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Technical Support / BTSX in wallet, cannot register account
« on: August 15, 2014, 08:42:32 pm »

RPC Server Error: In method 'wallet_account_register': unknown account (20006)

What do I do?

Technical Support / Is there Ubuntu wallet available for BTSX?
« on: August 06, 2014, 05:35:38 am »
Hey guys, is there a secure linux wallet out there that I can compile? Where might I go to find it?

Thanks in advance!

« on: August 06, 2014, 04:50:02 am »



Part of a complete breakfast....

APPLE changed the face of computing
JAVA changed the face of the internet
TOAST will (holy cow, the implications!)

Could we really be onto something?

Raise your hand if you are serious about liking the idea of Toast naming his DAC TOAST [hand raised]

General Discussion / Namespace Registration is still Badly Needed!
« on: July 26, 2014, 04:47:11 pm »
The way I understand the current situation, each release of a new blockchain that honors AGS/PTS social contract will be wide open for a race to register your name/user id before someone usurper either fraudulently or innocently squats on your hard earned reputation. I can see this causing much confusion down the road when there are dozens or hundreds of active, useful, and valuable blockchains being utilized by the world's population, and many opportunists poised and ready to try and trade on others names.

I heard that the original Keyhotee founders would have their names automatically registered in every genesis block, which is a great idea. However,  I am wondering if those 200 (or however many) folks would agree that they are probably not the only people that deserve, and will deserve in the future, the option to protect their reputations from slander, fraud, libel, etc.

My question, and mind you I have zero technical skills whatsoever, Is whether it would be possible to create a DPOS chain specifically for namespace registration, that might act as a more "centralized" place to maintain the integrity of one's online reputation? Perhaps it could be designed so that account registration for future DPOS chains could have the option to somehow reference or link to this Namespace chain as an alternative to creating a new ID? I know there has to be some economic incentive in order to convince delegates to participate on the back end, and I suppose it would be a challenge to come up with a convincing argument that names should all be registered on one chain, so is there another solution?

Perhaps Bitshares X will simply become the go to chain for all future Namespace ID references? Or maybe Bitshares DNS could facilitate User ID as well as DNS auctions? Either way, would it be possible for other DPOS chains using the BTS toolkit to somehow link or reference these chains?

I didn't see, or must have missed any announcement that DACS unlimited had launched the official BTSX chain (non test net).
Has that happened? I see a surge in trading on BTER, so is it safe to buy in without a chance of a reset?

General Discussion / Compassion and Integrity
« on: April 21, 2014, 04:00:48 am »
Regarding the unfortunate mistake of our friend ebit:

The Outpouring of sentiment and willingness to assist this fellow is admirable and commendable. Whilst we endeavor to assemble our ideal trustless platforms, it appears many of us remember that empathy and willingness to trust are still (and will always be) central to our humanity. If I had made such a blunder, I would be grateful and humbled by this show of support. I believe that mr. bytemaster (and tonyk) have proposed a possibility that does not dishonor, dilute, or compromise the integrity of the social contract. An honorable action, if implemented.

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt will be cast and sewn, as it has been for time immemorial. I have discovered, however, that these three concepts (FU&D) actually serve a noble purpose, one that is indeed vital for our evolution and growth. What better way to uncover the hidden eddys and backcurrants of our own uncertainty? How should we sharpen the blade of our convictions but upon the the most well thought out arguments against our plans?

We all prefer different things, we all have different styles. We might discover that motives can be pure or impure, well thought or whimsical, firm or reactionary, etc., but we can never expect to truly comprehend the motivations of another human being. We often like to fool ourselves into believing we can.....

"But all this FUD is hurting our cause"

In some ways, it would be great if nothing ever pushed our buttons, right? But here in reality, can we honestly justify worrying about the effect someone's opinion might have on others? Can we not at least have faith that those others in the community - AKA ones whom we are learning to trust (ironically, by building trustless platforms together) -  possess enough integrity in their convictions and faith in the process of what we are trying to achieve together that they can transmute this elusive "FUD" in their own way?

We, with Invictus at the helm, have attracted a number of individuals who are brilliant at presenting masterful counter arguments to our strategies and plans for implementation. How is this anything but a great honor? if an idea is not truly revolutionary, would it attract such highly skilled dissent?

Guys, I know I haven't written much, but I am a long time observer and supporter. I purchased the Lions share of my personal AGS the week after the Feb. snapshot. I know potential when I see it. And it is openly apparent in all observable aspects of this operation. Keep it up. Cheers!

How do I access the private keys in the PTS (version 1.0) wallet.
I am not looking for the wallet.dat, but the individual private keys.

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