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My main issue with that is I don't have the first clue who would reinvest into growing the DAC, and don't really have the time or motivation to find out. Think of me as a casual user who just wants to spend a little time using Bitshares, but doesn't have lots of time to spare for becoming a part of the community and getting to know people and so on. Finding out who to vote for seems to me at the moment like something which would require a significant commitment of time and effort, but yet I get nothing back (directly) in return for that effort.

I understand that you would like everyone to be altruistic and to be deeply commited to this project you care about and put effort into making sure it succeeds, but as soon as the user-base expands beyond the small group of commited community members who have been involved in the project for a long time to include general users, that is just not going to happen.

I feel a lot of people fall into your category of adopter and will continue to grow.  However, to vote for "good actors" may not require getting to know each candidate.  Looking at the delegate tab in the client you can base your voting choices on a couple rules of thumb:

1) Who has proven reliability with a high percentage and number of blocks produced?  These people will be the most stable.
2) Do you want to support someone that has multiple delegates or not?  Vote according to preference
3) Do you feel the delegate payments should be higher or lower based on what balance you want to see between shareholder value and customer costs.

Answering these questions while looking at the delegate tab would quickly ween down the list of candidates and allow you to participate in determining the course of the market without a huge time commitment.


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The issue is that Bts x has been released without any functionality.  Oh yeah, Bts, bitcoin can be "currency" - no sorry, they can't. There is no gainful functionality here yet, and until there is people will continue to misunderstand the project.

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Hi, I'm new and just starting to learn about DPoS and what I am wondering is why people would spend the time researching about delegates and so on just to give money to someone else? Where is the motivation to actually vote if people are not getting something back?

I have to say my first impression is that a Proof of Stake system which only rewards a select group of insiders, rather than everyone, doesn't appeal to me at the moment, and as such I would probably want to go for one of these pay back delegates just because I would feel like I kind of deserved it as much as them so why shouldn't I get a cut. But I remain open to being convinced otherwise so feel free to tell me why DPoS is better and on what basis I should vote if not for my own benefit.

Hi profitofthegods,

at first glance payback delegates seems to be an appealing business idea. Nevertheless i have decided to cancel the HappyShares venture. After long but fruitful conversations with forum members i got the enlightenment, that payback delegates act counterproductive to BitShares health. This decision was all the harder, since the platform was already nearing publication. Taking advantage of our experience we will soon deliver a voting related webtool to the community.
So, in hope that our decision prevents other guys going in the wrong direction, we want to lead by example.
If you welcome this decision please vote for

Code: [Select]
wallet_approve_delegate true

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Yay! Competition! :)