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For PTS, use "wallet_import_bitcoin"

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wallet_import_bitcoin <wallet_filename> <passphrase> <account_name>                                   Imports a Bitcoin Core or BitShares PTS wallet
Imports a Bitcoin Core or BitShares PTS wallet

  wallet_filename (filename, required): the Bitcoin/PTS wallet file path
  passphrase (passphrase, required): the imported wallet's password
  account_name (account_name, required): the account to receive the contents of the wallet

For DNS I'm not sure actually, haven't tried yet.
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On 5th November I held BitsharesX (from previous PTS snapshot), PTS and DNS.

I have updated my walllet to 0.4.24 and my Bitshares are imported automatically but what do I need to do to import my latest PTS and DNS ?

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