Author Topic: Announcement of cn-vote Union: Re-evaluation of our support of Worker Proposals  (Read 15208 times)

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I am still working on having this post translated into Mandarin  :)

Update: The DEXBot post has now been translated into Mandarin thanks to Tong Shen and his team
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(虽然我发布这条回复的账号是个新账号)这个账号(;u=36434)是我以前在 bitsharestalk 论坛的账号,Hero Member 级别,共发布过 606 个帖子, 但这个账号现在我无法登陆了。

DEXBot 开源项目:
DEXBot 给 cn-vote 的进展报告

这是记录 DEXBot 项目费用支出的文档:!AjNxlbf-fDQJagkgB81_-drYTh4
自从一个月前,cn-vote 工会给 DEXBot 投票后,我们便开始了将 DEXBot 的维基文档翻译成中文和俄文的准备工作:!AjNxlbf-fDQJbhi2VJQgzFDTl90

在 cn-vote 工会的支持下,如果 DEXBot 能够持续获得资金支持,我们就能继续完成这项工作。

我们已经联系了 @btslinda 来做相关文档的翻译。

DEXBot 团队正在大规模开发 pybitshares 工具库,加强用于计算和更快地下订单的异步功能,以支持竞争性套利功能的使用。这一功能将为 DEX 带来流动性,尤其是 bitCNY 市场。


DEXBot 将使用 Ccxt 工具库,允许一次性访问 135 家中心化交易所(CEX)。这包括了币安和绝大多数大型交易所。

套利可以带来更大的交易量、更好的价格发现效果、更小的价差。套利机器人会接受好的报价,并鼓励做市商尽可能地给出接近去中心化交易所( DEX)中订单簿上市场价格的报价。交易量越大(部分交易量由套利机器人增加),做市商的资金周转就越频繁,也就更加吸引交易者参与做市。



DEXBot 的套利功能应该怎么运作?它应该遵循什么样的逻辑?

DEXBot 应该具备至少能在另外两家交易所的订单簿上发布订单的能力。
这两家交易所中必须有一家是 BitShares DEX。





镜像套利则是分析 交易所 1  (CEX) 的已有订单,并在 交易所 2  (DEX) 发布一个限价订单;如果交易完成,DEXBot 就可以在 交易所 1  吃单,实现盈利。DEXBot 需要阅读 CEX  的订单,通过在 DEX 上发布限价订单,并仅在 DEX 限价订单完成时才对 CEX 采取行动,从而预测/提前获得套利机会。

DEXBot 支持 BitShares DEX 上的流动性和交易活动,因此发出限价订单的交易所为 DEX,而发出市价订单的交易所则为 CEX。

CEX 的订单簿将是动态的,并且会不断变化,因此 DEX 上的限价订单也需要根据更新后的 CEX 订单进行下单、取消或替换的操作——在一定的误差范围内,以减少不必要的微小订单更改所浪费的费用。

DEXBot 必须以最小的延迟来及时掌握 CEX 订单簿的状态,并且尽可能频繁的更新。

DEXBot 会持续监控 CEX 的订单簿信息,并根据 CEX 价格按照百分比的偏移量,利用相关数据在 DEX 上下限价订单。


可视化工具正在开发中,但最近由于 DEXBot 被投票落选资助而暂停。可视化工具将能够使交易进展一目了然,从而让我们能够简便地评判 DEXBot 的交易竞争情况。


BitProfessor(@教授) 一直在对 DEXBot 代码进行详尽的单元测试,并在中国比特股社区中进行了小规模的宣传。


Here is my orginal bitsharestalk profile, from which I am locked out. Hero Member, 606 posts:;u=36434


DEXBot Update for cn-vote

DEXBot has a google doc documenting expenses here:!AjNxlbf-fDQJagkgB81_-drYTh4

Since cn-vote gave DEXBot it’s vote one month ago preparation to translate DEXBot wiki  documentation into Mandarin and Russian have begun:!AjNxlbf-fDQJbhi2VJQgzFDTl90

With cn-vote’s support and DEXBot receiving continued funding for DEXBot we can continue with this effort.

@btslinda has been contacted about doing this translation work

DEXBot is undertaking extensive development of pybitshares to develop asynchronous capability to calculate and place orders faster to support the use of competitive Arbitrage features which will bring liquidity to the DEX, most notably the bitCNY markets.
This development is being worked on right now.

Traditional Arbitrage Feature Specification:!AjNxlbf-fDQJaePNQU7T4aPfJiQ

    DEXBot will use Ccxt which allows access to 135 CEX’s in one go. Binance and most of the big ones are included.
See the full list here:

Why does Bitshares want arbitrage?

Trade volume, better price discovery, tighter spreads as arb bots will take good offers and encourage market makers to have offers close to the market price on the DEX orderbooks as often as possible. The higher the volume of trading, in part increased by arb bots, allows market makers to turn over their capital more frequently thus making market making participation more attractive to traders

Why does Bitshares want to connect to other exchanges?

Arbitrage requires access to at least two separate exchanges as it relies on the price discrepancy, or lag, between prices for assets offered in two separate marketplaces.

How should the arbitrage feature on DEXBot operate? What logic should it follow?

DEXBot should have knowledge and ability to post orders on the books of at least two other exchanges.
One of those two exchanges must always be the Bitshares DEX.

“Mirrored” Arbitrage Feature Specification:!AjNxlbf-fDQJbAbWTiR_BEQW4WM

Mirrored Arbitrage is similar to traditional arbitrage except that it involves one limit order and one market order. As opposed to traditional arbitrage which involves two market orders.

Traditional arbitrage lies hidden ready to pounce on an arbitrage opportunity that arises out of two limit orders being placed by other traders on two separate exchanges.

Mirrored Arbitrage instead analyses the orderbook of Exchange-1 (CEX), and places a limit order on Exchange-2 (DEX) that if filled would allow DEXBot to take an offer from Exchange-1 and realise a profit. DEXBot should read the orderbook of the CEX and predict/front-run arbitrage opportunities by placing limit orders on the DEX and only acting on the CEX if the DEX limit-order is filled.

DEXBot supports liquidity and trading activity on the BitShares DEX so the exchange where limit orders are placed will be the DEX and the exchange where market orders are taken will be a CEX.

The orderbook of the CEX will be dynamic and ever changing so the limit orders on the DEX will have to be placed/cancelled and replaced in response to the updated CEX orderbook - within a margin of error to reduce wasting fees on unnecessarily minute order changes.

DEXBot must be aware of the state of the CEX orderbook with minimal time-lag and updated as frequently as is possible.

DEXBot will constantly monitor the CEX’s orderbook information and use the data to place limit orders on the DEX at prices %offset to the CEX.

Visualisation Tools
are under development, but have been halted very recently due to DEXBot being voted out of the funding zone. Visualisations will allow an easy way to judge DEXBot trading competitions, as progress is easily seen at a glance.

Unit Testing
BitProfessor has been conducting extensive Unit Testing of DEXBot code and some small PR within the Chinese BitShares community
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Dear Workers,

There have been a lot of discussions about cn-vote's action to vote for refund400k recently. Several community members reached out to me. I had thorough conversations with the cn-vote members and was authorized to help the cn-vote Union post this announcement.

Because of the language barrier, the disagreement between the Chinese and English communities and the lack of communication has been there for a long time. I want to help with this problem by facilitating better communication. If you find it hard to understand or express to the other side, I'm happy to help you.

Let's work together for a more connected community.

Tong Shen

Telegram: @cnjsstong
WeChat / 微信: cnjsstong
Tong Shen, Coordinator Assistant, Core Team | 沈瞳,BitShares Core 开发团队 协调员助理
Spark Blockchain | 星火区块链:北美领先的区块链咨询及孵化公司
WeChat | 微信号: cnjsstong

Offline tshen

Announcement of cn-vote Union

In the current bearish market, the BTS price has been low for a long time. We believe it is the time for the DAC to cut the expense and reduce inflation. Therefore, the cn-vote Union members have concluded an agreement to:

Re-evaluate and Review our support of the following Worker Proposals:
  • bitshares-mobile-app
  • wirex-integration
  • uccs-research-project
  • DEXBot WP3

We call on all the workers to timely publish updates of their progress and accounting information on a regular basis to the DAC, especially the Chinese community (including the cn-vote union). We the cn-vote Union will evaluate each worker by lasting value to the DAC upon receipt of updates.

P.S. The bitshares-mobile-app worker has contacted cn-vote representative and they are doing good with public disclosure of project updates. We believe that their work is productive and the mobile app is very useful. It brings significant new users and will soon use the DAC faucet resulting in more income for the DAC. The cn-vote Union members have concluded an agreement to support the bitshares-mobile-app worker.

cn-vote Union


cn-vote 工会声明

由于市场行情低迷,BTS 价值长期在低位徘徊,本着开源节流的原则,cn-vote 工会成员达成一致,决定:

  • bitshares-mobile-app
  • wirex-integration
  • uccs-research-project
  • DEXBot WP3

我们期待各提案项目方及时主动向社区,尤其是包括 cn-vote 在内的中文社区沟通其工作进展、资金使用情况等,提供足够多的信息供工会成员重新判断其是否对 DAC 有持久价值。
注:bitshares-mobile-app 团队已经与 cn-vote 对接人进行了充分的沟通,并在公开渠道有充分的信息披露。经讨论认为:其工作成效明显,开发手机软件实用性较强,带来明显流量,并将正在推进的社区官方版本设置为官方水龙头,为系统带来更多收益。工会达成共识予以支持。

cn-vote 社区工会

Tong Shen, Coordinator Assistant, Core Team | 沈瞳,BitShares Core 开发团队 协调员助理
Spark Blockchain | 星火区块链:北美领先的区块链咨询及孵化公司
WeChat | 微信号: cnjsstong