Author Topic: The reason why Bitshares in on a free fall  (Read 14347 times)

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It's been a while since I've sold all my Bitshares. There are tons of reason why did I sell my BTS, one major reason is the current system right now is broken. Many of us wanted Bitshares to go mainstream but with all the price rigging, setting feed price to static with price that is almost 20% more than Bitshares current price, both USD and CNY. There's also another broken update that might be added to Bitshares broken system, that is BAIP2 that is worst that the current STATIC SCAM PRICE FEED. Imagine me buying bitshares and wanted to open a margin, it's really frustrating knowing the bitshares dex CNY and USD are 35% more than the current REAL price of Bitshares.
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