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Sign up for the Fluzcoin newsletter to get the latest news! At the end of each week you will receive a newsletter containing a recap of the latest news regarding Fluzcoin. To sign up, click the following link and scroll to the bottom of the page:

Seeing as we have been getting many inquiries about the FREE and INSTANT transaction environment on the Fluzcoin Quorum testnet, we have decided to address the most frequently asked questions:

We are happy to see community members from any part of the world! To help get a better understanding of the project, we have translated our whitepaper. Now it is also available in Chinese language:

Fluzcoin Quorum blockchain protocol testnet is available for everyone! For your benefit, we have implemented a faucet that provides you with 1000 test Fluzcoin to experience how FREE and INSTANT transactions work. Try it yourself here:

Check out this 6 minute video describing Fluzcoin Quorum protocol testnet functionality and development process:

Having trouble using the Fluzcoin Quorum blockchain protocol testnet? Not to worry, here is a detailed walkthrough of how you can transfer 1000 test Fluzcoin to your friends INSTANTLY and for FREE:

We are excited to introduce FREE and INSTANT transactions on Fluzcoin Quorum blockchain protocol testnet, available for everyone starting from today! Learn how to try Fluzcoin wallet testnet:

Fluzcoin benefits for market participants: Merchants. Are you a retailer interested in adopting Fluzcoin for your business? If so, you can submit your application here:

Do you have any questions? Please contact our support team in our Telegram group:

Want to stay tuned and receive all the official updates? Join Fluzcoin Telegram channel: 

Since we have gotten some inquiries about Fluzcoin's relation to Fluz Fluz, the consumer cash back network, here is a guide to help you understand the differences and correlation of both projects:

At Fluzcoin, we are very committed to making the world a better place. To find out how our latest partnership with @ongoodst will help us achieve that goal, read our latest Medium post:

Meet Matt Novak, the newest addition to the Fluzcoin team! Matt is a partner at All Blue Capital and will join Fluzcoin team as an advisor. For more information about Matt, see the latest post on our Medium account:

If you are a merchant, feel free to apply to the Fluzcoin adoption, via form here:

Want to stay tuned and receive all the official updates? Join Fluzcoin Telegram channel:

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