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Coming to a theater this Halloween:

Starring Daniel Larimer as “the Bytemaster:”


focus on building everything into BTS until such a time that someone wants to clone BTS and focus on a smaller demographic and "specialize"... (and then, at that point, we divide and conquer, from the position of highest possible DPOS market cap leader)(position yourself for battle before you fight it since nobody is fighting us with DPOS yet)

If you are investing in BTSX technology because of BitAssets and what that enables.... the value is in the BitAssets which appear to be working...  then this proposal is really about preventing the dilution of BitAssets on 20 different DACs leading to user confusion (my next 20 projects).   

TL/DR: Become the biggest DPOS until a real competitor emerges.  A real competitor is any coin that forks DPOS (because the only thing that we all can seem to agree upon 100% in unison here is that DPOS beats POW, so lets start our consensus journey from that common unanimous agreement), because until Google clones DPOS, and launches “GOG the destroyer of BTSX,” (PeerPonziD is not a true competitor) then Bytemaster's next coin will be competing directly with BTSX for venture capitalist attention.  And although Dan has yet to reach La Mancha, he is making his second attempt with the acquired wisdom from all his previous DPOS launches; and in a vehicle that looks nearly identical to BTSX, because, IT IS A CLONE.  And what are the mathematical odds that Michaelangelo fails to learn from his mistakes?

Know this:  Dan will try his absolute hardest to create a better DAC the second time around (the same way he tried to create the best DAC the first time around). 

Ah, ha.  There it is..realization....The MERGER...What will they say? ….. Tune in this fall...Or next week depending on when the BitShares community wants to see their share price stabilize and rise.  The BitShares community gets to choose their market cap, lets see what they choose for themselves and their families...

“What is the value for eliminating confusion in this space? (when big time marketers are holding back their collaborative efforts and funding unless we merge into or generate a consistent and simple vision)” -BM (TL/DR of mumbleserversession)

And if we cannot merge into a cohesive, simple, CENTRAL vision, then BM will have no choice but to flatter the Winklevii with his next project, the new and improved DPOS that will have a better chance to beat Bitcoin. 

It's that simple.  Currently, all BitShares affiliated coins are falling in value until this community reaches a simple consensus (no matter what it is).  I am neutral, and will happily agree with any consensus. 

Disclosure: I read the “BitShares Book of How to Get Rich in 10 Easy Steps (starting with step 1: solve the problem of coming to a consensus) (quickly, as if your kids' college fund depended on it)”:

Now, young Jedi be glad that you diligently studied, practiced, and honed your survival skills by learning how to quickly and efficiently come to a community consensus because now the value of this knowledge is imminently apparent, as your competitors (the free market of nature) swarm you, sucking the money out of your market caps.  As you slowly gain focus of the bigger picture, your vision now encompasses the future.  Be glad that you acquired this wisdom back in April, when your market cap was not plunging simply due to your lack of ability to draw your community into a democratic consensus.  Tell your children with pride how you sacrificed alongside Dan while working for a positive BitShares future.  Dan was too busy developing DPOS so you helped develop the:


which ended up saving the company millions in market cap due to it's ability to achieve community consensus in the blink of an eye.

Oops, we were too busy (fill in the blank) to build any consensus derivation tools.

But don't worry, because, Dan is launching a new DAC that solves this problem that we couldn't.

And how much money is this solution worth.

Lets see, Satoshi solved the Byzantine Generals Problem, and that was worth.....

Bytemaster validated the Nash Equilibrium, and then solved this problem of consensus..

All you have to do is agree on how to slice the pie before Google snatches it away.

Wait too long, and you don't get as much.

Don't worry, though, Bitcoin will experience the same problem, and they all know it.  The dreaded community civil war over a hard fork will drop their market cap too some day.  That is why BitSharesVOTE (BTV) beats BTC and BTSX.

BitSharesVOTE is Dan doing for you now what you should have done for us then:

Step 1: solve (the) problem of coming to a consensus:

The fastest way for our community to reach a consensus....

List your personal favorite proposal at the end of your post so that we can see who is thinking what. It will greatly improve our communication as a group, and assist us on reaching our goal of gaining a unifying social consensus on a single concept.

That way everyone else can choose to either accept or reject individual ideas line by line.  Bite sized progress.  The entrepreneurs who are on the fence trying to decide weather or not they want to honor PTS/AGS holders will be able to see how quickly your personal rule set changes relative to that of the Bitshares community.  We want to show entrepreneurs that we are learning, and adapting quickly.  This will allow consensus to be reached in the shortest amount of time.

it is my job to actually read his post and change my proposal to reflect the consensus.  I will provide effort to better the group, and if everyone provides the same effort, then we will reach a consensus in record time.  if bytemaster comes over here, and he is proposing 3% instead of my 4% proposal, then I will change mine to reflect his because we all know that his ideas hold more consensus pooling power.  Again, if I see that my numbers can be slightly adjusted to match the social consensus, then I will change mine to become one with the group.  Maybe we will see that we all are pretty much in consensus currently?

Let's show off our collaboration skills by treating this obstacle like an exercise that will make us a more useful community (a toolkit for inventors).

If everyone knows exactly what everyone else is thinking, then we reach a consensus sooner.  Then DA devs will flock here and honor your PTS/AGS.

Act like you want and deserve to get paid, and you just might.

Stay on track in this thread and steps 2-10 will be revealed later

How long will you wait?

How much time and money will you freely give to your competitors?

How much pain will you choose to inflict on yourself, your friends, and your family?

Do pay for gridlock or open your wallet to the abundance of a universe whose capacity is unimaginable?

I choose zero seconds, what say you?

Why do you choose to have nightmares?   Consciousness is deeper than our thinking mind can directly control.   

It takes time to recondition our thoughts on all levels. 

But I can say that I have seen smaller changes happen and we are on the verge of making huge breakthroughs on free energy and free markets.   Why?  Because I changed my view on the world from one where I was going to survive mad max as a farmer to one where wealth was abundant about 3 months prior to starting bitshares.   

Had i held to prior beliefs the world would have gone a different direction.

The choice is yours:  Fear or Love:

If we don't merge BTSX and VOTE, don't you think that our competitors will?

Then good luck competing with the Voltron that we made but are fighting it with only 5 lions:

Do you see the inevitability of the evolution of the merger?

It will happen eventually, with or without you.

So what will you take for it?

Or will you give it away?

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