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We are proud to announce that Fluzcoin has become an official sponsor of the Smart Capital Summit, the premier event for innovation and financing leaders in the Pacific Aliiance region!

Fluzcoin transaction speed will exceed your expectations! Find out how in our Medium article here:

Don't miss out on the chance to get a 40% bonus! The next decrease is already TOMORROW!
Where to purchase Fluzcoin tokens? You can get them at our website: 
Do not hesitate to share these news with others!

We are glad to share with you an interview of Keith Wareing with Stefan Krautwald! Please enjoy and share with others!

Token bonus has decreased to 40%! Get tokens now while you get a greater bonus!
Where to get Fluzcoin tokens? You can get them at our website: 
Do not hesitate to share these news with others!

In Panama Fluzcoin team ally with Cryptobuyer ATM! Stay tuned!

Already this Friday Karthik Iyer will speak at the DISCON 2018 conference, which will be held in Boulder, Colorado. We invite you to attend this conference! Full information can be found at

For our subscribers who speak Hebrew we translated the introductory video! You can see it here:

Amazing news! Fluzcoin is accepted to the "Money 20/20 Startup Academy"! Fluzcoin team will get the chance to exhibit and pitch the project, meet with investors and enjoy other benefits. Find out more here:

We would like to share with you a small educational article about the principles for proof of trust! Article is available here:

We would like to announce that Fluzcoin is one of the sponsors of the "Bitcoin Fest Mundial" which will take place on the 27th and 28th of July at the Medellin! Full info is available here: 

We have prepared a great article for merchants that consider adopting Fluzcoin. This article does cover opportunities that Fluzcoin will bring to your retail network! Article is available here:

The token bonus has been decreased to the 45%! Hurry up to get the bonus! Options:
1) Buy tokens directly at our website ( )
2) Buy tokens at the Qryptos exchange ( )
Do not hesitate to share these news with others!

Great news! You can join the Fluzcoin Founders meet-up on 31st of July at Blockchain Embassy, Balboa Boutiques, Panama.

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