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Can an android phone currently be used for multi-sig transactions?

2FA, like a makeshift TREZOR on iphone chrome app DOES display a pending/proposed multi-sig transactions, but the window to "approve" it malconfigures so that it's impossible to click the button. Impossible on android configures much better in general, but DOES NOT display any multi-sig related pending/proposed transactions. There is no mention of a pending tx anywhere. Impossible

Bitshares munich Smartcoin wallet (Android only) does not mention multi-sig or pending/proposed transactions. Impossible

Any advice?

I have seen BitShares munich are developing "Carbon", which does seem to have multi-sig functionality.
I think this is as-yet unreleased...

Do I have to wait?


When backing up an account, you are given the option of backing up with a .bin file OR a brainkey.

There are 3 variables in account creation: a password, a .bin backup file, and a brain key.

Is a brainkey ALL you need to "reinstall" your wallet info?

If you use a brain key (12 words written down on paper) do you ALSO need a password and a .bin file?

Is an account that is backed up with JUST a brainkey safe?


Technical Support / Step by step multi-sig setup
« on: June 19, 2017, 05:38:06 pm »
Is there one?

The documentation on how to actually use BitShares seems quite limited

General Discussion / Bitcoin's Market Share is ripe for the picking
« on: May 20, 2017, 06:37:01 pm »
When Bitcoin Experts/Enthusiasts are complaining that the price is "too high" then you know it's an inferior system

Lingham: not healthy

Bitcoin Price Pundit Vinny Lingham is not excited about the current price trend and sees it as very deleterious for the space. "Not healthy in my opinion, but clearly everyone else knows best," he noted. "I'll just wait and see."
Malcolm Macleod: problems remain

More so, Gulden Wallet Developer, Malcolm Macleod's concern is that the price has been pushed too high, without the fundamentals to back it up and ultimately it is damaging to the ecosystem.

He cites particularly the ongoing transaction queue problems.

"These things are always a mixed bag, so probably some good and some bad things come from it," Malcolm stated.


The majority of the global demand for bitcoin is in Japan.
What is the market penetration of BitShares like in Japan?
Are there plenty of forums/chatrooms/steemit communities catering to the Japanese and South Korean market?
The largest demographic of Steemit users are South Korean.

What steps would one need to take to join?
Is there a need for a new member?
What's the situation? 


I've only recently discovered this steem blog, it's useful for bts shareholders or potential investors to read for updates.

Come to mention it I don't feel that the bitsharestalk community is linked very well with the Steemit BitShares community.

General Discussion / What's so good about NEM?
« on: May 19, 2017, 10:11:13 am »
What's so good about NEM?

2 Months ago, 19th March 2017, NEM's market cap was $150,000,000. (An all time high at the time).

Today, NEM's market cap is $2,300,000,000.

Growth of 14x in 2 months?

Was there some particular news or something?
I've done a little reading on it and it doesn't seem "all that"

Does the historical data exist for a graph of total SmartCoin-cap vs btsmcap over time?

Also, does the historical data exist to plot
Code: [Select]
(bts marketcap / total value of the cryptomarket) * 100 so that the market share BitShares has had over time is easily visible?


For future reference:
As of 21:00GMT 16/05/17, according to
US Dollar price of bts: $0.043429
BTC price of bts: 0.00002489
Total USD value of the entire crypto market: $57,809,925,880
Total bts in circulation (released from Reserve Pool): 2,601,040,000
USD market cap of BitShares: $112,960,566
BTC market cap of BitShares: 64,733BTC

16/05/17 BitShares' market share of the cryptomarket in USD: 0.19%

I'm very interested in seeing how this % fluctuates during this big cryptoboom(/pump)

Also, when will the market cap of BitShares be equal to 21,000,000BTC?
As of 17/05/17,10:16GMT
bts price: $0.047863
bts mcap: $124,495,711 (Overnight increase of +$12MM)
Total cryptomcap: $61,711,186,636 (The total size of the cryptomcap grew +$3,901,260,756 overnight) +6% in USD terms

BitShares 2.0's percentage share of the cryptomarket is today: 0.201%. An overnight gain of +0.011% of the market.
BitShares grew faster than the general trend of the market.

General Discussion / Big up the Big Shorters. Top LOCKED accounts
« on: May 15, 2017, 10:30:50 pm »

To view the table of the top 250 accounts, including the amount of Collateral/Debt.
Scroll to the bottom of the page, click "Holders and Traders".
Currently there are a total of 13,128 bts accounts.

+5% delta-lion 110,000,000bts LOCKED
 +5% gamma-rabbit 90,000,000bts LOCKED
 +5% bts1998 34,000,000bts
 +5% v-ip 12,000,000bts
 +5% baozi 10,000,000bts
 +5% unicef (charitable bts account?) 9,700,000bts
 +5% linanjun 8,300,000bts
 +5% anonymous 5,300,000bts
 +5% ddd888 6,260,000bts
 +5% bc-godpay 1,800,000bts
 +5% onceuponatime 9,961bts
 +5% ddd555 4,299,000bts
 +5% rvrts 3,900,000bts
 +5% fu-changlin 5,510,000bts
 +5% spring 73,000bts
 +5% brotherjohn 3,600,000bts
 +5% roland.sun 3,500,000bts
btsi 5,000,000
bts-subscribe 4,699,000bts
zy360 4,550,000bts 4,175,000bts
abc2000, 3,000,000bts
abc.btsbots 3,300,000bts
bts-scotter 410,000bts
do123 3,000,000bts
tbone2 794,000



 +5% graphen2015 500,000bts

Can we discuss the pros and cons of paying a (generally respected by the public) talking head, or financial times journalist, or a famous youtube podcater like Peter Schiff to read over and review BitShares as a product and as an investment.

Using the power of the reserve fund (shareholder controlled investment capital) to make a big impression on famous people so that they can start telling everyone else how great BitShares is.

Potential cons: a bounty could be spinned into 'bts pays journalists to write good stories". Could several mainstream personailities be included? A multi-signature news report?
One journalist could get paid to write the report, and another 2 journalists could get paid a big fee if they find factual fault with it. Anti "fake-news"?
A journalistic version of a 'bug-bounty' paid to coders who can find fault in a companies software.


I suggest that Peter Schiff may be a good candidate for this bounty as he has been an anti-financial-establishment gold-bull predicting market crashes and being laughed at on TV. He shares the same economic views as many of the BitShareholders. He has 173,000 youtuber subscribers and is a SEC registered finance company in the US.

He thinks that Bitcoin is a bubble, maybe he doesn't fully understand what Bitcoin can do, or perhaps he is right.
But I do think he will be able to see the real value in the BitShares network.
He owns a financial consulting firm called "Euro-Pacfic Capital" and runs a fund(?). He encourages his clients to invest in non-US stocks and calls the recent rises in the US stock market to be a bubble. A bubble encouraged by the FED in their desire to stop inflation at all costs.

BitShares has a product, the DEX. Bitcoin's product is itself. (?)

I think he would benefit and appreciate SmartCoin and UIA functionality to monetize his youtube following.

A bounty may seem like an unnessary expense, "what if he would review it for free?"
What better way is there to demonstrate all the functionality of BitShares than by using the worker proposal system to pay them for their time. This "bounty" could be considered a consultancy fee.
Maybe $5000 on the table is enough to get someone worthy to read over an hours-worth of sales-pitch specific to them. It's also a worthy amount to hype-up and talk about in a tagline.

"How the shareholders of "BitShares" paid me $FIVE THOUSAND to read their sales pitch, all organised in a decentralized way without trusting a single bank"

This system could be repeated again and again to buy BitShares' way in front of potential customers' eyeballs. Other cryptocoin communities could be incentivized in this way to port their coin to the bts ecosystem.

The value of this attention from mainstream individuals is up to the shareholders to decide, but I'm sure it's greater than zero.

If possible and legal, I also believe Peter Schiff would be interested in running a fund. A scarce Euro-Pac "PeterSchiff-fund" token that is redeemable at any time for the assets that PeterSchiff chooses to hold in the fund.

It would function like the bit20, except that a single entity would be setting the distribution of assets at their will. The fund-asset-holders want to trust PeterSchiff to make sound investment decisions on their behalf as they arise. The fund would likely contain allocations to bitGOLD, bitSILVER, bitCNY, bitOIL, bitGOLDminingsectorindex, bitINDIAstockmarket, etc, etc

Another possible way for Peter Schiff to add another string to his bow and use BitShares to gain a new revenue stream is: selling up to the minute asset allocation advice, contained within a coin.
This PeterSchiff-fund-advice-coin would be a whitelist only coin. Each coin is non-divisible and is worth $10 (the cost of the current advice). The $10 could be paid to PeterSchiff via debit card (his current payment accepting methods) or who he likes to promote. He could be promoting BitShares too if he understood how it's real wealth and not a ponzi.
Upon reciept of this PeterSchiff-advice-coin asset the customer would be able to read a memo containing what Peter Schiff considers to be the very latest "news" or advice that he reserves only for well paying customers. Everyone else will know about the news tomorrow but to know ASAP costs $10 to buy the asset.

Why BitShares?
Mr Schiff would earn referral income on the accounts he signs up to BitShares in the process of claiming their asset.
He would be able to transmit secret information to customers in an encrypted format.
He would be able to drive his customers on BitShares so that he can also show them how to take advantage of his Fund-Asset and other PeterSchiffEuroCap products that direct 80% of their profitability of transaction-fees to Peter Schiff.


What do you guys think?

Could there be a tester worker proposal bounty of $100, to test how such a bounty might be created?
$100 would pay for some ~mid range finance-youtuber to review and video BitShares I'm sure.

$100 as a test?

Meta / When was the last time the forum was archived?
« on: May 15, 2017, 02:40:48 pm »
How can it be archived?
Is it decentralized and open source?

Censorship resistant?

This forum is like the boardroom-minutes of the early days of one of the most successful companies ever.
I'd like to know it will still be readable by future shareholders and that the community values of freedom remain unblemished

I've just reached 500 posts, and seeing "Hero Member" underneath my name gave me some feel good fuzzies about this place.

So far already I've had 7 days 9 hours and 33 minutes of exciting entertainment and I wouldn't have had any of it if you people didn't contribute to the conversation

Thanks for posting here everyone!

P.S In the process of trying to find my forum stats for time online, I noticed that an average of 33 new accounts are created on this forum per day. Not bad.

It's no wonder the BitShares community is still small; it takes dedication to jump through all of the hoops to convert fiat cash in their pocket into bts in their secure, private wallet and become strong-handed shareholders.

BitShares is an unfinished product at this stage.
But I think that soon the final pieces of the puzzle will come together: multi-coin cryptowallets secured and facilitated by Bitshares 2.0 technology.
Once people are using this multi-coin-wallet-by-BitShares2.0 they can browse all the various coins, or they can just buy and hold any of the cryptoassets available.
I am confident that the eventual result will be that the majority hold BitShares 2.0 powered assets. And BitShares will win.

But the process from fiat-average-joe to crypto-user has several intermediate steps of understanding. Physical gold is perfect for following along that process.
Currently the vast majority of the unbitshared are going to be people who don't know anything about cryptocurrency at all, other than having heard the word 'bitcoin'.
Currently, BitShares 2.0 advocates cannot easily and simply introduce their crypto-illiterate friends to the world of cryptocurrency.

"But why not just tell them to download a BitShares wallet?"
Because this new person is unaware of any crypto at all, and is most likely wanting to do their own research about what they buy.
Going straight in for the "BITSHARES IS THE BEST DOWNLOAD IT NOW AND IT'S SO GREAT" can sometimes work if you phrase it right, but they still might want to try out other coins.
They will have to download and secure and remember and...and...and... for everything. It's daunting and time consuming. These are not tasks that the vast majority of potential BitShares customers and shareholders are likely to commit to.

The crypto-Sales pitch would work MUCH better if the newcomer could convert something they already hold, FIAT CASH or GOLD(!!!!) , into a crypto-guarenteed version of that asset that could be held in a multi-crypto-wallet-secured-by-BitShares2.0 .

In this way, the newcomer can walk to their local gold-shop and use their services to buy themselves a crypto-tradeable asset.
Cash4Gold shops are almost universal in every country in the world, why target numerous regulatory-crippled fiat currencies when Gold is available everywhere and it's real money.

Introducing new people to the cryptosphere can be much quicker and easier to explain. People understand that gold has value of some kind, and to trust it enough for use as an intermediary, a starter-currency to dip their toe into the crypto waters. They trust gold more than they currently trust any cryptocurrency.

A simple to use, android+iphone+windows phone wallet is needed. Similar in style and minimalism as "breadwallet" for bitcoin.
The phonewallet should enable paper wallet security, the ability send/receive bitGOLD using a QR code. That's it.

This simple, universal phonewallet would be used for the first-step introduction only, or for the simple gold holder.
If a goldbug wants to move country, they may not want to pay for or trust physical delivery of their gold. Gold is gold so they are not sentimentally attached to those particular gold coins/bars.
They could sell this gold for bitGOLD at their local goldshop, fly to their new country, and then use the same amount of bitGOLD to buy physical gold at the gold-shop in their new country.
It's easier to physically protect/secure in your handbag than real gold. It's just paper. (With 2 backups left with 2 separate family confidantes keykeeper.) "Will you be my keykeeper?" May one day become a commonplace question.


The main, most challenging hurdles are the non-crypto side, with fiat being the most tedious.
Once new people get transferred into crypto they are very surprised how quick and easy it is to scan a QR and send money instantly. No form filling. The quicker a new customer can get crypto-side, the quicker they can get past the most-annoying part of the setup process.
Streamlining the noncrypto to crypto process is the bottleneck that needs tackling most.

The fiat-processes of form filling, the verifying, the security measures that are required because it's not real money really slow people down. Circumventing/minimizing the need for these tedious tasks should be a priority.

Physical gold is physical gold. If the shopkeeper is satisfied that the gold he sells in his shop is real gold, he can accept it as payment for bitGOLD. . There is far less form filling and regulation around gold selling, and peer to peer trading of physical(crypto included) assets.

"Hello Gold-Shopkeeper, I would like to buy a gold nugget weighing approximately $20 worth please."
Certainly, here you go. Thanks for completing this trade with me... Now that you own some gold, would you like to trade it with my shop in exchange for an almost equal amount of bitGOLD that allows you to easily dip in to the cryptosphere?
Sounds like my dream come true. Swap my gold. I've already set up my simple bitGOLD wallet. So it'll take 10 seconds to trade with you!
Excellent, I now have x grams of bitGOLD.
Now I'll go home and send this bitGOLD to my main-computer using my multi-crypto-wallet-secured-by-BitShares2.0 .
Now that I have imported a small portion of my wealth onto this multi-coin wallet I can really snoop around the crypto world and then buy+store these coins all within this one wallet!
ONE AND DONE setup for access to the vast majority of the cryptosphere.

Thank you, come again.
I like those extra profits. I trade the spread on physical gold, using my highly secure bitGoldDealerApp to hedge my gold reserves without trusting an expensive insolvent stockbroker.
BitShares saves a lot more money for companies like me than for individual consumers. Businesses currently pay huge fees for financial services, with BitShares I MAKE money on transaction fees! The banks make all their money from businesses and provide consumer accounts as a tiny sideline.

I also use a multi-coin-cryptowallet-secured-by-BitShares2.0 that I use to pay myself a salary and manage my personal funds.
I put 10% of my monthly salary into my private bitGOLD fund for hedging against fiat-collapse, 30% in my pocketbook for my cost of living,
30% (!!!!! :( )stored in fiat ready to pay my tax bill, 20% in my HERO +5% retirement savings account, and 10% on my leisure and egaming hobbies.
It's so easy!
All I have to do is securely store these 3 pieces of paper in multiple locations (family houses) and use this TREZOR HARDWARE WALLET!!!!!! to type my password and to never use my naked computer keyboard to authorize transactions.

I can get set up with a hardware wallet secured multi-coin wallet for a total of less than $80! From then on the fees are so low I barely notice. A one off fee of $80 to secure my business portfolio vs a lfietime of paying $$$ in fiat-service fees.
The more customers I trade bitGOLD to, the more money I make in fees!




WOW GREAT VOLUME. Now that I've grabbed your attention, you want to read more about BitShares

Hello Everyone,
I've had a preliminary idea for a worker proposal but I would like some more community discussion to improve it.
I posted about it in the price discussion thread but was advised by [member=37127]JonnyBitcoin[/member] to move to a separate thread to continue. [member=26934]MarkoPaasila[/member] [member=19864]BunkerChain Labs[/member]

In a nutshell;

However, people always run to where the largest noise is... We're not shooting fireworks off, nor is there any band playing.   We have the quietest party on the block.
Could Reserve-Pool-Worker-funds be used to create orders on the DEX? To "make the market" with 0% spread so that the volume listed by third parties increases and we "make some noise". Coinmarketcap [has the option to] rank the exchanges (including the DEX) by the volume of bts traded in 24/hours.

Currently, the DEX ranks #3 by USD volume. $9,000 traded in 24hrs.
The #1 exchange is Poloniex, who trade $100k worth of bts per 24 hours.
To become #1 exchange (on a single given day) the DEX has to achieve another $90k volume of bitUSD traded vs bts.

Moving up the ranks so fast would get the DEX on a few more people's radars.

Trading bitUSD:bts between 2 accounts both funded by the Reserve Pool.
It's possible to make about 5,000 trades in a 24/hr period. (1 trade per ~20seconds)
Each trade would cost about 0.5bts.
5,000 trades * 0.5bts fee per trade = 2,500bts in total fees (paid to the network) to fake volume for 24hours.
At a price of $0.0056USD per bts; 2.5k bts would cost $14 per 24/hrs

The Reserve Pool Bot would boost the EXPOSURE of the DEX, and it would need capital (a fund of bitUSD and a fund of bts) to use to repeatedly trade back and forth.

If the target is to gain an extra $90,000 worth of volume (to rank #1 exchange):
$90,000(volume) / 5000 (# of trades) = $18.
$18 traded back and forth 5,000 times would produce $90,000 worth of volume, which would show up on coinmarket cap. Raising BitShares awareness, and getting exposure.

$18 is the minimum capital, and it would cost a flat rate of $14 per day.

If the Reserve Pool Bot had $500 worth of capital, the daily "demonstratable volume" would be $500*5,000 trades = $2.5Million. 24/hr volume. CRAY

Could a worker proposal fulfill this need?

Currently the lowest paid worker advertises on, costing 8,400bts per day.

The same payrate being directed to a "Reserve Pool Volume-Demonstrator Bot" would enable 5,000 trades per day, costing -2,500 bts per day. This leaves 5,900bts per day to accumulate in the capital fund.

If the worker proposal was accepted and properly/securely implemented:

Day 1: Bot has 5,900bts in capital (worth $33bitUSD). Bot pays $14 in fees to make the trades. The bot "fakes" $165k worth of volume on this day ($33*5,000)

Day 2: Bot has (5,900+5,900bts) worth $66bitUSD. Bot pays $14 in fees to make the trades.
The bot "fakes" $330k worth of volume on this day.

...Day 31: After 1 month the bot would have (5,900*31) 182kbts ($1000) accumulated in capital. The bot would spend 2,500bts (~$14) in fees on this day. The bot "fakes" $5,000,000 volume per day after 1 month of starting.








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