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Think the title sums it up. I have a back up from btsx and want to put the bts with the rest of my coins on ca i import it directly or do I have to import it into 0.9.3c first (which I have tried but got an error)
Thanks in advance

Im sure im not the only one who would like to know whos open to do it and at what fee.
Please let me know your rates and standing in the community.
Regards and well done for holding on, I haven't been here for years but kept coins.

Technical Support / Still have some unclaimed BTS in PTS
« on: October 16, 2015, 12:44:11 pm »
I still have some PTS from which i haven't claimed the BTS. Can i still do it with bitshares 2.0?

My bitshares block chain is a few months behind so i want to use the client to catch up. But i am getting the error

Not starting RPC server, use --server to enable the RPC interface

Please could someone help with what i must do. Im not a coder so simple instruction if you can?


Technical Support / Transferable Named Accounts
« on: September 21, 2015, 09:30:14 am »
I see that with bitshares 2.0 names will be transferable. My question, will the names we already registered be transferable?

Technical Support / graphene and bitshares 2.0
« on: September 21, 2015, 09:17:36 am »
I have not followed development this year. Could someone tell me in brief what graphene and bitshares 2.0 are and what they mean to me as an investor?

I'm not technical but surely the first thing you should get right is the ability to log in? If it crashes after that, OK its a work in progress but not being able to enter a password and see your account?

Should I be suspicious?

Why isn't number 1 staff topic "Have you seen how many people carnt login?" Never mind amazing things are coming, can I access my account please!

Please explain, my mind can only see sinister reasons for this.

Technical Support / 0.9.0 Still carnt access my wallet
« on: April 24, 2015, 07:12:44 pm »
Just downloaded 0.9.0 and i still cant get access to my wallet. When i put the password it just keeps looking like its about to unlock.

This is getting frustrating now. I have uninstalled everything and re installed.

Please advise, with simple instructions please.

I ask because i couldn't move mine if i wanted to client wont sync and i am waiting for 1.0

General Discussion / carnt get my account to sync
« on: March 29, 2015, 04:28:59 pm »
After not loading my account for 6 months i finally got it to sync after repeatedly starting again until it downloaded the full blockchain. It worked fine for a few weeks now it has been stuck for 6 days on block 2074788. This time its not asking if i want to re download the blockchain, how do i force it (if thats what i need to do)

Any advice appreciated

General Discussion / help with an error message
« on: February 26, 2015, 04:11:18 pm »

I just downloaded the latest client and logged into my account (first time since september i think) and i tried to make a small transfer just to play around. I got the following error message. invalid transaction expiration (31011)

Please can someone advise what i have to do?

 ○ request@app.js:36:2428
 ○ transfer@app.js:36:48910
 ○ q@app.js:33:414
 ○ ok@app.js:31:23475
 ○ app.js:8:7273
 ○ e@app.js:8:13647
 ○ $eval@app.js:6:81532
 ○ $apply@app.js:6:81763
 ○ app.js:8:13704
 ○ dispatch@app.js:3:14328
 ○ handle@app.js:3:11078
31011 invalid_transaction_expiration: invalid transaction expiration

    bitshares  transaction_evaluation_state.cpp:218 bts::blockchain::transaction_evaluation_state::evaluate

    bitshares  transaction_evaluation_state.cpp:256 bts::blockchain::transaction_evaluation_state::evaluat

Yes i was foolish enough to leave a small but painfull chunk of shares on the exchange  :(

Also if you have any news on the subject please post it.

General Discussion / silk road reloaded
« on: January 19, 2015, 03:39:36 pm »
The site administrators are also open about adding more altcoins on request.

Article here

Sorry if this has already been discussed i haven't had time to keep up lately.

You probably get the gist from my long title. Im sure this must have been discussed but i haven't had much time the past couple of weeks to follow closely.

Anyway... I have lots of different coins and wallets that will now become BTS, im sure that isn't a problem but i also have PTS that have taken there BTSX but not DNS and i have some PTS that haven't claimed anything. Do i need to do anything or will the system account for what has been taken and what hasn't and calculate the BTS owing when i import those wallets?

Is there something i don't know? I thought they would be near worthless today.

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