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Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Worker Proposal] New BitShares Core Dev
« on: June 23, 2017, 12:12:41 pm »
- Full time worker proposal. 8 hours per day Monday to Friday. 40 hs per week.
- 40 usd per hour. 320 usd per day. 1600 usd per week.
- Duration.  6 months.

 +5% I'll vote for that

My worker was not directly managed by me but actually by bitshares munich,. more specifically by Chris. Chris paid me part of the worker and now i should get the rest of it until the day it was stopped. I already pointed it to chris and he will send the rest to my account soon.
Has Chris FORWARDED (not paid) you the money yet?

The BTS shareholders voted to compensate YOU Alfredo. It's your money. Not BitShares' Munich's.
They offered to MATCH the compensation that BTS paid YOU.
They/Chris should not be taking a single BTS from your worker proposal.

I am very very happy that you are still coding away and working hard for the shareholders Alfredo.
 +5% +5% +5% to you! :)

I will be very glad if the shareholders vote to employ you full time and bring you onboard, with no boss except the shareholders.

I hope you're feeling better after your illness!

I don't know what payouts are we talking about here if in another thread core bitshares dev complains that bitshares reserve can't afford hiring a team of devs to fix essential flaws.
It's absurd to suggest that the BTS DEX cannot afford developers, the reserve pool has hundreds of millions of Dollars in BTS at its disposal. The higher BTS gets in marketcap, the higher the reserve pool becomes.

So why not start spending these funds for hiring a team of professional developers first?

You don't hire someone without first coming up with tasks for them to perform. I have created a BSIP (working on splitting it in two), thus this feature request has taken a step towards potentially being developed.
Worker proposals can now be created from within the GUI, not just the CLI - we'll likely see more activity.
Point is, if someone's saying that we can't afford 'x' then they're wrong, people just need to take the initiative to work on proposals.

Thanks for your initiative Customminer :)

Can an android phone currently be used for multi-sig transactions?

2FA, like a makeshift TREZOR on iphone chrome app DOES display a pending/proposed multi-sig transactions, but the window to "approve" it malconfigures so that it's impossible to click the button. Impossible on android configures much better in general, but DOES NOT display any multi-sig related pending/proposed transactions. There is no mention of a pending tx anywhere. Impossible

Bitshares munich Smartcoin wallet (Android only) does not mention multi-sig or pending/proposed transactions. Impossible

Any advice?

I have seen BitShares munich are developing "Carbon", which does seem to have multi-sig functionality.
I think this is as-yet unreleased...

Do I have to wait?


General Discussion / Re: How to transfer BTS to cold wallet?
« on: June 23, 2017, 09:28:16 am »
To put it simply, your account name IS your public key now

BTS 2 doesn't work without an account name.
You cannot search for a public key :)

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares State of the Network Report
« on: June 23, 2017, 07:48:57 am »
Some big news

I actually get excited the day before you release your next report!
Thanks so much for creating this content and linking to it here on the forums :)

Cross-platform exposure!

General Discussion / Re: How to transfer BTS to cold wallet?
« on: June 23, 2017, 07:30:03 am »
I've import new public key to owner permisions. After that I'm not able to make any transaction in openledger anymore. There is notice:
Failed to broadcast the transaction:
Transaction was not signed. Do you have a private key? [no_signers]

This is GOOD. If you were able to make a transaction (spend your paper wallet) this would mean that the private key was exposed, and the paper wallet NO LONGER COLD, it would become 'hot'

You will need to fund this paper wallet by sending funds from your ANDROID/Separate account

To IMPORT PRIVATE KEY go to 'cog' > settings > Restore/Import > Select "Import private key" from the drop down menu.



General Discussion / Re: How to transfer BTS to cold wallet?
« on: June 22, 2017, 11:24:15 pm »
Hello there,


Or test it for yourself with small amount of bts.


Use the Jshares-master to create a Public and Private keypair.

Preferably this should be on a virus-free computer. A 'Virtual Machine' is best for this.
Here is a guide that MAY be out of date, but it explains how to set up a VM and use it to create a paper wallet. It was written for BTS 1(!) (pre-2015).,17114.msg218731.html

Once you have created a BTS 2.0 paper wallet;

You should have a Public Key and a Private key written down on paper.
The Private key is super secret and should never be photographed, typed into a computer, or anything other than written down on paper (preferably on more than one piece of paper in 2 separate SECURE locations to mitigate the risk of a house-fire).

NOW THAT YOU HAVE AN (UNFUNDED) PAPER WALLET (Public + private key written on paper)

You will NEED TO create an account using either the BitShares client (download:
the bitshares webwallet at

(All 3 are cross-compatible so it doesn't really matter for the purposes of a paper wallet)

Create an account, and backup the brainkey (possibly not essential but always better to be safe that sorry).

This account name WILL BECOME (after following this guide) the address which you need to send funds to, to have them stored on your paper wallet.

ON THIS ACCOUNT on openledger (for example):
1) Click the 'cog' icon in the top right of the screen.
2) Select "settings"
3) Select "accounts" (on the left hand side of the new "settings" screen)
4) Select "view keys"
5) Select "Owner permissions"
6) You will see a long (53(?) characters) "BTS5.....sdfsdfsdfsdf" PUBLIC(?) key. This is teh public key created when you made this new account. You don't want that key.
7) Click "Remove"
8) Now you want to "add" the PUBLIC key that you have written on your paper wallet. Type this PUBLIC key into the box and click "Add".
9) you will be asked to type in the password to the account to make these changes.
10) This account name SHOULD now be linked to the paper wallet.
11) Send a TINY TEST amount of BTS to this account.
12) If it appears to go through, you may wish to TEST THIS PROCESS by "importing private key" of the paper wallet into another account.
13) If the private key import results in your TEST PAPER WALLET funds being recovered, then you can be confident you know what you're doing.

14) REPEAT this process all over again with a NEW paper wallet generated. Except this time send real funds, and DO NOT "import private key" until such time that you want to "smash" your cold storage private key.


Technical Support / Re: Wallet Recovery Service (3rd Party)
« on: June 20, 2017, 04:50:36 pm »

How does one migrate a bts 1.0 webwallet seed/brainkey over to BTS 2.0?

"BTC" in this case is exactly the same as OPEN.BTC

You've done it correctly, i tihnk

Try and buy some BTS as I described above.

your screenshot shows that you have 0.09BTC. this is correct

On the bottom left of your screenshot it says "balance: 0.0999BTC". Click on those numbers.

Then click "highest bid" which is directly underneath

Then click "Sell"


Do you have "open.btc"?

If so; on OpenLedger or go to EXCHANGE (top menu bar)

Then on the top right click "Find Markets"

Search "open.btc"

And then click the "bts" button just underneath where you typed "open.btc"

In the top left corner of this new screen, click OPEN.BTC <-> BTS. It should then switch to saying BTS <-> OPEN.BTC

Find the box on the page that says "buy BTS"

Click "balance" to autofill the order form with your entire OPEN.BTC balance

Then click "Lowest Ask" to autofill the price at which you are most likely to make a quick buy

Click "Buy" and wait a minute or two for your order to execute



In future, you may find it easier to use a "Bridge" service to get your btc into bts.
Navigate to "Deposit/Withdraw"

Choose "Bridge" (not gateway)

Under "Transfer Service" dropdown menu, select "BlockTrades"

Under "deposit" just below, select your input cryptocurrency. In this case BTC. Then select "BTS" as the output currency.

A BTC address will the be provided on the right hand side.
Send your BTC to this address, and then blocktrades (a good reputable service) will automatically send the corresponding amount of BTS to your account

You may want to send a small amount of bitcoin to this address to test that it works. It may take a few hours, as bitcoin confirmation times are being very slow recently

I hope that helps :)

Technical Support / Re: Step by step multi-sig setup
« on: June 20, 2017, 03:14:14 pm »
What's the point of a multisig if the "owner key" can just undo it all and spend on its own?


KenCode is back
Trezor support is on his to-do list

Hopefully Trezor Support is on its way :D

General Discussion / Re: BlockPay in Serious Trouble
« on: June 20, 2017, 09:43:40 am »
Trezor support "soon"?


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