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In the GRC customized BTS web wallet, TASKMANAGER is a featured asset w/ an icon :D

Offline taskmanager

TASKMANAGER is the core token of the TaskManager project, it funded the @taskmanager steemit account and will fund any future TaskManager projects. TASKMANAGER is earned in small amounts by steemit users for completing steemit related tasks.

Holding a certain amount of TASKMANAGER (at this time 50) in their bitshares account, qualifies the steemit user to be added to an autovote bot. This bot will use the @taskmanager steemit account to vote on their blog posts, giving a real world value to TASKMANAGER. Once you have 50 TASKMANAGER just let me know by commenting on any recent @taskmanager post, and I will verify and add you to the bot.

Every time @taskmanager makes a steemit blog post, a certain percentage of the liquid STEEM earned is placed into savings, to be used to buyback and burn (reserve) TASKMANAGER with OPEN.STEEM. This is the primary buyback mechanism for TASKMANAGER, but not the only.

An ever expanding "minimum value" buyback is also now in place. This will give TASKMANAGER a minimum value in certain assets, buy having a buy order for all the TASKMANAGER in circulation (this excludes the TASKMANAGER being HELD by me for now) with these assets. To begin with these expanding buybacks will be in OPEN.STEEM, OPEN.BTC, BTS and COMPUCEEDS. As time goes on the amount of each buy will increase based on income from steemit and bitshares trading. The hope is that this amount will grow to the point of allowing permanent liquidity for TASKMANAGER. This of course will take some time.

Taskmanager Accounts

task-manager - This is the main bitshares account for TaskManager, it pays out TASKMANAGER to steemit users and is responsible for the monthly burn. After the monthly buyback any unused TASKMANAGER in this account is burned (reserved), including any from the "minimum value" buyback.

@taskmanager - This is the steemit account for TaskManager and funds most of the buyback. Other steemit accounts may be added in the future with their own use cases and specialty.

taskmanager1 - taskmanager1 is a value storage account for TASKMANAGER. Planned future share drops will come from this account. Bitshares asset giveaways to attract steemit users to bitshares trading will also be funded by this account. Trading from this account will help build up the "minimum value" buyback. Buys are in place across various assets in TASKMANAGER for this account. So volume on BTS:TASKMANAGER will bring the trading bots into action and add value to this account. If at any time I hold less then 50% of TASKMANAGER, a voting system will be put into effect, relating to any taskmanager1 fund decisions.

taskmanager-hardware - an account to fund TaskManager hardware purchases in BTC. Looking to set up a bitshares and steem witness node. These nodes would pay back to the task-manager account for buyback purposes.

Information and News
All new information and news relating to TASKMANAGER and any projects related to it will be posted on steemit first. If you want to keep up on whats happening with TASKMANAGER get yourself a steemit account and follow @taskmanager. This will also keep you up to date on any steemit contests or posts that are willing to pay you!