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In case if you have not registered for the whitelist - you have some time to do that!

 We strongly encourage those who did not register for the whitelist to visit our page and complete registration!

Here is the video about the EUNOMIA algorithm: …

More information about the price stabilisation algorithm could be found in our blog: 

Video highlights from the Fluzcoin Panama Gala meetup (May 9, 2018): Lars Rydström on Fluzcoin launch in Panama:

A look back at the Fluzcoin meetup in Tokyo, Japan, June 6, 2018, highlights could be found here:

We have a new Board Advisor joining our Team — Phil Dardier. Very happy to have him on board!

Our very own Stefan Krautwald, Commercial Director for Fluzcoin, was featured in this excellent article from Entrepreneur. Come learn about how the digital age is transforming the world of retail:

Why Fluzcoin will provide a better payment experience for users than any other method? The answer is here:

Do not forget to visit our website:

There you can find more information about the project, including:
- Onepager
- Whitepaper Summary
- Full Whitepaper

Do not forget to meet the FluzCoin team at one of  upcoming events! Here is the list of events that the FluzCoin team will attend:

In the interest of keeping everyone in the loop and informed on the total extent of the Fluz Ecosystem, we would like to cordially invite you to check out our sister project, "Fluz Fluz Cash Back Rewards." Visit the website:

How the Fluzcoin price will be stabilised? Find out at our new medium article:

Do not skip upcoming FluzCoin events! Find the list of upcoming events in this post:

Here's a short video about how the FluzCoin team visited the Consenus 2018 summit in New York: 

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