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Hey all,

I wrote an article about Sidechains for Blockchain Bunker News. Check it out:

Sidechains can be implemented on DPOS in a way that is superior to any other consensus algorithm. We should be exploring every option to make this a reality! Right now, we have a decentralized ledger, but we are still trading centralized proxy tokens for other major blockchains (OPEN.BTC, TRADE.DODGE, METAEX.ETH, etc.). We need to come up with a robust multi-sig cold storage token solution to offer our users, so we can finally be a 100% decentralized platform in every way. If you have any suggestions, experience, expertise or even just opinions, please join the discussion at

I hope to see you guys there!

General Discussion / Sidechain bitAssets
« on: March 05, 2016, 05:14:54 pm »
This thread is to discuss the possibility of derivative assets such as USD, CNY and GOLD backed by Real BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, etc. in a way that is completely decentralized.

How would we go about this?

This has never been done before, as far as I know. It could end up bringing more awareness to our amazing innovation - bitAssets - that IMO has received far too little attention to date.

Could the multi-sig parties to a sidechain account simply create privatised bitAssets and publish price feeds?

My hunch is that many people are hesitant to hold or trade a derivative backed by a "penny stock", and unfortunately right now BTS is a sub-penny stock. So until the day that BTS becomes the powerhouse it is destined to be, would this be a viable alternative?


General Discussion / ShareBits on Max Keiser!
« on: February 18, 2016, 11:48:27 pm »
Well, not the tv show.....yet.

But picked up the Forbes story:

Too bad it says "bitcoin users"....

General Discussion / Happy New Year to all our Chinese cousins!
« on: February 08, 2016, 08:33:39 am »
Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to our grand BitShares experiment.

We become stronger and wiser each and every day, only because we choose to discover how to reinforce and align our many mutual interests.

After we disagree, we struggle to build a protocol that will bring fairness and balance to our world, so that even our disagreements give us strength.

Nothing can stop this force that we have created together.

May this new year bring clarity to the visions we seek, resolve in the actions we take, and pride in the purpose we feel.

Happy New Year!

Muse/SoundDAC / Open Letter to Cob
« on: January 26, 2016, 03:00:25 am »

Some people on this forum have begun to question your ability to execute. While I do not yet count myself among them, I have a growing concern with your lack of professionalism, casual dismissal of the valid grievances of MUSE shareholders, and apparent unwillingness to provide a greater level of transparency. I understand that what you are attempting to build must be very difficult, but if you were to spend some time finding ways to improve communications with MUSE shareholders, then I think a little effort would go a long way.

As a Peertracks crowdfund investor, I would like to bring to your attention some concerns I have about the way you have conducted your fiduciary responsibilities to your shareholders. To be clear, I am aware that you are not legally bound to any duties as such, but nevertheless I hope the contents of this letter can provide you some insight and feedback that you will choose to take to heart.

I do not possess any “insider” information that would give me a reason to doubt the project, but I also do not have much solid evidence to the contrary. Therefore, I believe that my evaluation is likely similar to what others who are “outside the loop” have found.

Here’s my assessment:

From October 6 thu. December 5, 2014, you raised 1,436 BTC, ostensibly towards the development of a Music promotion/sales/peer-2-peer platform based on the DPOS software protocol.

I assume that you immediately converted those funds to a stable fiat currency, rather than holding the BTC and speculating with the funds that investors entrusted to you. Between the two crowdfund dates, Bitcoin never fell below $350, so even if you only managed to get $300 per BTC, that would still put your grand total over $430,000.

From December 2014 to present, you have averaged less than 1 official update to the Bitshares community (your largest crowdfund donor pool) per month, usually 3-4 paragraphs each, in which you have repeatedly claimed that 90% of your plans must remain under lock and key, as they are so amazing that they would immediately be stolen by the competition.

During this same period, you published 4 different websites, IMO all rather unprofessional looking, but nevertheless full of big promises. Setting aside the numerous spelling and grammatical errors, none of them seemed to leave the reader without much sense of what Peertracks actually is. In fact 13 months after the completion of your crowdfund, you have yet to deliver a business plan, timeline, milestones, strategy, budget, marketing materials, or much real evidence that you have done anything besides talk. (I personally believe that you have done more than talk, but nevertheless I am finding little empirical evidence to support this.) I'm not a coder, but AFIK releasing a clone of the Bitshares light client and labeling it "MUSE" is does not require more than a few days effort.

Last Thursday, you dropped a bombshell of an update. Please correct me if I misunderstood, but you stated that you must raise more money or you will not be able to continue development? I thought it was rather strange that you chose to spend 1/3 of the update justifying how your admittedly bad decision to outsource developers "actually worked out in your favor" because of labor market forces beyond your control. This does not inspire much confidence in you ability to make sound business decisions.

What I mean is - if you are trying to prevent a loss in confidence, then why would you spend 3 paragraphs highlighting your error, and then attempt to cover your tracks by basically saying “don’t worry guys... due to a fortuitous accident, we didn’t mess up as badly we should have”. I’m not trying to be a jerk, I’m just trying to highlight that you guys should really consider hiring a PR manager.

More to the point - my number one question is - How have you spent the rest of our money? I know that nobody likes to be micromanaged, but since you have taken funds from a public crowd sale - I believe we have the right to know. Even if you round to the nearest $1000, I would find that more satisfactory than nothing.

Frankly, your inconsistent and cryptic communication over these last 12 months would never fly if you were a publicly traded stock. At this stage, you would be hard pressed to raise a 2nd round of capital from any investor who did his due diligence. Of course you could always try your luck with a naive and unsuspecting “kickstarter” crowd, which is apparently what you are now considering.

To be perfectly clear, I am not at all accusing you of foul play, but I am trying to highlight the fact that a few short paragraphs of hype and promises does not satisfy your responsibilities to the people who have been waiting patiently for over a year. I have extended “benefit of the doubt” up to this point, and have chosen to watch and wait patiently. I have not overlooked the obvious roadblocks that you have faced, least among them the bumpy upgrade to DPOS 2.0. I have been a huge supporter in my own circles, and several of my friends and family members have invested in Peertracks. I say this to disclose that perhaps my feelings or opinions are not entirely unbiased.

I very much want this project to succeed, and so I hope that my feedback will useful to you. I also hope you will honor your responsibility and address some of the recent feedback of other concerned shareholders, rather than the “ignore and push on forward” method that I have seen you adopt in the past.

Thanks for your time,


Technical Support / Graphene API Documentation?
« on: September 26, 2015, 04:17:59 pm »
I am having a program designed that will pull data from the blockchain and use it for different aspects of a website, and I need to know what all of my options are for "data points" that can be accessed via the API. I am  trying to figure out *exactly* what data is available that can be queried, and what format each "data point" takes (true / false, numerical, string, etc.). Make sense?

I will try to give an example of what this might look like. This is from my imagination (a non-programmer's perspective) so please bear with me:

- account_name: (string)

- member: (true / false)
- membership_expiration_date (number)

- registered_delegate: (true / false)
- currently_elected_delegate: (true/false)

- registered_witness: (true / false)
- currently_elected_witness: (true/false)

- registered_worker: (true / false)
- currently_elected_worker: (true / false)
- worker_payment_per_block: (number)
- vested_payment: (true / false)
- vesting_period: (number)
- total_payment_requested: (number)

- UIA_registered: (true_false)
- asset_symbol: (string)
- full_name: (string)
- current_supply: (number)
- reserve_fund: (number)
- creation_date: (number)
- burn_message: (string)
- account_ownership_transferred: (true / false)
- account_ownership_transfer_date: (number)

I'm sure that this data is not stored / expressed in the way that I have outlined above, but I just wanted to give an example of some of the "data points" that we need to access.

Does anyone know if there is a list somewhere that would explain how each piece of blockchain data is stored, and what it represents? Or perhaps how I would go about locating this information within the existing documentation?

EDIT: Perhaps I am way off base and have oversimplified how this works in my mind, so feel free to ELI5 :)

There has been much talk about whether or not a “crypto-currency” that uses a licensed software is in agreement with the principals of voluntarism, libertarianism, anarchism, etc. I would like to make the bold assertion that it is very much aligned with many of the key ideals espoused by such philosophies. In spirit, though often not in practice (due to a convoluted legal framework), a “license” simply implies that the creators of said software should be entitled to lawfully claim the fruits of their labor.

I am certainly not in favor of the modern legal framework for copyrights and patents and we all know that they are now being used to justify fraud, extortion, and many other de-facto legal (but not lawful) practices. However, BM has stated that their intent for claiming a “license” over the Graphene toolkit is to satisfy the needs of potential VC investors rather than to serve the purpose of allowing Cryptonomix to file suit against offenders. So I ask, why is this such a threat to our “philosopical foundations”, as some have suggested?

Furthermore, since all the code is open-source and therefore completely transparent for auditing, any actual threat of a small group gaining undue influence over a particular technology is marginalized by the ease of hard-forking the code. Of course you might say “but it is now illegal to hard fork the code”, to which I would reply, “the license only applies to C++,” or if I was feeling facetious, “have you ever tried to arrest a blockchain”. The truth is it would require, very conservatively, far less than a million dollars, 3-4 months and perhaps a room full of professional programmers to deconstruct and re-assemble the entire Graphene toolkit into another language. Based on this fact alone, I think we have enough evidence to motion the court to dismiss any notions of monopoly, evil empire building, federal reserve 2.0, or whatever other nonsense is currently being leveled against the Cryptonomix crew.

I would like to, instead, express my gratitude for the hard work by our devs that are offering us a number of features that hold the potential for a truly massive social, political, economic and philosophical revolution. I feel lucky in fact that we are being given freely, or rather at a very reasonable price (average $400/month BTS dilution per dev) this vastly superior toolkit to the current BTS. I even wonder if this license arrangement might serve to benefit our community by acting as a (albeit short) temporal barrier to large wealthy interests who are tempted to carbon copy our toolkit and use their vast financial and human resources to gain advantages in this still burgeoning space. Whatever the case, I think we would actually betray many of principals we claim to uphold if we were to somehow denounce the notion that Cryptonomix should retain whatever rights they choose to their own creation.

EDIT: I want to add, I am also very grateful for the frank and open discussion that takes place on these forums. My intent is not to trample anyone's right to have an opinion, but rather to present an alternative viewpoint with the hope of bringing some clarity to a few "big picture" items

Stakeholder Proposals / [PR Delegate Update Thread]
« on: April 20, 2015, 03:49:18 am »
BitShares Public Relations: Delegate Proposal & White Paper
Delegate: delegate.dposhub-org

Michael P. Maloney

Jonathan Baha'i

For the past three months, while the core devs have been working diligently to enhance, reinforce, and solidify the BitShares software protocol, my business partner Jonathan and I have been busy identifying and mapping a specific group of public relations and social media tools that will help support and strengthen the bonds of human relationships, both personal and professional, that are perhaps equally as vital to the success of BitShares.

In the following pages, we outline a plan for addressing some of the key difficulties our community has faced in attempting to generate PR traction both within and outside of the cryptosphere. We have identified three separate categories as they relate to the gathering and processing of information...


Delegates and Shareholders,

The time has arrived, once again, to get your delegate updates submitted for the next NullStreet Journal (BitShares community Newsletter). Please send your updates to The deadline is Thursday, April 16th, at 23:59 UTC.

Whether you are a delegate, a community volunteer, or an entrepreneur building your business on the BitShares platform, we would all love to know what you have been up to since last month! If you have never submitted an update before, please consider taking advantage of this great opportunity to get your message out to a large group of BitShares supporters. The April newsletter will contain three categories: Development Updates, Marketing Updates, and Proposals & Opportunities.  If you need ideas about formatting or style, please check out last month's edition:

Cass and I are committed to doing everything we can to make this process easy for the delegates, but if you have any suggestions for improvement, send us a PM. Also, I want to continue offering assistance to anyone who needs help with editing their update, so please don’t hesitate to ask. Great! Can’t wait to learn about what’s new!


General Discussion / BitShares March Newsletter
« on: March 16, 2015, 12:39:40 pm »
BitShares Community,

Welcome to the March 2015 issue of the The NullStreet Journal, the BitShares community newsletter. We hope you will enjoy this latest edition, where we showcase all the recent news from our delegates, developers, volunteers and other passionate members. This month, Cass and I have gathered updates on BitShares core development, detailed marketing reports, and proposals from a growing number of entrepreneurs who are building their independent businesses on top of the BitShares platform.

Check it out:

Sign up here: to receive future editions of the NullStreet journal via email.

Also, be sure to show your support for these hard working folks by voting for your favorite delegates in your BitShares client. We are about to impact the world in a very big way, so let’s keep working together to unleash the full power and potential of BitShares!


General Discussion / The End of Censorship - BitShares Web of Trust
« on: March 02, 2015, 09:55:46 pm »
BitShares Community,

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your contributions to our little “thought experiment” on the relative merits of censorship. If you have not yet explored this thread, please check it out:

In order to better understand where and how we should apply our efforts at consensus building, I thought it might be useful to take the unpopular position of embracing censorship and give voice to what I felt were the strongest arguments in favor. Interestingly, the counter argument I was watching for did not appear until the very bottom of the 3rd page, when fluxer555 posted the reply “...anyone can trivially record mumble sessions without using the built-in function. There is going to be no way to stop people from recording.

The simple logic of this statement stopped the OP dead in its tracks. Fortunately, it’s curious absence from the first 3 pages allowed many of us the opportunity to explore the roots of our feelings about censorship, and recognize that most of us have quite similar sentiments. We all have different ways of processing the “unknown quantities” of things that we cannot control, and I was impressed that most of you were willing to channel your frustration and discomfort into an insightful and productive debate.

Censorship does not work because censorship cannot be technically enforced. The only recourse a would-be censor has is to try and control the channels that information is distributed, but this is often easily circumvented and will soon be completely impossible to maintain. The hubris of those who would control the narrative with an iron fist will soon be eclipsed by the bright light of the truth, expressed through a decentralized revolution that is tearing down the walls of perception to expose a new emergent social order.

So how can we begin to advance our purpose in a way that empowers us as individuals, and encourages a higher degree of trust and cooperation into ecosystem as a whole?

First, I think it would be a good idea to have a place where we each can share a more detailed profile of ourselves, our businesses, our interests, skills, and hobbies, and anything else that might help us to connect to each other so we can all work together for the betterment of the ecosystem. I have suggested to bitsapphire that we expand the bitsharestalk profile page to include a number of additional fields so that we have a convenient central hub to search for this information. This will also help to reduce the frequency of accidental objective misinterpretation, because the reader of a forum post will be able to make a more informed decision about whether the specific “disembodied opinion” they are observing is of an anonymous passerby, or rather.backed by someone who has actually chosen to place their reputation on the line.

By extension, the mumble server will continue to serve as a valuable space for the leaders of many BitShares related projects to hold meetings with different model structures, such as remote press conferences, meet & greets,  and all varieties of participatory discussions, with the disclaimer that recording is always allowed because it can never technically, much less morally, be prevented.

Finally, the two can be combined. For every mumble session, each person who speaks aloud has also given implicit consent for their @handle to be recorded, since everyone’s handle is visible on mumble. So after each event, when the audio recordings are prepared for release, a simple (low bitrate) video file can also be created to display the @forum handle of each person while they are talking, once again giving listeners the ability to better assess the relative objective value of each “disembodied voice”, and inspire them to further explore the nature of influences that are behind the opinions which are being expressed.

Although the forum is centralized, it is run by a group of people in whom we have voted to represent BitShares as trusted delegates. Although mumble is centralized, it is also run by a group of people in whom we have placed our implicit trust. Eventually everything will be decentralized, but In the interim it is imperative that we strive to honor and leverage the web of trust we have already built. Whatever course we take, I strongly suggest that we construct some sort of reliable reputation system immediately so that confidence does not continue to waver for want of objectivity.

Someday soon, your BitShares wallet, likely in conjunction with other decentralized systems, will fully support the original “keyhotee” vision. Things like decentralized DNS, open source hardware, and mesh networks will soon enable a mass migration away from the current paradigm and out onto a new frontier of freedom and security. I find it curious and somewhat paradoxical that the trust we have for each other has become the foundation for the building of these amazing trustless systems. I will therefore continue to work hard at finding solutions to help us keep closing the gap, and I am grateful for everyone’s continued guidance and support!

Shareholders and Delegates,

Cass and I are pleased to announce that we will continue publishing The NullStreet Journal (BitShares community newsletter) on a regular monthly basis. We are grateful for all the hard work that the many delegates and volunteers are providing for our community, and we want to thank them by continuing to give them this tool for updating all the rest of us on their activities.

We are now accepting submissions for the March 2015 issue. If you are a delegate, this is your chance to keep everyone up to date on your projects. If you are campaigning for a delegate position, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to get your message out to over 1,000 subscribers and loyal BitShares supporters. Even if you are just a volunteer, we are grateful for all of your efforts and we would love to hear about them!

The NullStreet Journal will publish on the 3rd Monday of each month, and the deadline for submitting content will be the prior Thursday at 23:59 UTC. So for March 2015, the Journal will publish on Monday the 16th, and the deadline will be Thursday the 12th at 23:59 UTC.

We ask that you submit your updates to and be sure to include a title, your forum handle, your name (optional), and your delegate ID if you are a delegate. The categories will be similar to last month: Development updates, Marketing updates, Delegate proposals, and Opportunities & Initiatives. We are not setting a word count limit, but if your content is already hosted in another place (like a web page or a forum post) we would ask that you consider allowing us to publish the first few paragraphs in the newsletter followed by a link to the rest of the content.

For security purposes, when I receive your update I will confirm that the email is genuine by sending you a PM through your forum handle. Additionally, everyone who submits an update will receive a 7 day reminder email before each subsequent deadline. Your email addresses will never be used for any other purpose, and the emails will contain a link to unsubscribe if you wish to opt out.

After all the updates have been collected and organized, Cass will complete the layout and design and publish the finished newsletter on the following Monday. I would also like to offer my editing service to anyone who needs help writing their update or just wants someone to look it over before it is published. Several people asked for this last month, and I am happy to continue to do this for anyone who needs assistance.

I am reaching out to the chinese community to provide an opportunity for their non-english speaking members to contribute, and I hope that many of you will reach out to your fellow BitShares supporters and spread the word. If we all work together, we can build the NullStreet Journal into a simple and effective tool that benefits everyone!

Thank you,

General Discussion / Bytemaster and Mumble - A Proposed Solution
« on: February 28, 2015, 11:43:52 pm »
BitShares Community,

I would like to thank everyone who was able to participate in our discussion on mumble this morning,  and I want to extend my hand and express my gratitude for all of your efforts at helping to form a communication bridge between the east and west. I am looking forward to many such meetings in the future, and I am honored and humbled to be a part of such a brilliant and gifted group of individuals.

That said, I would like to offer to you a proposal. This topic was discussed in our meeting, however I do not wish to imply that there was any overall consensus. Rather, I have organized a version that I would like to bring forward in order to stimulate further discussion.

We cherish the level of intellectual intimacy that we have thus far enjoyed between ourselves and one of our beloved founders, Dan Larimer. We also understand that as a community, our organization has often suffered from sudden market turmoil because it seems we have yet to figure out how to enable the free and open exchange of ideas between us, without leaving ourselves vulnerable to subjective responses from people for whom it is impossible to grasp the larger picture. This is not by means the only force at play, but I present it for purposes of illustrative example.

We discussed, in our session today, the various PR blunders that we have experienced in the past year, and the point was often raised that if a radical idea was initially proposed by bytemaster in a mumble session, the blunder would be quickly contained and not escalate very far. We observed that this was likely due to the immediate feedback he received, combined with a general human tendency to grasp the more subtle implications of words when they are spoken, rather than written on a page. By extension, whenever he brought fourth a radical idea or concept on the forums, the asynchronous delay (lack of real-time participation) combined with natural language barriers became a powerful fertilizer for seeds of doubt that would then be cast and sewn across the landscape.

In most places within the United States, it is illegal to use recording devices inside a courtroom. The reason for this is because a recording can potentially be taken out of context, and used as a tool to manipulate public opinion. The written account of an eyewitness, or an artists graphic rendering of a dramatic court scene do not have 1: 10,000 the impact of a “viral” video or audio recording. To make up for this, a high percentage of court preceedings are open to the public, so as to protect against overt or blatant foul play. Again, by no means the rule, but presented for arguments sake.

My proposal to bytemaster and to this community is that he consider continuing to hold mumble sessions with us, but that we do not record them. I do not believe that this would betray our principals, because anyone is still welcome to join and participate. What it does provide is an opportunity for all of us to continue the lively discussions that we have grown fond of, while protecting ourselves significantly against the accidental rapid dissemination of subjective misinterpretation.

Public Relations is the art of managing the spread of information, much more than placing restrictions on the source of the information. Many Hollywood actors are prone to running at the mouth and making a fool of themselves, but if they have a good publicist, the channels through which this information might otherwise be spread are carefully observed and controlled. Thus, the restrictions I am proposing are aimed at limiting the damage that might be caused by our open discussion by eliminating the opportunity for it to spread.

The greater internal PR strategy will continue to fall upon those who are working closely within his circle of trust. Perhaps they might consider advising Mr. Larimer to limit all initial presentation of his more radical ideas to to weekly or bi-weekly mumble sessions? That way we can continue to enjoy the inspiration and excitement of his wisdom and understanding, and he can continue to enjoy the benefits of personal growth through our valuable feedback.

What say you all?

BitShares Community,

On Saturday, February 28th, at 11a.m. EST, I will be co-hosting a “meet & greet” for eastern and western community members with fuzzy on the Mumble server. This will be an opportunity for each of us to introduce ourselves, talk about our personal interests, our skills and talents, or to say a few words about why we are a part of BitShares.

Everyone is welcome to attend, and everyone will have the opportunity to speak if they wish. Our purpose is not to discuss the details of current projects or debate recent events, but rather to give each person the chance to tell us about themselves, their peer groups, or their professional organization.

Hundreds of people are now working for BitShares. Whether you are a volunteer, a paid delegate, or simply watching with curiosity or waiting for the right opportunity to get more involved, you probably want to feel that your efforts are recognized and valuable. This will only be possible if we are willing to connect, hear each other's stories, and allow ourselves to recognize that we all face similar challenges.

BitShares is unique in the cryptocurrency space because we collectively recognize that “trust” is not a bad thing. To honor and respect this critical human necessity, we have wisely chosen to build a protocol which balances trust with accountability. This does not mean it will work automatically. At this critical juncture, it is vitally important for our growth as a community that we work extra hard at cultivating an atmosphere of patience, mutual respect, friendly cooperation, and professionalism. If we work to develop stronger bonds of trust, our ability to quickly overcome any future events of emotional turmoil will improve.

I am reaching out to the chinese community, the nullstreet community, the Blacksburg community, and BitShares supporters on all seven continents. If you cannot attend, or do not wish to speak aloud, fuzzy or I will read your written message to the community at the end of the hangout. We ask that you keep the message brief, perhaps 100 – 150 words, and PM the message to @fuzzy on by 9am EST on Saturday. If you only wish to listen, you are also most welcome to attend.

It seems we have attracted innovators, visionaries and natural leaders from many countries who all wish to stake their claim in this exciting new economic paradigm. Let us set a good example by showing the world that we are strong in our principals, yet flexible enough to hear each others voices.

I hope to see you all there!


General Discussion / BitShares February Newsletter
« on: February 09, 2015, 11:51:51 am »
Shareholders and Delegates,

Our new BitShares community newsletter “The NullStreet Journal” has published it's first issue! I want to thank everyone who submitted their delegate updates and progress reports, and everyone else who took the time to contribute. This was truly a group effort!

Please visit
and check out all the latest BitShares news.

Cass and I are working out the details to streamline a process for delegates and community members to contribute to future issues. Once we have everything in place, I will post an update with directions and information about how to get involved. Meanwhile, please enjoy the first issue, and let us know what you think!


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