Author Topic: New Asio laws passed in Australia  (Read 1600 times)

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so... Australia got its own Patriot Act...


You mean 'Paranoia' Act?
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so... Australia got its own Patriot Act...


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I am not the most IT savvy (to know if those really work),

but 'vote with your feet' has worked for ages, and will continue to do so, imho.
Lack of arbitrage is the problem, isn't it. And this 'should' solves it.

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The new Asio (Australian security intelligence organisation) laws have passed overnight. A sad day it is. People in America thought they had it bad. These laws strip Australians to nothing.

Encryption, unique software (keyhotee) and anti surveillance products will continue to experience rapid demand growth. As early adopters of BitsharesX, angelshares, protoshares and crypto in general, I think we are in an appropriate position to capitalise on this madness- Lose your human rights but increase your net worth.

3 options for aussies:

1) Leave your country (Just pack up and leave)
2) Lobby against these laws (Goodluck, they own you)
3) Encrypt everything. (Your now ASIO's most wanted)