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It has become clear that the BitShares community is divided on the need, scope, and direction of BitShares UX/UI design changes going forward. Without the public backing and support from the BitShares community, a redesign worker proposal would be very difficult to complete in a way that satisfies all the interested parties. We at Scorum will continue to focus our efforts on developing our project and bringing the advantages of Graphene and DPoS tech to the sports community around the world. We will continue to recommend the BitShares DEX and associated products and services to our new users since it offers the best DEX option on the market today.

This worker provokes me different sensations.

In one side, i strongly think a full redesign as proposed here is what bitshares needs. Since the beginning of the web front ends change all the time as technology advances in the field. All big players makes a full redesign of their web page once every 2 or 3 years. Start from scratch with a new foundation and direction can be the best thing to do if current foundation is obsolete.

For what i see in the audit and worker link it seems to me this team are professional enough to do the job.

In my humble opinion if we end up with a new modern UI as proposed the impact in BTS price will be direct, something stakeholders will want.

In the other hand, this particular worker does not end with a single line of code but just a (very valuable) preparation of what the team can do in a second worker, it kind of force the stakeholders to vote for this worker and the next one(no price yet).  Stakeholders need to think in at least double price(and double time) to get the final product.

Another thing that i think it could be handled a bit better is to create some sort of cooperation with the current UI worker, i understand that for the team having all in house is more efficient but we have current employees with their worker proposal expiring right now and with no possibility of joining the new project.

I understand this is a free market, competition is good but as part of the bitshares-core team, if a new worker proposal of this kind came into the core, i will maybe accept it but i will definitely don't like it.

Even with that, this stage of preparation will mean that everybody will be keep using the current UI for a while, this should give enough time to settle this things.

Great job overall, i like this worker and i will be probably voting it, i can offer myself as an escrow if needed, i am not a committee member but i am well known in the community.

Thanks Oxarbitrage for your opinion. All your thoughts are very reasonable and we really appreciate it.

With our first worker proposal we cannot collaborate with current UI team as they don’t have design specialists in it. But on the front-end phase (if approved) we would certainly consider collaboration with them. 

As we mentioned before we know in person quite a few committee members and also we have launched some products already. But if our recognition will not be enough for the community we absolutely don’t mind having an escrow. So thanks a lot for your proposal and we will definitely consider it.


Since this wp is all about design, it needs to include a more precise definition of the deliverables, which will serve as inputs to the UI coders. It should do so in a "balanced" approach that considers the current state of the codebase and provides a useful migration path to achieve the design goals while recognizing the starting point of existing codebase. It must not be assumed a total rewrite from scratch and scraping of the existing codebase is the most efficient way to achieve the design goals. This requires cooperation and support of SVK and Bill Butler's UI coding team. Likewise if a total rewrite would be a more efficient path, the case for that must be made clear to everyone. That case cannot be made until the conclusion of the design however.

I also have reservations about deliverables being biased towards the gaming / gambling / sports markets and not a generalized DEx.This wp needs to address this issue to assure supporters will not simply be providing a subsidy to another project, namely scorum.

Excess Funds   
I have reservations about where the excess funds will go. I do not want them to be funneled to scorum or any other project than BitShares. It is my desire that other projects will benefit substantially from this wp in many ways, but those benefits should be indirect rather than direct.

Re: Deliverables
The final design deliverables will include clear instructions that another front-end team will be able to implement. As you write, we will know more about how much of the current code base can be re-used and/or refurbished or if it would be more efficient to start from a clean slate.

Re: Excess funds
They will be returned to the worker pool, first post was modified to make that more clear. Sorry for any confusion in this regard.

What do you mean at a set bitUSD rate? Will you continuously sell bitUSD until 347800 bitUSD are reached and return all the rest (like the foundations worker model?)

Regarding the escrow, we’ve established connections with many committee members and keep in close contact with them and we’ll be delivering regular milestone updates to the community.
I would have really liked to see an actual escrow, but that is only my personal opinion. Would you be willing to ask those committee members to vouch for this publicly?

Can you please comment on what you mean with this initial sentence
The income from this worker proposal will be invested back into further development of the Scorum sports ecosystem

You are mentioning a follow up worker proposal that does the actual implementation. I assume that you also do not plan to collaborate with the existing UI team then (basically direct competition with the current UI worker, which would then get rendered useless)?
Also, can you estimate in what budget range the follow up worker proposal will be?

Thank you for your time!

A- Yes we're following the foundation worker model

B- We plan to make the deliveries regularly but if the community agrees that an escrow is necessary we would be open to that

C- In this line, 'income' refers to the net after the excess has been refunded. Aside from funding the redesign work, we will be actively promoting use of the BitShares DEX to new users who enter the cryptocurrency industry via the Scorum sports platform.

D- Without having all the design mockups ready, it's impossible to make an estimation of the implementation costs at this point. The final delivery of the Design Worker will dictate the costs and timelines of Front-End development

I really like the design audit, many flaws shown in the existing UI. Some good know-how behind you guys! I am wondering if you have considered working together with the current UI worker as the UX redesigning input?

Anyways, I have been looking in the details from your homepage. I see the following calculations:
bitUSD 347800
BTS 5434375
Days 152
BTS per day 35752

Is the worker asking to be funded in bitUSD with exceeding BTS to be returned? Is there an escrow? What happens if price spikes or drops?

In the end of the propsal you say

The income from this worker proposal will be invested back into further development of the Scorum sports ecosystem

That suggests that all exceeding BTS are funneled into Scorum? Can you please comment on that?

I'm unsure what the exact deliverables are. A working prototype?

No we’re not working with the current UI worker team because we have all the necessary team members in-house and would rather not try to collaborate with a remote team because it’s inefficient.

The Scorum UI/UX worker will be funded with BTS at a set bitUSD rate, vested for 7 days, and the exceeding BTS will be returned. The quote has a built in 2.5x buffer to handle rate changes in BTS, which is common in most BitShares worker proposals.

Regarding the escrow, we’ve established connections with many committee members and keep in close contact with them and we’ll be delivering regular milestone updates to the community.

The exact deliverable will be the new User Interface for all screens on all devices along with described user interactions to guide front-end development and implementation.


Hello Bitshares community we are Scorum, a product-based company that is currently launching the Scorum sports media platform powered by the Graphene Framework. We’ve assembled a top team of 50+ designers, developers, SEO specialists, sports analysts and marketing staff locally in the High-Tech Park of Belarus. Check out the team presentation.

Following up on Scorum’s speech and meetings with BitShares Committee members at the Global Graphene DevCon in Shanghai in May 2018, Scorum has submitted a Worker proposal based on a design audit of the BitShares Exchange and Landing page.

We believe that with the right design approach, BitShares can become a highly competitive exchange solution for the growing cryptocurrency audience.

The core service of Scorum, our decentralized sports blog platform has already launched at and been well received by users. It’s currently available in 5 language interfaces but will be expanded to 20+ with the help of the Scorum bounty community.

See all of Scorum’s development progress including Atomic Swaps solution for Graphene chains at the Scorum Github:

UX/UI Proposal details

Goal: Reinvent BitShares UX and UI which will increase mass adoption of the DEX platform, increase interest from experienced traders and recognition among global Crypto community. All these should lead to growth in BTS price. To better understand the scope of the Scorum Design Proposal, visit and read all about the design approach, timelines, budget estimations, and more.

UX/UI Design: Service Design Approach (proven methodology by design-led companies like Facebook and Uber) focused on user research and collaboration with community, that consists of following phases:
  • Research Phase – from surveys among users to Ideal Customer Journey Map
  • UX Design Phase – from exchange wireframes to UX design testing
  • Visual Design Phase – from definition of Bitshares visual language to interactions

Final delivery: New User Interface design for all devices (desktops, tablets and mobiles) for both Exchange and Landing page with described user interactions for all screens as well as the BitShares Design System.

All info about UX/UI worker proposal can be found on
The Design proposal will begin on 02.07.2018 and continue for approximately 152 days.

What does successful modern design involve?

Good design is time consuming

Our desk research shows that BitShares has a lot of UX and UI problems: too difficult for new users, lacking in tools for experienced traders, visually outdated and has accessibility issues. The results are obvious: we see low traffic on BitShares Exchange while centralized and more simple exchanges grow in popularity. In addition, the crypto world has inherent gaps in new users adoption experience.

To solve these problems a huge amount of work should be done: from detailed UX research to interactive design by applying modern design patterns and accessibility requirements.

  • Methodologies are important. We will do more than just redesign the current screens, we are going to rebuild the entire user experience by applying Service Design – a multidisciplinary approach to developing services that deliver more value for both customers and service providers with user research and collaboration with the community at the heart of the process.
  • UX research is an important investment. It encompasses gathering and analyzing data in a way to improve usability, using a set of research techniques (interviews, usability tests, card sorting). Large companies like Facebook (blog), Amazon and AirBnB (blog) are now insisting on research driven user experience work to be carried out on their websites, Apps and UI’s before final visual design starts.
  • To offer the most value from our proposal, in addition to design mockups we are going to create a Bitshares design system – a collection of reusable components guided by clear standards that can be assembled together to build any number of applications. Companies like Uber and AirBnB value the importance of design systems.

How much money do design-led companies spend?

In recent years design-led companies have shown the world how design can enhance their brand, create loyalty and extract maximum potential from a product. Sometimes the product may not even be the best in terms of features but if it’s well designed with a detailed focus on customer and user experience it can stand out from the competition.

Here are some studies that can be easily found on the net:

  • From the Design Value Index Study, those who invest in Service Design win, and they win big. Standard & Poor’s 500 (S&P’s 500) companies that have adapted their culture to a service design focus have seen a value increase of 211% in comparison to those that haven't.
  • Companies like Facebook, Apple, Samsung invest billions of dollars in Research and Development
  • Design increases turnover: For every £1 invested in design, businesses can expect over £20 in increased revenues in UK. Design Council Study
  • IBM bought three digital ad/design companies in a three week-span in 2016. One of them, for example, Resource/Ammirati has about 300 employees and revenue of $75 million.

Why it should be done now?

Lots of DEX competitors are entering the market, including huge players like Binance who have sponsored a Decentralized Exchange Coding Competition (Binance Dexathon) and EOSfinex, who are dedicating large amounts of resources and talent to creating new DEX platforms. BitShares provides a very strong foundation and an established legacy as a long-running DEX, but to compete with the new competition entering this space it needs to adapt quickly to the needs of current and potential customers.

Cryptocurrency in general continues to grow in popularity around the world and mass adoption is going to be critical for any project to succeed in this space, but BitShares has big problems with that. 80% of our users (4k) are not satisfied with Bitshares interface to such an extent that they even don’t want to interact with the exchange.

Why Scorum?

Our company is really interested in helping to make Bitshares a successful project since our own product also based on Graphene and our tokens are traded at the BitShares exchange.
The funds from this worker proposal, after excess funds are returned to the worker pool, will pay for the design research and creation and be further invested back into development of the Scorum sports ecosystem, a Graphene-based project with the potential to reach millions of new cryptocurrency users in the sports industry. Since our token is already listed on BitShares, the impact of our growing user base will directly improve the traffic and usership of the DEX.

To discuss this worker proposal further, feel free to post any questions here or talk with the team in the Telegram chat we’ve created to discuss Scorum’s design proposal for BitShares

Today I feel like a shit. I enetered to telegram chat and ask 1000 SCR for 1 month without benefits for my experiment.
I promised send back tokens for initial account and make offer with benefits.
I have reputation in Graphene community, I'm really public man from Moscow.
But this guys erase my messages and blocked me at chat.
What's happen? I really need official answer!!  :o :-\

Hi, we're not sure what you're referring to exactly but if you'd like to collaborate on something with our team please shoot me a message directly on telegram @John_McT


OpenLedger will now list Open.SCR/bit.USD pairing for Bitshares users who would like to buy directly instead of joining the Scorum crowdsale.


Scorum's Testnet is now live. Have a look, test it out, let us know what you think!

If you want to discuss any questions or insights about signing blocks for Scorum, join our Telegram chat for block producers

Looking forward to seeming more updates +5%

In case anyone missed it, Scorum CTO Alex Shkor joined the BeyondBitcoins hangout last Saturday to discuss atomic swaps on graphene (and other) blockchains. Link to nutela[/member]/bitshares-hangout-56-jan-27-2018-explained-summarized-and-sectionized]the recap on steemit

We're looking forward to more collaboration with the bitshares community!

Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone! We're one day away from the Scorum Crowdsale so I just bought enough coffee to not sleep for the next week (or 3)!

In other bitshares related news, we're also teaming up with OpenLedger for escrow services and more so stay tuned for details on that. In the meantime, we're processing our eGaming license registration so that we can offer Scorum's commission-free peer-2-peer betting exchange to as wide an audience as possible.

See this post for all the details and check out the rest of our Medium posts if you want to learn more about the project.

Crowdsale starts January 14th at 17:00 GMT

Use case of the Graphene Framework implemented for the Sports Media platform

Scorum is a media platform that will unite the passionate fans of sports around the world into a community where active participants are rewarded for their engagement. A community that will drive innovative event coverage, reporting, and asset trading between avid fans around the world.

Built on Graphene with Atomic Swap Implementation
The Graphene framework is used to develop the blockchain protocol for Scorum. In order to provide users with an opportunity to perform transactions within the Scorum blockchain network without having to spend their resources, we came up with the free transaction model for the platform which is made possible by the system dynamically calculating bandwidth capacity of each user.
To make the Scorum blockchain deployment process more convenient, we provide each new protocol version as a Docker image which allows us to avoid the peculiarities of various operating systems and environments. This in turn allows our users to easily utilize the client, which is especially important for delegates who need to keep the nodes active within the network in order to take part in block production rounds. These Docker images of public nodes are also deeply integrated into the system of continuous Web infrastructure expansion of the Scorum platform.
To allow for seamless and quick access to Scorum web interface, we will create a cluster of various containers within the Windows Azure cloud.   
● We use Azure Container Service to expand, support and orchestrate the Docker-container cluster with Scorum blockchain nodes. This highly reliable solution allows us to ensure availability even during peak load times as well as flexibly scale the cluster depending on incoming request volume.
● Azure Search allows Scorum users to effectively search through the content found on Scorum blockchain. To do this, we keep an eye on all the notes located in the blockchain and create indexes for them in Azure Search. Such indexing allows us to provide users with the most relevant search results considering such criteria as user language and variability of the searched phrase. 
 ● We use Azure Content Delivery Network to allow users to load pages immediately, regardless of where they are in the world.

The Scorum team has developed atomic swap support for the Scorum blockchain, to read all about this capability check out the Scorum Github.

This chosen technical solution allowed us to design the following key services:
●  The blogging platform where both content creation and curation will be rewarded through a fair and transparent economic model. Writers will have access to innovative data analysis, a suite of editorial tools tailored to sports content, and a built-in photo database. Scorum’s social blogging platform is inspired by the ecosystem of Steemit and the clean design of Medium, but completely optimized to appeal to the 1 billion global sports fans.

●  The statistics centers will drive sports data crunching to the next level. Writers and fans can browse and dig into stats about their favorite athletes or teams. Live event streaming, tickets, and other sporting goods will also be available as a part of partnership programs. Up-to-the-minute game info will inform real-time bettors and fantasy sports players.

●  The commission-free betting exchange allows users to quickly place bets against each other using our cryptocurrency. Integrated with Scorum users’ wallets and coupled with in-depth statistical analysis, sports fans’ venturing into the world of betting has never been easier. Scorum and SiGMA have teamed up to bring offer Scorum’s betting solution to established bookmakers for third-party integration.

●  The integrated Scorum Draft Fantasy Sports leagues bring out the competitive fire of sports fans as they play to win Scorum Coin tokens. The fantasy league is already operational with the opening free-roll tournament and will implement cryptocurrency rewards when the blockchain is published.

Mainstream Appeal
The potential Scorum audience is estimated at one billion people worldwide, roughly the number of people who regularly interact with digital sports media currently fragmented among the many traditional platforms. Scorum’s transparent and fair reward system, data driven sports coverage features, and integrated commission free betting exchange will give active sports fans an all-inclusive way to engage and compete with like-minded fans around the globe.

Like what you see? Join in the Scorum Crowsale starting January 14th at 17:00 GMT
Check out the whitepaper for all the details
Chat with us on Telegram
Get the latest updates through Facebook and Twitter

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