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I upgraded a few weeks ago and already got 76 referrals. 8)

Hope for more cryptos providing a referral link.

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I'm new to all this and just had some basic questions but don't know where to find the answers...

Do you have to become a LTM to earn network rewards?

Can you earn network rewards without making referrals?

This link: making it seem like you can only earn rewards from the accounts you refer. Is that true?

Lastly, is there a difference between having an account in and I have some BTS units in BitShares and some Obits units in OpenLedger and both are under separate accounts and I think I took the wrong approach there. Please advise.

Thank you!

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Google Adwords doesn't allow direct affiliate link. So you need to work around it.

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I started an AdWords campaign and posted an article on Steemit about it:

Is there any worker campaign that deals with marketing BitShares on Google Adwords?

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I operate which offers custom tracking for your referrals. I would argue that I am pretty successful with it :)

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Does anybody have any good success stories for referring new members?