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1GH CLUB!! PTS mining club - PTS.1GH.COM, MEMORY coin mining club - MMC.1GH.COM, MAX coin mining club - MAX.1GH.COM

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giving it a try now :)

anyone want to knock up a digital ocean guide?
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Looking for a pool without lag, and mines MMC quick 24/7 without any downtime?

I'm pleased to announce the launch of



GPU miner: from OpenCLGuy
- Windows x64:
- Ubuntu x64:

CPU miner:
- Github source:
- Windows x64:
- Mac OS X x64:

Third-party software:
- yvg1900's yam miner:
- mc2miner:

- If your HPM is low (< 0.5 hpm), a number of "Rejected" can be very large. This occurs because while you are calculating the share, a new block can appear on the network.
- "User Earnings" page: "Connected: YES" means that in the last 5 minutes your miner has sent at least one share to the pool.
- If you want to use the miner in Amazon AWS, then run the virtual machine with a HVM image that enables all the capabilities available for CPU (AVX, AES etc).
- Payouts are made automatically when reaching 0.5 MMC, every 3 minutes.
- If you claim that you haven't received your money, although the server says it has paid it, then you should also send your wallet address (i.e. pool username). In that case I will be able to recheck everything.

- More stats

- Pool Mining Script Auto Installer for Debian & Ubuntu by s4l1h
- CLOUD MINING GUIDE! by itsik78
- Windows 32-bit MMCMiner by ig0tik3d
- mmcminer install ubuntu & debian by s4l1h
- mmcminer install windows64 by s4l1h
- mmcminer install mac os x by s4l1h


This is still in heavy development. Feel free to ask me any question.
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