
- decentralized exchange
- market pegged assets
- prediction markets (needs development)
- bond markets (not even started yet)
every other stuff on the /technology page that it's not ready yet like subscription payments through scheduled payments and "Dynamic Account Permissions - Management for the corporate environment". I think it makes sense and use that tool for management but we're a long way from that front yet.

I would think in terms of products we should think about existing companies and industries that BitShares could replace.

Emercoin & Factom describe what's possible on their blockchain with compelling use cases whereas focuses on the technology which would be appealing to developers, blockchain savvy investors but probably wouldn't make sense to or excite more casual investors directed to the site.

I would probably approach it more like this... 

BitShares  The Home Of SmartCoins

What is BitShares?
BitShares is a decentralized platform that runs on a blockchain like Bitcoin but with MUCH higher performance.
Our core invention is Price Stable SmartCoins which since inception in 2014 have successfully allowed users to hold the value of currencies & commodities on the blockchain. Over the next few years this technology will completely transform the world as you know it and here's why...

Global Payments  (See you later PayPal!)
Stable BitShares SmartCurrencies like BitUSD let you make & receive payments globally for 0.1% which is up to 35x cheaper than leading centralized competitors.

Spread Trading Platform (Short IG Index & CMC!)
Trade popular SmartStocks and SmartIndexes on the BitShares blockchain at a fraction of the cost of leading spread trading platforms and without KYC. BitShares already offers the popular Nasdaq and Shenzen indexes.

Online MarketPlace (Asta la Vista Amazon!)
List & sell products directly & privately on the blockchain & in stable currencies like BitUSD for less than 0.1% in fees.

The Blockchain Economy
Due to volatility & tight margins, merchants have to convert Bitcoin payments directly to fiat. SmartCurrencies like BitUSD let merchants keep more of their proceeds on the blockchain, creating the potential to have entire supply chains & a blockchain economy that is independent of the traditional banking system. 

Crypto Exchange (Arrivederci Coinbase!)
Traditional Bitcoin exchanges have high risks of thefts, seizures and shutdowns. BitShares lets you trade Bitcoin and other popular crypto-currency Smartcoins directly on the BitShares blockchain.

Digital Gold & Silver Vault
Physical gold has high storage costs, is difficult to move internationally and has historically been confiscated. Centralized derivatives like GLD have a high risk of default when there is a run on physical. BitGold & Silver lets you keep some of your portfolio on the blockchain free from those risks.

Subscription Services (Hello NetFlix!)
BitShares has recurring payment functionality which combined with SmartCurrencies bring the $30 Billion Subscription Market to the blockchain.

Transparent Crowdfunding (Nice Knowing you Kickstarter!)
Want to start a company doing anything you want and attract global investors without the red tape and high fees? BitShares lets you list, fund and trade on it's blockchain without the 3% processing fee charged by centralized competitors.

Global Remittance (So long Western Union!)
Due to Bitcoin volatility and slow confirmation times, Bitcoin has struggled to penetrate the $500 billion global remittance market. SmartCurrencies like BitUSD with their low fees and 3 second transaction times change this.

True Private Banking (At least Switzerland will still have watches and chocolate!)
BitShares allows anonymous global transactions and the ability to hold deposits in multiple SmartCurrencies, accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Your blockchain funds cannot be seized or scrutinized and are not affected by local or global banking crises.

Social Tipping & The Gift Economy
Social tipping is a new phenomenon which allows users on social media sites like Twitter, Reddit & Facebook to give a tip to content they appreciate and companies like have already been integrated with the BitShares platform to take advantage of this. 

Online Charity
Currency Smartcoins and $0.01 transaction fees make small online charity donations affordable, transparent and fast.
Sports Betting
BitShares prediction markets allow private wagering on sports events that can penetrate a huge global market without restriction while also reducing the average 'vig' of 5-10% to under 1%. BitShares has already offered wagering on 2016 NFL games.

Global Lottery
Lotteries lose up to 50% on running costs, taxes and other expenses. BitShares RNG provides provably fair draws and with ticket sales directly on the blockchain, total running costs could be less than 1%.

Blockchain Casino
Winner winner Chicken Dinner! Volatility is cited as the number one reason more online casinos don't integrate Bitcoin, Smartcurrencies like BitUSD solve this problem and BitShares could even offer traditional Casino games on the blockchain for a fraction of the cost and penetrate the lucrative $30 billion onine gambling market.

Global Personal Insurance
By reducing traditional fixed costs and using the wisdom of the crowd for claim validation, the inventor of Smartcoins is attempting to revolutionize personal insurance by developing the first blockchain based Mutual Aid Society on the BitShares platform.

but BITSHARES instead all of this, is BIGGER, just because all of this services and bussines are runned inside BitShares Blockchain, actually FASTEST one in the globe, the only one with industrial SIZE and XCALABILITY, But all of this amazing blockchains are gobernated by DPOS protocol problably be OPENSOURCE can make him that can be considered an STANDARD for decentraliced corporations as Html5 did for www in his time.
time is comming

and micropayments this is huge.

sorry my english XD

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