Author Topic: 利用命令行模式同步区块链bitshares_client.exe  (Read 3323 times)

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1) locate "bitshares_client.exe" and execute it
2) the client launches connects to the network and after some time will prompt for input indicated by ">>>"
3) you can enter "getinfo" to see the status of the client in json format. it will tell you how long ago the last block was received (should be below 10 secs if synced fully)
4) you can also enter "open default" to open the default wallet used by the GUI
5) you can unlock the wallet with "unlock 999999" for 9999999 seconds to scan for new transactions for you (you will be asked to provide a password which will not be printed on the screen)
6) The wallet will ccertainly tell you something about what it is doing .. syncing, scanning, upgrading the wallet .. stuff like that .. just let it do and wait for the "latest block head" parameter in getinfo reach something in the seconds
7) close the CLI with "quit" and relaunch the GUI version .. it will use the new blockchain and everything should be fine then


wallet_open default
wallet_unlock 9999999 密码
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