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You can actually submit a support ticket at OpenLedger DX but their programmings are so crappy that I even cannot send them any support ticket! They actually have problem listing withdrawal record in the history but again I cannot inform them, because I do not have any means to inform them. This is why I came here.  It is so frustrating and a terrible experience. They certainly lose a lot of costumers.

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 I got the same issue just like yours. I dispersed my coin to two parts(0.01 btc && 0.19 btc) to withdraw. I used the exactly same format for two withdrawals. But 0.01 btc withdrawal worked but 0.19 btc withdrawal failed.

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Everyone read this

This is the biggest Compumatrix thread on the Internet with the most information, so I am going to put this here.

Ok, so it seems like every year Compumatrix is just Trick-Or-Treating their members for Halloween, and saying "Maybe you'll get a treat... Oops, nope, it was another Trick... But Christmas, just wait... Just a little longer" then before you know it is is October again and it is another Trick.

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I've been using Openledger/Blocktrades in withdrawing and it has been perfect as it processes requests instantly. However, the latest withdrawal I made for 10 BTCs did not process even though the transfer was completed on June 26, 2017, 2:23:09 PM at BLOCK #17760662 and also reflected at

I expected the funds to be posted instantly as it always does at my nominated bitcoin address 1LoveGod8HM1JYapp9NbWkNUkB5xxAXGKf

I already contacted support ( which redirected me to contact or and they are "working" on it or investigating this glitch.

So I am making everyone aware that this might be a possible bug on the built-in exchange. As of this posting, they have not returned my OPEN.BTC nor was it posted at my bitcoin address. Frustrating as it has been roughly 11 hours since I made the transaction.
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