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I see people dump OPEN.XXX hard on DEX.
Can openledger comment on withdrawals?

I'm considering using Bitshares to implement service requiring a lot of prediction markets. Namely, millions of them.
But each asset costs at least 600 BTS fee, when doing in openledger GUI.

With 1 BTS = 0.11 USD it is too much. (My acceptable fee should 1 BTS max)

Are there any other way to create micro prediction markets without or with minimal fee?
They could  have long names, e.g. 100 character. Could the fee be as low as 1 BTS then?


Anybody knows is this really cold BTC with all the bter's money?

If so, 7000 were spreaded over 7 other bitcoin addresses this night.

I wonder is it possible to find's cold "BTS" wallet?
Probably we should claim bter to refund our BTS since they lost only all their BTC

Nethertheless, 7000 BTC = 1.7 million usd so I bet that RIP

Technical Support / 0.6/0.6.1 can't send funds
« on: February 14, 2015, 11:39:06 am »
1. I had 106000 BTS and sent 10000 to bter (using 0.6 gui).
2. bter didn't receive them (waited a couple of hours).
3. but transaction showed in wallet_account_history so I didn't know why they didn't come to bter.
4. Then I read that there is 0.6.1 and upgraded (from github + removed ~/.BitShares + imported wallet)
5. It showed 106000 BTS so that failed transaction didn't go to blockchain somehow
6. I sent 1000 BTS to poloniex today
7. I tried to find it on bitsharesblocks by ID (fa652922) - no results
8. poloniex didn't receive it (20mins already)
9. I suspect my client fails to send transactions.
10. What I did wrong?
11. How could I check transactions fa652922 and 521c9756 online?
12. Is it possible to do it on bitsharesblocks like with bitcoins on If yes, what is  "proof url" for transaction - so I can really be sure that it was inserted into blockchain not only by my client?

Here wallet_account_history & wallet_account_balance
Code: [Select]
2015-02-12T06:07:55 1767823   MARGIN-66e0e0c9     pyhta4og            75,000.00022 BTS        cover proceeds                              165,210.53318 BTS       0.50000 BTS         29370ccd|
|                              pyhta4og            MARGIN-66e0e0c9     1.11896959 BTC          payoff debt                                 0.00009925 BTC                                      |
 2015-02-13T08:37:43 1773038   pyhta4og            btercom             10,000.00000 BTS        bter70e72fXXXXX                           155,209.53318 BTS       0.50000 BTS         521c9756
 2015-02-14T11:07:50 1786818   pyhta4og            poloniexwallet      1,000.00000 BTS         05dc461fcXXXX                            154,209.03318 BTS       0.50000 BTS         fa652922

>> wallet_account_balance

ACCOUNT                         BALANCE                     
pyhta4og                        106,566.08237 BTS           
                                0.00009925 BTC             
                                1,141.7164 USD       

Thanks in advance,

gonna play long maidsafe. Time is money  now, while volatilitiy is growing

pity no bitmaidsafe yet

default (locked) >>> wallet_unlock
timeout: 10000
Beginning scan at block 1622444...
Scan completed.
default (unlocked) >>>
default (unlocked) >>>
default (unlocked) >>> history
 TIMESTAMP           BLOCK     FROM                TO                  AMOUNT                  MEMO                                        BALANCE                 FEE                 ID     
|2014-07-19T00:00:00 0         GENESIS             pyhta4og            58,242.97774 BTS        claim 1B3nU2kXXXXXXX    58,242.97774 BTS        0.00000 BTS         [d42571]|
|                              GENESIS             pyhta4og            55,093.12364 BTS        claim 1DbeucsGWPXXXXXXX    113,336.10138 BTS                                   |
|                              GENESIS             pyhta4og            11,837.24035 BTS        claim 1G1JB4XXXXXX    125,173.34173 BTS                                   |
|                              GENESIS             pyhta4og            94,355.66282 BTS        claim 1EFW2XXXXXx    219,529.00455 BTS                                   |
 2015-01-10T17:25:30 1489557   pyhta4og            UNKNOWN             70,873.89999 BTS                                                    148,654.60456 BTS       0.50000 BTS         a24a270b
 2015-01-10T17:27:10 1489567   pyhta4og            UNKNOWN             66,760.00000 BTS                                                    81,894.10456 BTS        0.50000 BTS         4781c28f
 2015-01-12T06:20:50 1502776   pyhta4og            UNKNOWN             6,040.50000 BTS                                                     75,853.10456 BTS        0.50000 BTS         77f2dec7
 2015-01-12T06:22:00 1502783   pyhta4og            UNKNOWN             401.04919 BTS                                                       75,451.55537 BTS        0.50000 BTS         09bc6f32
 2015-01-12T07:38:50 1503242   pyhta4og            UNKNOWN             37,503.75000 BTS                                                    37,947.30537 BTS        0.50000 BTS         66b2f77c
 2015-01-13T12:29:10 1513604   pyhta4og            UNKNOWN             37,940.00000 BTS                                                    6.80537 BTS             0.50000 BTS         1b899321

I used 0.4.2 on linux and traded BTSX->BITUSD and back recently

Everything used to be OK. I've traded BITUSD back into BTSX. About 200 000 BTSX was on the account. It was 2 or 3 days ago.

After that, I upgraded client to latest (0.5.3)

After recovering account from backup (with full sync and transaction scanning) it shows 6000 BTS and nothing more!!!!

Seems it doesn't show any recent trades I did.

Please advice how could I recover my funds.

I want to buy BitBTC while it is trending and I have missed opportunity at least due to unstable client.

I need help ASAP.

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