Author Topic: Bytemaster and team are no longer working on Bitshares?  (Read 16731 times)

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I for one miss seeing newmine's posts. He may have been a bit over the top, but hell there's been at least some truth to a lot of what he's said over time. BitShares needs its critics so it can know what it's doing wrong and find ways to fix the problem through open discussion. But I see everyone's ready to just grab a pitchfork around here and demand silence from any who dare speak ill of the almighty BTS.


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Did the news arive late in your cave Troll?

And the proctologist calls for his pick and shovel. When all of NM's posts can be summarized with one picture of a hole, maybe it's a good thing he hasn't spent more time on here.
Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

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BM now explores free market solutions to secure Life, Liberty and Property for insiders and devs.

tonyk's breakdown is spot on:

-eSTEEM - bm has so much self-esteem, so much so it justified something as ridiculous as issuing 75% of the coins to himself and even adding 9x more coins for each coin someone dared to 'earn'...  full name: "BM's self eSTEEM."

-of course steem was developed in STEALTH of bts holders... I mean while MasterByte supposedly was working on STEALTH....
btw, during the same period, in STEALTH were also sold tens of millions of BTS by the core team...while the poor common bts holders believed something improving bts was being developed...

-and bm has the honesty to call himself reverseflash (you know how one flashes the toilet? The reverse flash is the opposite action) while working in STEALTH to satisfy and fairly pay himself in accordance with his self-eSTEEM.... the bts holders were reversed-flashed more or less.


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Did the news arive late in your cave Troll?

I'm sorry newmine but I could't resist  :D :D :D

Please continue and ignore me.  :)

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have been promised
I wouldn't put too much weight on such promises. Of course, I am speaking to the great NewMine, a veteran of realistic expectations.  :)

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Steem is based on graphene, the same sources as BitShares, and does not compete with BitShares directly (only for the developer time)
Many of the improments made in Steem have been promised to be migrated over to BitShares once final.

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这个是私人账号,表达的一切言论均不代表任何团队和任何人。This is my personal account , anything I said with this account will be my opinion alone and has nothing to do with any group.

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Just saw Steem on coinmarketcap and saw the authors of the white paper are BTS devs.  Are they no longer developing for BTS?  Did their dilution payments get cut?