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MKRCOIN Buyback & Exchange
« on: February 13, 2016, 11:32:18 pm »

MAKER will be releasing soon on Ethereum. Ahead of the release we'd like to purchase as much of the sharedrop back as we can either outright for BTS or in exchange for an Ethereum address in a memo (held as a IUO from Riverhead). Eventually there will be a Metaexchange gateway to exchange MKRCOIN for MAKER but it is unknown when that will actually happen as we're still in the early stages of release.

According to there are about 1290.75 MRCOINs currently not under control of a member of the MAKER project (either myself or Toast).

Option 1:
  • I have placed a buy order for 666 BTS/MKRCOIN which currently is ~$3/MKRCOIN. That is the going rate for MKRCOIN pre-sale. The order is up for all 1290.75 outstanding coins.
Option 2:
  • You can send MKRCOIN to me (riverhead #793) with an Ethereum account address in the memo. When the coin goes live on Ethereum we will distribute MAKER 1:1 to the address given.
Option 3:
  • Hold on to your MKRCOIN IOU to trade on the DEX and/or wait for a gateway.
The order on the DEX will stay active until closed with a bot maintained price (thanks to [member=120]xeroc[/member] 's excellent Exchange API)

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Re: MKRCOIN Buyback & Exchange
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2016, 03:00:20 pm »
* xeroc takes option 3

Even though I think the ethereum platform will not scale to allow markets with small spreads, I still see quite some demand in a SDR-pegged crypto asset.
Looking forward!
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