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I adapted Stan's great post and sent it to a few online ticket sellers.

Hello Vivid Seats,
Do you know much about cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and BitShares?
BitShares can allow Vivid Seats to increase their profits selling tickets and gain up to $80 per new user they sign up to use Vivid Seats.
BitShares can also allow you to increase the efficiency of your affiliate program.
Peak Venture Group have recently integrated with BitShares and they are an affiliate/marketing based company. Perhaps their press release will be of most interest to you (below).

The BitShares ecosystem is open to all and allows businesses to set-up shop, using the Bts network as their back-end and earn the lions share of the fees generated by your business. For detailed info, see:

Think the internet and having a website, but for finance and asset (e.g sports/gig tickets) exchange.

Here are some companies that have already integrated with BitShares, and their press releases:

Startup incubator and marketing firm Peak Venture Group:

Financial exchange CCEDK:

Cryptocurrency investment group Banx Capital:

BitShares is a decentralized ecosystem and financial exchange that would allow you to reduce your costs, reduce your risk and increase your profits by earning referral income for every new user you on-board to your business, and will allow you to issue tickets in a more efficient way. Your tickets could become tradable, you have the option to retain full control to revoke tickets, and you will profit from the fees generated every time your tickets are swapped in a secondary market.

Everybody wins: The issuer of an asset (tickets, in your case) gets the fees from the use of that asset by everybody else's users on the BitShares network. The recruiter of a user gets the fees from the use of the network for everybody else's products.

... and we all benefit from greater economic volume - which itself attracts more users and service providers.

So, bottom line: Network members compete to win and retain customers - usually drawn from completely different demographics. Our affiliate incentive program gives them credit for everything those customers do on the whole network - by introducing them to products and services offered by other network partners. They gain by having their own products and services marketed to the customers of other network members. They gain by sharing market depth and liquidity in a single global marketplace. They gain by sharing in the "unhackable" and "transparent" set of order books that protect the consumers for the first time from exchange counterparty risk.

BitShares also allows the asset-issuer to comply with KYC and AML laws, you get to decide who can hold your tickets, and if they are allowed to trade them with other users, the whole world, or just with yourselves.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them and if you are interested in exploring the possibilities of integration I will start a forum thread and introduce your company to the community on

We hope to hear from you soon,
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I got this in a few minutes, will work on it next week as this I will be away

BitShares Begginer Guide

-What is BitShares:
-Frequently Asked Questions: ----AND----,16781.0.html#msg214551

Consensus Mechanism:
- Delegated Proof-of-Stake Consensus (link is missing)
- How to vote (missing)

Technology (need to add links):
- Price-Stable Cryptocurrencies
- Decentralized Asset Exchange
- Industrial Performance and Scalability
- Collateralized Bond Market
- Recurring & Scheduled Payments
- Referral Rewards Program
- Dynamic Account Permissions
- User-Issued Assets
- Stakeholder-Approved Project Funding
- Transferable Named Accounts

Video Tutorials:
- Use cases for BitShares (missing)


News & Annoucements:

Blockchain Download for faster sync:,16510.0.html

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  • BitShares is the mycelium of the financial-earth
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Great! Somebody else wants to get this done

Here's a post with my ideas


Some in the community have suggest I offer my services as a delegate, and now I'm excited about it. So here are my ideas for you to mull over while I'm on holiday for a few days!
(There is no delegate name or anything yet - I shall edit it here later)

Identify business use-cases such as gold dealing, couponing, prediction markets, decentralized banking services and produce industry-specific and easy to understand Prospectus' outlining how and why to integrate with BitShares.

I will strive to use these materials to target and close existing businesses and walk them through the set-up, in public on the forums.
These use-cases will then be encorporated into industry specific prospecti.
I envision that 3 use cases for each industry will be sufficient that there will no longer be a need for public walkthroughs.
By that point, the prospectus will contain all necessary information and proven-claims of profit increases and cost reductions due to BitShares integration of competiors in the industry.

noun: prospectus; plural noun: prospectuses

    a printed document that advertises or describes a school, commercial enterprise, forthcoming book, etc., in order to attract or inform clients, members, buyers, or investors.

I have previously posted examples of my work:

Can BitShares offer Vaultoro decentralized banking services?,16724.msg214074.html

Allow trading of gold bullion stored in insured, audited Swiss vaults against bitcoin.
They do not have any fiat banking services due to the added regulatory burden and the increased fees that would result.
I'm sure they could attract even more customers they could integrate bitFiat and bitGold as they could allow a 3rd asset for their users to hedge against eachother. Vaultoro would be insulated from regulatory burden and could collect fees on any UIA's they issue.
I think BitShares should establish a relationship with them as among other things such a partnership provides bts with a physical gold:bitGold and bitFiat:Physical Gold market to tighten the peg and increases liquidity.
Yet more opportunities to tighten the peg of bitAssets.

Which met with positive response, @Joshua Scigala from vaultoro:
Hi Guys,

Joshua Scigala here from Vaultoro

Thanks for reaching out. Jeff replied to the support tickets but I wanted to come here to discuss the legalities because technologically it's fine.

The advice that we have received is that tokenizing gold would throw us down a regulatory nightmare because we would then fall under regulations that cover financial instruments.

Has the bitshares community dealt with regulations around UIA's? 

Later, after explainations in the post:
Thanks for the warm welcome guys and girls!

@xeroc Thanks for your detailed response.

I will have to run all this past our legal and regulatory specialists but it does look very cool.

@Permie Thanks for the info.

Why I think BitShares will succeed. Do competitors have all our features?,16467.0.html

TL;DR - I like BitShares because of the message of freedom, Optional regulatory compliance, Bitcoin exchanges issuing UIA to attract bts users, Development is funded by the blockchain and voted for by the shareholders, At least 101 distributed block producing witnessing nodes, Core development is funded by the blockchain and voted for by the shareholders, Workers are paid by contracts voted for by the shareholders, Delegates are elected officials that act as the human element of the DAC, Blockchain Human Resources, Marketers profit from referrals, All aspects of the DAC are subject to change by a shareholder vote. Hard forks by shareholder vote only, 1 second transaction confirmations, Fast scanning of and reconnection to the network.

Step by step BitShares Sales Pitch. (Pre 2.0)

TL;DR: There is a market niche for a global unbounded organization that efficiently adapts and morphs to the needs of the market and the desires of it's members.
I believe BitShares is that organization.
The upper limit of this organization is bound only by the size of the global economy. The current main use for trading tokens of value are financial derivatives purchased by large institutions and well educated individuals who reside in geographical locations favoured by financially powerful nations who have capital to risk.
A system that can drop the barriers to entry and allow everyone in the world access to the global economy will rapidly expand the total value of the economy.
BitShares will not only rapidly grow to meet the existing market, it will rapidly grow the size of the market itself.
Currently this potential is valued at around $20M.
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Ok, someone would help creating a thread where we explain what is the BitShares Network, the advantages, what it can achieve and how it can be useful?

We already have the specs from the BitShares 2.0 annoucement but people might not realize how they can be used for their business. I would like to have something with which I could present other businesses to. We would have multiple use cases and explain them, however I'm not the best person to do that so I would really like everyone's help. We could even turn this into a flyer in the future.

So far we have the following using (/will use) BitShares:
Peak Venture Group

CCEDK and BANX will use BitShares as a mean to upgrade transactions speed, security and transparency right?
Peak Venture Group, quoting Stan, specializes in affiliate marketing to promote startups. I really don't know more about them at the moment as I asked a series of questions and didnt have a answer yet. They will use BitShares because of our referral system (don't know what other characteristics they liked).

What other businesses could use BitShares for? How would they do this? What characteristics of BitShares 2.0 would improve their business? These are the questions I would like to have on a clean thread or even a blog post on so everyone could easily contact many different businesses, even if they couldn't explain themselves in detail, how said business would benefit from BitShares.

So let us start. Feel free to quote this and edit to add stuff as you see fit.


BitShares Network

Technology: (source:, add links later)
-Price-Stable Cryptocurrencies - SmartCoins provide the freedom of cryptocurrency with the stability of the dollar
-Decentralized Asset Exchange - A fast and fluid trading platform
-Industrial Performance and Scalability - Over 100,000 transactions per second
-Collateralized Bond Market - Integrated peer-to-peer lending
-Recurring & Scheduled Payments - Flexible withdrawal permissions
-Referral Rewards Program - Network growth through adoption rewards
-Dynamic Account Permissions - Management for the corporate environment
-User-Issued Assets - Regulation-compatible cryptoasset issuance
-Stakeholder-Approved Project Funding - A self-sustaining funding model
-Transferable Named Accounts - Easy and secure transactions
-Delegated Proof-of-Stake Consensus - A robust and flexible consensus protocol

Use Cases:
- For Exchanges:
... Improved security, transparency and transaction speed (need help explaining these in detail)
... Benefits from the referral program as it could get up to 80% in fees (needs more explanation i guess)

-Insert other business here:
...Insert how they could use BitShares to improve here
...Insert how they could use BitShares to improve here

-Insert other business here:.
...Insert how they could use BitShares to improve here
...Insert how they could use BitShares to improve here

How our partners decided to work with us:
...Improved liquidity as exchanges settle buy and sell orders in a unified order book
....insert reason why they joined us

-BANX (source:
...Like CCEDK, an order book shared by multiple exchanges would improve liquidity
...“With shared order books we will have deeper markets, tighter spreads, and greater liquidity,”stated Lyford. “And since our customers keep their own keys while trading on this network, combined with hierarchical multi-sig capabilities we can’t get hacked – and our customers can’t get hacked.”

Peak Venture Group
...Referral program
... “We needed a way to seamlessly transition real world currencies like dollars and euros and the unique digital currencies used inside many of the games we offer at the gaming site. I figured we could integrate a crypto currency wallet somehow and use that currency as the common denominator and a way to automatically pay affiliate commissions.

But BitShares gave us a complete decentralized currency exchange network right out of the box. It even had built-in smart contracts to help automate our affiliate program. This helps us make sure every affiliate gets paid automatically for every transaction made by any member of her integrated game and financial empire. And BitShares can keep up with gaming speeds

Now we only need to expand on this, add the links, make it look pretty and presentable and we have something easy and nice to show other businesses  :) and could add it to BitShares blog so we would link people directly to BitShares site where they would have more in depth info
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