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Currently i work hard beside my day job on the announced approval explorer tool that grows daily. See first screenshots here:
When its finished, i come up with a new delegate related to that.
For now i would be glad to stay elected.
Looks awesome.  +5%
oh yea ... ETA?

Hi xeroc. It depends... I think 80% of the work is done. Cause i try to cover all aspects of bitshares and interlink as much as possible from these data for fast navigation.


He misdirected the message.  He is asking happyshares a coding question.
ah,yes.i misdirected the message,i should raise the question to @happyshares.

Hi crazybit, the map is made by mapael , which depends on raphael.js
On the site you may find some nice examples too. Hope that helps.

Hi happyshares,
I was not clear about whether your current happyshares delegate has a pay back program or not. I guessed yes since it has the same name. Does it?

Hi delulo,
there is no payback program anymore. Here
one can read that it was canceled 2 months ago.

HappyShares was canceled see OP!

Also bytemaster knows about the fact, so i use happyshares-2 as my private delegate for now cause he voted me in.
Currently i work hard beside my day job on the announced approval explorer tool that grows daily. See first screenshots here:
When its finished, i come up with a new delegate related to that.
For now i would be glad to stay elected.

did you check happyshares?
Good guy but flawed incentive model (Flawed for the health of the system, see
i identified 14 delegates related to happyshares, only 1 is approved.
i will rethink his approval on the next report.
What do you mean by "only 1 is approved"?
Happyshares promised to pay those who vote for him. If such a voting habit is vastly adopted it significantly weakens DPOS (see the two links for more details). Therefore such deals should not be approved in general!
Agreed, happyshares is now completely disapproved

+ made some important last minute changes to the list.
_ changed sort order so it is cristal clear that many of the 101 delegates are sock puppets and multis.
_ found some more insiders and unknown delegates

For the trust in DPOS i hope stakeholders will review their votes...

At the Moment we have 34 approved delegates not in the Top101 while 69 disapproved delegates are in.
Thats not enough to make the Top101 free of fraud but it would be a beginning.

This is completely incomprehensible, since everybody knows that i have canceled the happyshares project.
Delulo, you should know better, cause we talked about by PM. So no reason to vote me out people. Thanks!

I think early on it will be helpful for feeds to be published every 4 hours.  The market is still thin and 4 hours is a lot of time with the volatility of BTSX.

I updated mine to every 4 hours and only if changed by more than 5% from previous update.

I updated mine to every 4 hours (and adjusted the fee  ;) )

I think we need tighter tolerances to enforce the peg better.   Update if changed by more than 1%.  Right now shorts are selling at 3% above.

This way i spent over 28 BTSX for updating the feed since midnight, using the python script. Quite expensive related to payrate.



happyshares-2 has been missing blocks so it might be on a fork yea. Restart the client with --rebuild-index if that's the case, will take a couple of minutes but should get you back on the right fork.

If you wanna have a quick check if your delegate has been missing blocks recently, just go here and check the "last missed blocks" table:

thanks for your kindness svk, node is running again.

Tried to update more then once, but not visible when i calling blockchain_get_feeds_from_delegate.
Seems i'm on a fork :-[

just updated to 0.4.10, plz vote me in again
price feeds for USD, GLD and CNY will update soon.

Thank you

please vote me back in: happyshares-2    @0.4.9

since 24H i'm on standby @ version 0.4.9 , please vote me in again.
thank you

please vote me back in: happyshares-2    @0.4.9

happyshares-2 upgraded to 0.4.8

bump: HappyShares was canceled see OP!

Hi, I'm new and just starting to learn about DPoS and what I am wondering is why people would spend the time researching about delegates and so on just to give money to someone else? Where is the motivation to actually vote if people are not getting something back?

I have to say my first impression is that a Proof of Stake system which only rewards a select group of insiders, rather than everyone, doesn't appeal to me at the moment, and as such I would probably want to go for one of these pay back delegates just because I would feel like I kind of deserved it as much as them so why shouldn't I get a cut. But I remain open to being convinced otherwise so feel free to tell me why DPoS is better and on what basis I should vote if not for my own benefit.

Hi profitofthegods,

at first glance payback delegates seems to be an appealing business idea. Nevertheless i have decided to cancel the HappyShares venture. After long but fruitful conversations with forum members i got the enlightenment, that payback delegates act counterproductive to BitShares health. This decision was all the harder, since the platform was already nearing publication. Taking advantage of our experience we will soon deliver a voting related webtool to the community.
So, in hope that our decision prevents other guys going in the wrong direction, we want to lead by example.
If you welcome this decision please vote for

Code: [Select]
wallet_approve_delegate true

General Discussion / Re: Delegates please Use Sub-Accounts
« on: July 23, 2014, 08:27:15 pm »
Thank you bytemaster. Our delegates burn 66% right now, more than other members that participate solely by stake.
Since we want to add the network no damage, HappyShares could operate as controlled proxy for similar "strange" ideas,
always ready to act pro BitShares not against. Our further plan is to develop other economy related tools, perhaps more fruitful in your eyes, in the future.

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