Author Topic: Worker proposal: Comprehensive UX/UI update by the ROSSUL and Graphene Lab team  (Read 14319 times)

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BBF mustn't be the only choice, and also shouldn't be.
No one seeks to have only one centralized escrow. It is merely one (afaik the only one) that offers auditable bitUSD worker escrow and is the voted spokesperson, aka has the BTS holders trust.

Has BLCKCHND introduced themselves as an escrow? You can also consider asking trusted members of the community.
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ROSSUL and Graphene Lab are excited to present a new version of the Bitshares Exchange UX Design proposal (2018-09-rossul-ui (Worker 1.14.124). This new version was created in close cooperation with BitShares Blockchain Foundation (BBF) and the current UI team.

Changes and upgrades:

1. We decided to take an advantage of escrow services offered by BBF – thus, a new proposal was published on the blockchain on behalf of
2. The proposal now includes cooperation with the current UI team and makes it easier for the current UI team to continue supporting the new UI.
3. Refined internal and external collaboration process that includes 3 teams. 
4. The proposal more clearly identifies the boundaries and rules of support for the components being developed as part of the proposal.

In addition, the time frame for the proposal was changed, since the start and end dates are no longer relevant – the work on the new proposal starts in October 2018 and continues until the end of March 2019 (5 months, including a small reserve).

We encourage the community to support the new version of the proposal. You can vote for the proposal with the help of the official BitShares application in the Voting menu, the Proposed tab, 2018-09-rossul-ui (Worker 1.14.124)

Due to the inability to remove the initial proposal from the blockchain (Worker 1.14.114), we are kindly asking you withdraw your votes form the original worker and move them to new one 2018-09-rossul-ui (Worker 1.14.124).

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If this passes... I hope the UI design will solve many of the issues as reflected in the TONS of User Interface comments by Bitshares users here:

(See link on whaleshares)

These are people who normally won't post to bitsharestalk or any other bitshares related forum.  Yet they are exactly the demographic of users we'd like to onboard and keep on the system.

I'm @intelliguy on steemit. I usually get things right (or so they tell me), follow me there if you want to see more. Tips accepted to bitshares user: intelliguy-bts  (I'm a lifetime member because I trust in the Bitshares ecosystem)

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Supported by vote on behalf of Trusty and myself.
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Dear BitShares users!

 We are pleased to announce that our initiative aimed at updating the official BitShares Web UI has taken off. Our working proposal is not only finalized and agreed upon with interested stakeholders but it also received the necessary support from the community. We have begun the project and from now on you will be able to see the progress reflected in the project roadmap.

 One of the most important things for us that would define the success of the project is feedback from the most active and interested users of the BitShares community. We need to deepen our understanding of how you use the BitShares application, what features are important for you, what frustrates you about the User Interface, etc.

 Decades of experience in designing and implementing complex User Interfaces and crafting User Experience in conjunction with your feedback will allow us to take BitShares to the next level and design a new version of the application that is intuitive, responsive, scalable and much easier to use.

 We’d like to extend an invitation to you all to fill out the questionnaire and share your experience with the current BitShares Wallet

The questionnaire is quite simple and should not take over 10 minutes to complete.

 Looking forward to receiving your feedback.

- ROSSUL and Graphene Lab teams.

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Be part of the change and vote for the bitshares-vision proxy!

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I took the survey! Looking forward to the changes!

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Saw there was some needed votes on this, have voted it back in. Looking forward to the updates guys good work!
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Hi guys :)

Great initiatives by community (especially @intelliguy) by spreading awareness that participation on workers is a must!


What is the current status on progress of the worker ?
Milos (DL) Preocanin
Owner and manager of
Move Institute - RN: 2098555000
Murska Sobota, Slovenia, SI.

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Hello Friends and colleagues!
Today we will publish a regular update on the current status of the BitShares UI redesign project, carried out by the joint team of Rossul / Graphene Lab.

Almost two months have passed since the official start of the project, and at the moment we have completed the first two phases: Research and Information Architecture which include:

    - Identifying the focus groups of application users
    - Identifying a list of questions and formed questionnaires for both a public audience and expert users
    - Use cases and main workflows
    - Information Architecture schemas
    - Active consultations with experts and focus groups of both the official BitShares application as well as other parties that develop similar services.
    - Conducted metric measurements, performance testing and optimization as well as load testing of the existing interface.

At the moment, we have collected enough information to progress to the next stage of the project: Desktop Layouts Wireframes. We plan to start with the most important modules:

    - Exchange
    - Personal Area
    - Transfer and receipt of funds

We are actively working on prototyping a new interface. In the process of this work, we will keep consulting with the field experts to address all concerns and ongoing issues.

In order to optimize the development process, we consciously avoid a broad discussion of the decisions made, however, we are in constant contact with the current GUI development team and active members of the BitShares community.

If you use BitShares for your business or have been active trading for more than 1.5 years, please contact us at


In connection with the unexpected increase in votes for “refund400k”, a number of important projects such as the UX/UI redesign (our project), Trusty community UI, HackTheDex, Independent BitShares infrastructure and other have left the payout area.

If you want to support the listed projects please revoke your vote from the refund400k worker

Thank you

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Dear Friends!
Today we are pleased to present some of the results of the work of the joint team of Rossul / Graphene Lab:

    - User feedback collected during the research stage
    - Component diagram and navigation of the current BitShares official GUI
    - Graphene Lab's progress report
    - Layouts (Interactive Wireframes) of the new user interface of the official BitShares application.

The layouts are available as an interactive prototype covering sections of the application that were previously identified as priorities for the design at the stage of the study conducted at the beginning of the project (see the questionnaire).

To date, Rossul specialists are in the final stages of completing the prototyping of the desktop versions of the interfaces and are proceeding with the mobile version of the layouts. Graphene Lab is currently focusing on completing the preparatory stages, which included analysis and load testing of the current API version and conducting extensive consultations with Rossul in preparation for the development phase.

The situation with the recall of votes from active working proposals of BitShares does not affect the work of the joint team, as there is a certain reserve for the working budget. as However, for the successful completion of the project and the implementation of all planned phases, we need the support of the BitShares community. We urge you to vote for our working proposal and help bring closer the realization of the cherished dream of many - to ensure more accessibility of the blockchain and DAC BitShares for a wide range of users which can ensure the ecosystem’s sustainable development.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, we will not be able to process the entire feedback that may follow the publication - however, we believe that at the moment the results of our work warrants some attention from the community.

Thank you, Rossul + GrapheneLab team

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Despite a lack of active support from major BitShares stakeholders, the joint team of Rossul / Graphene Lab continues to work as planned and remains hopeful that funding will be renewed.

Today we would like to offer you a sneak preview our vision of a genuinely adaptive BitShares user interface.

The primary goal of our project is to create a scalable product that could evolve and expand, ensuring the maximum level of adaptiveness for BitShares users. The most obvious example is the new concept of dashboards with configurable widgets which allow users to customize the new UI to accommodate their needs.

Users will be able to choose Widgets from the Widget Library and arrange them in any order, ensuring they can easily see all the necessary data needed to successfully complete their tasks. On top of that, users will be able to have multiple dashboards with different sets of widgets. For example a dashboard for trading, a dashboard for business needs, a dashboard for managing funds, etc.

A central aspect of the system architecture is the ability for the community to create new widgets, both free and commercial, which will be available through Widgets Marketplace.

This would allow users to complete customization over their personal User Experience with all the tools needed under their fingertips.


Below is the concept of the Dashboard with Quick Sell/Buy widget, Quick Transfer Funds, Stock Watch, Open Orders, Trade Volume and other widgets.

Pictures HQ


Below is a concept of the redesigned Exchange interface, which can be flexibly configured. The rearrangeable panels allow users to focus on the task on hand. Whether a bigger chart window is needed or an extended viewing of open orders, we've got it covered. The UI can be further fine-tuned using the panel width adjustment feature.

Pictures HQ

The current UI desktop layouts of the official BitShares application cover approximately 75% of the functionality, and we have started porting them into mobile devices.

Important Note

We would really appreciate the results of our efforts to be made available to the community. It would be valuable to have a real embodiment in a modern, productive, and effective software product, for the realization of which we have all the capabilities and skills. We urge the BitShares community to continue supporting our project by voting for our working proposal.

If you have not yet voted for our working proposal, you can do so in the Voting / Workers section of all main user interfaces that interact with the BitShares blockchain.

Our worker: 1.14.124 2018-09-rossul-UI

If you know someone who has not yet voted for our proposal - invite them to learn more about it using the link:

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Today we are pleased to bring an unusual progress report to your attention. Despite the fact that the last significant payment for our work proposal was made on February 18, work on the new BitShares application has not ceased,  and the product has begun  to take on a concrete and tangible form. Below you can find a list of the main results we have achieved since the release of the previous report, but the purpose of today's update is, of course, a link to the functional version of the application connected to the BitShares test network!

So, what we have accomplished thus far:

- account authorization
- dashboard with work order creation forms and transfers, displaying portfolio graphs, open order graphics (pairs charts and trends are stubs)
- Exchange page with a display of orders, forms for creating orders for buying/selling tokens, history and selection of a pair (the chart is disabled)
- Explorer page (without interactive, but with current data)
- Your and another user data (no blacklist)
settings page with an option to change nodes and access permissions
- contact page
- a chart in the exchange screen
- check-in

What we are currently working on:

- Voting
- Blacklist
- Creating a worker

Work on the prototyping of the interface continues simultaneously, and we are pleased to share with you the new interface layouts designed for mobile devices:

Tablets -
Phones -

Unfortunately, there continues to be an obstacle that has accompanied us for most of the project: we still have not received the support of many leading BitShares stakeholders and our budget is very limited.

We urge those among you who have not yet voted for our business proposal to do so. Every voice counts!

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I just tried the link to the application and it goes to a blank white screen after login with testnet credentials.

I also tried to create an account and it went to the blank white screen as well.

Here is the console logs: