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Hi folks,

at first glance payback delegates seems to be an appealing business idea. Nevertheless i have decided to cancel the HappyShares venture. After long but fruitful conversations with forum members i got the enlightenment, that payback delegates act counterproductive to BitShares health. This decision was all the harder, since the platform was already nearing publication. Taking advantage of our experience we will soon deliver a voting related webtool to the community.
So, in hope that our decision prevents other guys going in the wrong direction, we want to lead by example.

Stay tuned!

Hi community!
We want to introduce HappyShares - the first and #1 BitShares reward program to you. If you vote for our delegates you'll achieve pro-rata profit in BTSX.
With 66% delegate burn rate we increase common shareholder value and strengthen the ecosystem by our reliable cloud-based infrastructure. Beyond that we refund 50% of all delegate revenues back to our voters. A nice site is almost finished, where you can look up your earnings, stats and info.
Online in the next few days. Stay tuned.

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