Author Topic: [marketing]BitShares in Nova Global investment summit比特股在Nova全球区块链投资机构峰会回顾  (Read 2567 times)

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12月4日,Nova全球区块链投资机构峰会在广州 富力丽兹卡尔顿酒店举行,吸引来自共识实验室、比升资本、链兴资本、犇睿资本、Chain Capital等数百位投资人参与。这里既有项目方,也有Token fund,还有传统股权投资机构,他们围绕区块链投资进行了精彩分享。

On 4th December, Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institutions Summit was held in Guangzhou Ritz-Carlton. Hundreds of investors from Consensus lab, Bitrise Capital, Lianxing Capital, BN Capital, Chain Capital and so on attended the summit. Also many project parties and traditional equity investment institutions took part in this summit. Both of them have made wonderful sharing around blockchain investment.

会议上,共识实验室合伙人任铮、Chain Capital 创始合伙人李翔敏做了“打造区块链投资共同体及投资标准发布”的致辞,全球知名区块链媒体 Cointelegraph 的 Sergei 和 Vadim 也进行了主题演讲并发布了 Cointelegraph 中文版。

In the summit, founder of Consensus lab Kevin Ren and founder of Chain Capital Xiangmin Li gave the opening speech on’Building a blockchain investment community and releasing investment standards’. Meanwhile, Sergei and Vadim, who are from global well-know blockchain media cointelegraph  also delivered keynote speech and released the Chinese version of Cointelegraph.


There are many panel discussion during the summit with various topics, such as ‘Policy trends of various countries’,’blockchain investment in the eyes of traditional investment’,’blockchain technology, governance and investment’,’mining new assets targets’ etc. The summit was held about one month since the Chinese government issued the ‘1024’ new policy for blockchain and the impact of the new national policy on investment strategy is also discussed by attendees.


BitShares, as the world’s first DeFi platform, participated in the summit in the form of exhibitors. Luke, the social media marketing executive from GBAC(Graphene Blockchain Application Center), introduced the features and latest progress of BitShares platform to attendees, and interacted with participants to draw prizes and present customized mobile phone shells.

关于Nova Club:
Nova Club是由一批活跃的区块链行业机构发起成立的投资生态联盟,到现在已经有22家成员机构,包含共识实验室、比升资本、链兴资本、犇睿资本、水滴资本、Chain Capital等,这些成员投资了国内外超过300个标的,其中有不少业内热门项目。

About Nova Club:
Nova Club is an investment ecological alliance initiated by a group of active blockchain industry institutions. Up to now, it has 22 member institutions, including Consensus lab, Bitrise Capital, Lianxing Capital, BN Capital, Waterdrip Capital, Chain Capital etc. These members have invested in more than 300 targets at home and abroad, including many hot projects in the industry.