Author Topic: World Leaders Meet at United Nations; Control of the Internet on the Table !!!  (Read 13480 times)

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This is the crap that concerns me most.  Add to that these people have written books about the world they want to create and you can see their views out in the open.    This stuff is not conspiracy "theory" we can all see.  The kind of power they want over us is now reaching into the level of precrime:

Thom is 100% right about decentralized dns.  Paging @toast.  Many of us never wanted DNS to die.  I actually was learning to run my first delegate there when we watched it become forgotten. :(

It was a very sad day for me...
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if you share a private key in DACPLAY with others , you can already send message on a blockchain level as diary . Even the ones posted the diary won't be able to delete it .
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This is the very reason we need decentralized solutions to DNS. I'm STILL shocked this never seems to gain the momentum the problem warrants. Even those that recognize the problem don't give it the priority it deserves and their efforts fade away.

How effective will BitShares be if all websites are censored? How will people know who to vote for? How will worker proposals or delegates be evaluated?

A free internet the THE MOST IMPORTANT priority, not just for engineers and techno-geeks BUT FOR THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE (excepting control freaks and psychopaths). People have said America is the last vestige of freedom, I say no, THE LAST VESTIGE OF FREEDOM IS THE INTERNET.
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All the more reason why political security needs to be figured out.
i am really happy that you give credit to this. How things are preceived matters a lot.

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china already diong this, and now thailand to follow, many other countries may introduce lag to outside internet to create a sort of intranet. Also censoring for their own purpose (intelligence gathering)... its all because  cyber attacks, mainly started by the united states. I feel it is a hack and not solving the real problem.

Perhaps a more elegant solution is something like:

however that is elegant for us average joe's, it is unconvenient for those in power tryign to get a handle on things. Perhaps a middle ground can be found with what bytemaster was eluding to.
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All the more reason why political security needs to be figured out.   
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"United States as world leaders from China, Russia, and even The Vatican gathered to discuss the future of mankind at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Tenets for a so-called “voluntary” initiative called Agenda 2030 were discussed, and one issue that was addressed was an official recommendation to begin controlling the Internet, reports the Washington Post."
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