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How do Worker Proposals Work - BitShares Goverance Howto
« on: April 16, 2017, 05:07:35 pm »
How to Get Paid by the BitShares Blockchain
Is there a document or video that describes how a BitShares worker proposal is officially submitted to it can be seen and voted on by shareholders? Amanda B. Johnson wrote an official proposal to get funding from Dash for a Daily Decrypt series long before she was hired to do the Dash Detailed series she now does. We need to produce a similar video for BitShares Worker Proposals that not only explains how our governance model works but also walks people through the mechanics of interacting with the CLI wallet (there are currently no facilities in the GUI wallets to manage worker proposals) and using cryptofresh to track votes.

The video could also explain the Worker Proposal mechanism can also be used to conduct polls of shareholders on issues or questions, which was done most recently by JerryLiu (Bitcrab) to measure in a quantifiable and official way the support for increasing witness pay.

There are several areas of the BitShares ecosystem that have not been fully implemented and this is one example. It's not a high priority item, but shows there is functionality only possible through the command line wallet. Creation of UIA assets may be another.
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