Author Topic: [ANN] BANX Capital Joins BitShares Exchange Network  (Read 34803 times)

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Re: [ANN] BANX Capital Joins BitShares Exchange Network
« Reply #240 on: March 04, 2016, 02:25:38 pm »
yeah for this i hope will be an official bulleting board with all specs of all listed

at time bitshares will be discovered by a lot of people, be sure this throuble will happen a lot but with people that never come to forum to say hi or present,
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Re: [ANN] BANX Capital Joins BitShares Exchange Network
« Reply #241 on: May 25, 2016, 07:25:19 pm »
In conclusion...

Today is a sad day, a day that I never wanted to see happen but none the less the day has had to come. I announce that Banx is closing down. I have previously said that intention is everything and its always been my intention to do the right thing and grow Banx into a worldwide crypto currency business but after 2 years of extremely hard work I have done everything I can and personally cannot support the business any more. I have had to let all of my employees go together with the offices over the last few months.

There simply is no support any more for this kind of business. I believe the industry wasn’t ready for it and the funding is not available any further. I think its indicative of the crypto currency industry of not only the troll type behaviour that I have endured over the last few months and I also think that banks and governments are not ready to accept the type of business that Banx is. It’s cost a lot of time and money trying to make this a viable legitimate business and its just not possible any more with the cruet climate in the industry.

Thanks to everyone that has supported me I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and I am really sorry how this has happened and how this final chapter has played out.

All further communications need to be directed to [email protected] This is the only communication channel that will be monitored.

To all all of the people, friends, family and business associates who have supported me with this business you will all have received a personal email from me prior to this announcement. Please check your emails that I have on file for you.

Once again, it’s a sad day, I apologise to everyone that I have tried my best but I can do no more.

Best Regards

Mark Lyford

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Re: [ANN] BANX Capital Joins BitShares Exchange Network
« Reply #242 on: May 27, 2016, 04:09:45 am »
one year