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If this idea has been put forth already, please excuse the post. On the other hand, if you think it's a good idea... Please say so.

I'm not going to disparage the current CSV output. Let's just say it reminds me of the saying "There's no such thing as a bad movie... There are just movies made badly." I will also say that the file I just exported was far superior to what I downloaded a few weeks ago.

So... Here goes my proposal: First of all, the filename is great! The CSV transaction output should have these separate column headings:

Date and Time Stamp
Account Name
Operation (What it there now is close: However, “limit_order_create” should be replaced with “limit_buy_create” and ”limit_sell_create”. And “fill_order” should be replaced with “fill_buy” and “fill_sell”.)
The “limit_order_cancel” should be replaced with “sell_lmit_cancel” and “buy_limit_cancel” . Also, the related fields should show the quantity remaining to buy/sell and at what price at the time the order was canceled. Model it after the fields in the “My Open Orders” table in the GUI.)
Quantity In (Matches the Operation)
Currency In (Matches the Operation)
Rate (goes with the next column)
Units (Currency1/Currency2 BTS/BTC for example)
Quantity Out (multiply the Quantity In by the Rate)
Currency Out (Matches the Action)
Fee (Currently called Amount)
Fee Currency (What currency the fee is expressed in)

Doing the above will eliminate the Memo field altogether, since what it says now will be parsed out by field.  With the csv file is done this way, it will import into any spreadsheet or trade tracking software with little to no data manipulation required by the user.



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