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I've been discussing an article about Memory Coin with CoinDesk and they have mentioned that Bitcoin Tablet ( is a good candidate for the charity as well.
They are supposed to contact me soon and I will pass their details on to our charity officer for further handling.

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We've got our first direct application from a charity for our charitable award - it's a group called Peace Geeks and I hope everyone will give them fair consideration for the award -

More info here -

and the voting address is

Remember, just one satoshi to vote for them. Send any donations separately.

PeaceGeeks is a non-profit, volunteer organization that builds the technological, communications and management capacities of grassroots organizations working on the promotion of peace, accountability and human rights. We do this by connecting skilled volunteers to these organizations so they can gain access to relevant technology, tools and training and help them have a greater impact in their communities.
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