Author Topic: [VOTE] Guys vote for CNO!  (Read 1691 times)

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I'm Isaac, currently in 2nd/3rd place.

I've just created the first gambling service for memorycoin (see my signature) and I am planning an SPV wallet as well as other services. I would like to step up as CNO and help propel this coin into greatness, I believe that we need both infrastructure and services to succeeded. By infrastructure I mean software wallets, for both traditional computers and smartphones, this is what I'll be trying to develop.
MemoryDice now available!
 Vote for me to be CNO of memorycoin if you want these services. Just send 1 satoshi!
CNO: MVTEcno2tbsJWj7AQEyEjgk72j94hbPHFm

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A greedy miner on bitcointalk tries to compromise major MMC board positions. The CNO positions is currently in danger.

Code: [Select]
Candidates with votes equalling more than 10% of Droop quota
Support: MVTEcnoqHvr7AWRSBFUSpVCBKcxUfxVEad (FaSaN) (40798)
Support: MVTEcnoxdvRA1ExXxXxXxXxXxXpRTPdcre (Newmine) (32121) <-------
Support: MVTEcno2tbsJWj7AQEyEjgk72j94hbPHFm (IsaacGoldbourne) (32084)

The CNO (Chief Network Officer) is a key position for the Memorycoin network, dealing with network services for the coin, block explorers, pools, faucets, attacks.

Here is a list of declared candidates taken from
IsaacGoldbourne – MVTEcno2tbsJWj7AQEyEjgk72j94hbPHFm -
ig0tik3d – MVTEcnoTrUAeYrd3yzXm3nd4S73yACDtMa -

Go vote and save the coin, the community and the network!