Author Topic: Bytemaster outlines roadmap to "BitShares Metropolis" in last shareholder meet!  (Read 4451 times)

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We are working on the implementation. First, we need to get a clear head about the next steps and upgrades for the BitShares System. I am currently updating the main site and would like to introduce 4 for step branding plan for BitShares.

Let us update the  and introduce these four levels.

The Foundation Release can be done with the integration of the Stealh features to BitShares. We at BitShares Munich are working on Stealth and will solve the current hosting problems soon. I recommend we will launch Stealth with the start of the BitShares Foundation Release. More features will be developed from there.

1. BitShares Foundation Release
Stealth integration - bug fixes

2. BitShares Enterprise Release
Bond Market - bug fixes

3. BitShares Metropolis Release
4. BitShares Infinity Release

What do you think?

I like it. The important thing is to begin the process of infinite improvement :)