Author Topic: BTS TA for 12TH JULY 2020  (Read 602 times)

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Currently BTS price is close to 0.0252USD which is close to an old resistance of 0.0263, above this resistance is the 0.032-0.035 resistance levels which are critical to restore the bitasset pegs. Bitshares is over 15% up from where it was at this time last month. Bitshares traded between 0.0207 to 0.027USD within that time a rough 30% gain if u had caught both positions. So far BTS appears to be in an uptrend channel on the daily and 4H charts and is testing the 0.024-0.025USD, with current resistance at 0.027USD level, a failure to hold support may lead to a crash to the 0.022USD.
SUPPORT LEVELS: 0.0245, 0.022, 0.020
RESISTANCE LEVELS: 0.026, 0.035, 0.040