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Hey everyone,

Now that the system is working and we have some delegates earning income I thought it might be a good idea to brainstorm on the different ways delegates could use their earnings to help grow the community.

Off the top of my head here is what I can come up with:
 - Keep the funds as payment
 - Burn the funds by lowering payout %
 - Donate funds to various charities
 - Use funds to create bounties for development
 - Pay developers directly (not a good system for this worked out yet)

If you have some time and ideas please help me add to this list.

If I get some feedback I will build a site and link it here.  It will poll people about where they would like to see the fees go to and in what amounts. 

Link to the original idea thread is here:

Initially the site will not verify input based on any blockchain user data, as such the data collection may be gamed a bit, but hopefully will still give me (and any other delegates interested) one of hopefully many different sources of information to assist in deciding where delegate funds should go.  If people actually go and submit their preferences and there seems to be a desire by delegates for that information then I will look into tying the voting to proof of stake or something similar to increase the value of submitted data.

Also if there are any other initiatives elsewhere to collect this data, please let me know about it, thanks!