Author Topic: 评估对象4:wackou:btstools.digitalgaia ------打分84分  (Read 2207 times)

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评估对象4:wackou:btstools.digitalgaia ------打分84分
« on: January 12, 2015, 08:16:32 am »
评估对象4:wackou:btstools.digitalgaia  ------打分84分,虽然业务单纯,但做精也是蛮拼的。

My name is Nicolas Wack, and I have been developing in C++ for the last 15 years doing mostly audio analysis (main project of fame:, source at: and python for the last 10 years or so, doing a bit of everything (main projects: (active) and (retired, for lack of time))
specs: 2-core xeon, 4GB RAM, 100Mb/s symmetric, location: FR (hosted at

seed node:  (
chain server:  (

bts_tools source code:
last published version: 0.1.5  (
updates: see last posts in this thread for current updates, official changelog for released versions can be found here:

My mission is to enhance the security, stability and overall reliability of the BitShares platform, by making it easier to run a delegate properly, and enforcing good practices. I also have some ideas about making the network more resilient to defects, lack of connectivity and/or directed attacks which I would like to explore if given the opportunity.我的任务提高网络的安全性、稳定性,并且能让大家简易的运行一个代表节点。我对比特股有一些自己的设想,如增强发生故障时的弹性,这样,当缺少链接,或被攻击时仍能保证系统安全。

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Re: 评估对象4:wackou:btstools.digitalgaia ------打分84分
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