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Re: [Draft][Worker Proposal] Global Marketing Board
« Reply #15 on: September 11, 2019, 08:34:34 pm »
thanks for your updates. my big concern for the global marketing board proposal is how to make sure this one will be delivered based on the performance of previous "marketing" proposal. The problems and challenge that we're gonna face will be much harder than the previous one. The question we should ask is how to find and make sure those marketing volunteer will have interests to deliver those goals even we have budget. More marketing specialist, less committee or other bts team members.

we can encourage each region (asia, us, euro, africa, south american etc) to proposal their own marketing plan. It's hard to balance different region's interest and thoughts, then relocate marketing resource. Each region should build their own bitshares marketing proposal and team, which aims to build local ecosystem and BD potential partners every year. Decentralized 2020 might be included into Euro Bitshares annual marketing plan; also the 3rd Global Graphene Blockchain Developer Conference 2020 could be included into Chinese Bitshares marketing plan. Let the voters to decide which region/area should support or not, much or less. One general proposal can't reach and match all marketing goals and needs from different area, since each area has their own "history" and need.

btw, if you open this topic in the Chinese thread and look for more comments, you should have responsibility to answer the questions in Chinese. lots of chinese members can't read english proposal or comments. Thanks for inviting me to contribute more about marketing thought in the future. I am currently based in nyc/beijing and already met lots of bitshares friends in the China and US this year. Hopefully, you do not judge me by the thoughts "where you came from suddenly".  :)

FWIW there were some feedback in the Chinese thread:

I was hoping wonder88 would response to me in here, but instead he chooses to add the same in the Chinese post. I do not speak Chinese, and I do not trust automated translation services enough to do a good job for a back and forth conversation.

wonder88, I would very much like to discuss and iterate on all your concerns.