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Quote   --------BEOS视频资料,可以用“讯飞听见”手机应用来辅助即时翻译

Bitshares EOS,来了解一下它的技术白皮书



旅行概览 - 我们有连接的地方



目前,具有5个对等体的BEOS节点消耗大约2.6kbps,低于1kbps。这可以通过Royal Caribbean的高速10 mbps网络轻松处理。


近日,有一个新的区块链项目引起大家的注意——BEOS , 顾名思义也就是 Bitshares+EOS,它使用的是EOSIO源码,将作为Bitshares(比特股)和 EOS主网之间的中间链。EOS 作为区块链3.0的代表,是要做万链之王的,其实并不缺什么侧链、分叉链。但 BEOS 是由BM的父亲 Stan 发起的,而且连接的 Bitshares 是BM探索石墨烯技术的第一个区块链项目,所以格外特别。让我们来看看它的技术白皮书,想想对BTS/EOS生态将带来什么影响。

##Stan Larimer 解释 Bitshares   EOS 和BEOS的关系


BEOS 节点在公海运行




BEOS中文微信群 请先加 微信 “itismyjob

更新的内容在下面的帖子上    注意:  Stan 参与的项目有 MUSE / HERO,前面这2个都不是太理想,希望这次这个能有所成,加油,不要半途而废 。。。。



2)如果能大量吸引bts屯仓89天,那么bts的流通量就少了. RAM的raindrop持续80周,如果能锁5亿以上bts,那么bts的市场供求会反应到价格上

3) eos/bts创始人BM父亲 Stan Larimer 发起的 区块链项目 BEOS 链上线运行并开始分糖果空投


5) 注意:  Stan 参与的项目有 MUSE / HERO,前面这2个都不是太理想,希望这次这个能有所成,加油,不要半途而废 。。。。


7) 这里有BEOS的视频

Stan Larimer Explains Bitshares   EOS BEOS

Deep Diving into BEOS and other Stan Larimer projects building on EOSIO with mBluCrypo  这里有BEOS的视频


BEOS 节点在公海运行

中文(Chinese) / 讨论一下BITUSD黑天鹅对BITCNY和BTS生态的影响
« on: November 26, 2018, 03:15:33 am »


我很想知道今后我们该怎么做才不会被这些大户把控. 大家也都畅所欲言讨论一下BITUSD黑天鹅对BITCNY和BTS生态的影响

Muse / sept. MUSE project update from Cob
« on: September 06, 2016, 05:29:18 am »
cob [9:13 PM] 
Hi guys. working on two things at once atm.
Troopeers. Which does indeed have traction. Going around NYC we had a lot of interest to try out beta. We hired a guy to design entire UX and a new front end dev to implement all designs.

In the meantime, we are revamping the shit out of Muse and since the open sourced dotblockchainmusic project released their alpha last wednesday, we are in talks with their devs to see how we can work together. There are some very interesting pieces of the puzzle they are solving, which we can integrate into MUSE.
Either take some of that code directly in integrate it within MUSE OR simply connect up to their system and leverage that. Still very early but very promising, we've just been put in touch with their devs so that should be very helpful.

In other news, I AM going to be in Spain. I am giving a presentation (making a powerpoint atm) on the holy trinity that is MUSE, PeerTracks and Troopeers. and I've just been added to the closing panel talk.
Also in early october I am giving another talk in Bruxelles at the European something something of I.P.

that logo sucks, btw. but it was the best one the contest provided. We aren't using it.
Well the final design walkthrough was this morning. So now that the new front end guy has a grasp of the entire app, we can estimate how long it will take him to implement.

and just so you know, it will be a beta of Troopeers, not Muse
Pivotal Tracker is what we where using  internally for the App we showed off in NYC.
Tomorrow morning we are going through pivotal tracker (which still contains all the stories that deal with post beta features) and moving everything relevant to Trello. To ensure the new devs keep the medium to long term goals in mind. So after that meeting, we'll be in a position to calculate timeline of the Beta.

a couple things come into play as well.
I'll be in Spain and Bruxelles for conferences. Which can delay us a bit if the release date is between the 19th of sept and oct 7th. BUT there might be someone coming into PeerTracks which has 17 years of project management experience that can handle everything we need.
But it's not a garantee yet

couple moving parts ^^

cob [6:11 PM] 
Yes this wouldn't compete with Muse. That dotblockchain project is indeed just creating a database of copyrights that is publicly viewable

Muse can read that info.

be a portal, etc

we would be the MEANS of payment

Paying with MuseUSD

among other things
ame thing, only instead of requiring our users to input the data into Muse, Muse can merely read the data from the public, open source dotblockchain chain

we can either just read it

or read it and copy it

if need be

working out the best way forward with them

Muse would be unique in being the chain that pays the correct people instantly and transparently using a crypto currency that has stability around the value of a USD

wouldn't act like a stock
Well Muse backed dollar if you will

the bitUSD backed by shares of the blockchain

General Discussion / happy year of MONKEY
« on: February 07, 2016, 04:02:55 pm »

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BM is not a candidate :P :P :P :P :P :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

CoinDesk's Most Influential People in Bitcoin and Blockchain in 2015
  Mike Hearn, R3
 Blythe Masters, Digital Asset Holdings
 Andreas M. Antonopoulos
 Balaji Srinivasan, 21
 Roger Ver,
 Elizabeth Rossiello, Bitpesa
 Greg Maxwell, Adam Back and the Blockstream team
 Tim Swanson, R3
 Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum
 Wences Casares, Xapo
 Nick Szabo, Independent

[member=120]xeroc[/member] [member=18687]abit[/member] [member=21903]roadscape[/member]  please give me a tutorial for how to use visual studio to compile bitshare2.0 project(solution )?

can anyone share the visual studio solution here......????

[member=8747]Tuck Fheman[/member]

Muse / cob, are you ready for tomorrow's go live?????:'( :'(
« on: October 25, 2015, 02:28:55 pm »
Cob,  I did not see any  test run information for MUSE . Would you like to post go-live run book here  for anyone who like to join MUSE tomorrow? As been told ,MUSE need witness ,you need to give community at least 24 hours in advance to prepare for the witness-node client ......
 :) :) :) :) :) :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(


Hi bitsharesTV   , any update on this topic ?

Great Article Vitalik. I would love to get yourself and Dan Larimer on a Google Hangout to discuss the best ways for BitShares and Ethereum to help each other. If that sounds interesting please reach out to me.

General Discussion / post in reddit for bithshares any comments ?
« on: August 04, 2015, 12:17:13 am »
I found following  post in reddit  any comments ?


I have spent a lot of time researching Bitshares. While I'm no finance expert, there is one thing I am convinced about: Bitshares is complicated.
In an attempt to make the concept accessible, one is told to think about it as opening and closing positions in a never-ending futures market, where there is no requirement to take delivery. Bitshares is an extrapolation of what is known as a prediction market, a concept that has been around since the 1940's. But Bitshares is not a classic prediction market, which is defined by a specific point in time when the game is over and the winners and losers are known. It is an extrapolation of the prediction market -- a substantial and likely unproven extrapolation. That's why the red flag is raised for me: Why hasn't the Bitshares model been implemented on a centralized exchange at some point in the past 50 years? The presence of an anonymous, decentralized exchange is NOT a core requirement for the concept.
Warren Buffet will not invest in anything he doesn't understand. I'd advise anyone who is interested in investing in Bitshares to think it through very carefully and convince yourself you know how it works and that the market will accept it.

General Discussion / how can i get the average delegate's feed price ?
« on: August 27, 2014, 06:41:13 pm »
how can i get the average delegate's feed price ? any command can work for the purpose from console ?

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