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My delegate name is in my signature  :)

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I can't tell if my votes for other count or not... I have a decent size BTSX, yet, when I vote for someone, they barely move.

However I noticed that if I send BTSX directly to my actual delegate account - it suddenly has a lot of votes (but still not nearly enough!)

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Seems unfair advantage that init delegates start with more than 3% votings. Other ideas and businesses have to do it the hard way. >:(

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i created a few delegates because they were cheap :)

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Sounds good!

I don't understand... who is behind those initXX delegates?

We need to diversify, to strengthen the network. I did pretty much 100% reliability during the test network. Yet I get almost no votes on the live one. Am I doing something wrong?

clout - I like you, but is it really necessary to run 5 delegates? It is giving the impression that this is a VERY centralized effort to the outsiders/newcomers.

I know it's early days, but this needs to be adjusted.


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Lets swap votes. You vote for my delegate bitcoiners and I will vote for yours.  8)

I will even throw in 10 Stars to sweeten the deal.

1. Vote for this list of delegates.
2. Reply to this thread with your delegate name.
3. I will add you to this list, vote for you and send you 10 Stars.

Current list of vote swappers
Code: [Select]
wallet_approve_delegate xeldal
wallet_approve_delegate bitcoiners
wallet_approve_delegate bits
wallet_approve_delegate blockchainer
wallet_approve_delegate cryptomoon
wallet_approve_delegate slavix
wallet_approve_delegate jabbajabba
wallet_approve_delegate kpd-1
wallet_approve_delegate happyshares-1
wallet_approve_delegate xeroc-delegate-1
wallet_approve_delegate liondani
wallet_approve_delegate spartako
wallet_approve_delegate ninja
wallet_approve_delegate dele-puppy
wallet_approve_delegate enki
wallet_approve_delegate betax
wallet_approve_delegate scroodge

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