Author Topic: Check your expected LottoShares balance for AGS  (Read 7856 times)

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You should multiply your AGS balance by (1000/152).

The total is off (too low) by about 400 lottoshares, or 0.004%. I think this is rounding, but it also might be because of keyhotee founder nonsense - unlike the rest of AGS this does not have an easily auditable definition and depends on the spreadsheets maintained by stan/danN  + my postprocessing being right. So worst case some founder gets less lottoshares than they should.

All my balances for "normal" AGS are right.

My personal opinion is that if everyone who checks it in this thread say it's OK, we should say "screw it, good enough" and not make FreeTrade waste any more time on this. We will provide a super-sure triple-checked AGS balance list for other DAC devs in the future.
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